Barbecue or BBQ are more than a kitchen utensil,  barbecue are meetings with friends, family and smiles on sunny afternoons, good food and beers in the sun.


    But: What is a Barbecue?

    It is a large grill that serves to roast outdoors any type of meat and fish. It is a lot of foods that are prepared with this object.

    What is the BBQ Origin?

    This term may come from the taíno " barbacoa " which means set of sticks placed on a hole in the shape of a grill. Or also of the zone of the Caribbean and means "wattle" (fabric of rods, reeds or reeds) or "scaffolding" that is placed inside the furnace. See the Origin of the Barbecue

    If you are a lover of the world of barbecue, is your website.

    It's time for a barbecue: choose with discretion

    Not all barbecue are the same. There are  barbecue  charcoal barbecue  gas . And there are also  portable barbecue , small in size and easy to transport.

    With the arrival of good weather, the barbecue 'makes its august'. T will want to meet with friends to enjoy a delicious barbecued meat seasoned with delicious grilled vegetables. Forget those hours of the long cold winter and enjoy the pleasure of talking and eating outdoors .

    That is why it is more common for those who have a garden or a large terrace to have a barbecue to entertain their friends and family. If you are one of those lucky ones, you should know which one to choose first

    We will show you all the tricks, models and recipes to make  your  barbecue on a perfect day

    barbecues Types?

    There are many models, so it is normal that you do not know what barbarities to buy that best suits your needs. In the   have qualified to find what they are looking for .

    Barbecue brands

    We show you the features and the best BBQ offers from the main brands in the sector.

    You can find the barbecue you need according to the following criteria:

    • According to your fuel  , such as gas, wood or firewood and coal. Undoubtedly the main factor since it is directly affected by both the use and maintenance and the taste of your barbecue.
    • You can also look for the barbecue   according to your materials  , in this way you can find a prefabricated stainless steel barbecue or a metal barbecue.
    • Another way to classify the barbecue is  according to the use that it gives  , such as indoor, garden or portable bars.
    • Finally the barbecue can be classified by  its manufacturers  , among which brands such as  Leroy Merlin, Bauhaus, Aki, Barbecook, Char Griller, Dancook, Fesfoc, Invicta  and many others stand out.
    • Another criterion that we must not forget is  the price  , we will show you the best barbecue according to its quality / price ratio, the cheapest offers you can find in a selection made in several online barbecues.

    We  will help you find the perfect barbecue  that will be your name and with which you will share so many good times and parties!

    recipes for barbecue

    Making a barbecue is not just putting all the meat on the grill, we teach you the best recipes, spices, willows and cuts to make your barbecue unforgettable.

    Do you know how a barbecue differs from a grill?

    This is the first question that should be asked, and do not worry if you do not know the answer because it confuses a very common mistake. The difference between a barbecue and a grill is called a tapa:  the barbecue has a lid, the grill does not. As simple as that.

    • This lid gives the barbecue the versatility of the cooking uses that the grills do not have. For example, barbcues  can work like a coal oven to get a less charred and deeper preparation  , I think it's often the best way to cook large pieces to the point.
    • This lid also does not allow  the food to acquire a more smoky aroma and flavor  , since the smoke in the grills rises while in the barbecue we can keep it in contact with the food for a longer time.
    • finally, the lid allows  the closure to be safer   because the cover protects the embers and wood from the wind, thus preventing possible sparks or embers from flying and causing unwanted fires.

    Remember:  with the grills you must turn off the embers with water always  , with the barbecue, you can close the lid and enjoy a quiet meal.

    Which fuel is better: coal, gas or wood?

    We recommend reading this article: What is the best charcoal for barbecue?

    Each fuel has its advantages and disadvantages  . For example, butane gas has the advantage of being comfortable and easy to use, both in its ignition and in the control of the flame.

    However, authentic barbecue lovers prefer firewood or charcoal. There are many types of wood and coal that we can use for our grills, and in many cases, they will determine the taste and aroma that food will acquire.

    Among the most used for barbecue cooking are oak, olive, oak, orange, beech and ash, among others. But

    Attention! Toxic wood for cooking on grills or barbcues.

    This is something that everyone knows and that can become an afternoon of joy in a nightmare of migraines and headaches. There are woods that should NEVER be used to cook food  , among them, fig tree firewood, as well as wood treated with paints or varnishes, since the combustion of these chemicals can be dangerous for our health.

    At we have created detailed articles for each of them, but  the undisputed king of the barbecue is charcoal  . This vegetal biomass does not pollute and is ecological, and the embers they produce have the characteristic of  generating a uniform and lasting heat,  ideal for cooking meat, fish or vegetables.

    Coal has many variants  depending on the wood of origin as well as its carbonization process  , we can find ears of white quebracho, coconut fiber, holm oak, among many others.

    The mineral coal is in disuse due to its high pollutants and we do not advise its use.

    Buying a barbecue online has never been so easy

    From we want it to be easier for you. We spend a lot of time analyzing and comparing all models and types of barbcues  to be able to offer truthful and useful opinions so that you know what to buy according to your needs.

    In addition, we provide the best information of the sector with  guides, tutorials, recipes and reviews of the best barbcues in the market  .

    As a result of this exhaustive analysis and comparison of all the barbecue in the market, it takes us to the next step: find the best market prices for you. On our website you can find a wide range of barbecue of all kinds: coal, firewood, smokeless, cheap. Discover them and choose your perfect barbecue!

    What size barbecue should you buy?

    Family barbecues

    If you are serving a family (up to six people) a two-burner gas or medium size charcoal barbecue should be enough. These barbecues usually heat up quickly and can usually be stored quite easily. However, you will have a hard time serving more people.

    Party barbecues

    You may want to consider a three- or four-burner gas model, since the grills are larger so you can cook more food at once. These barbecues offer a lot of cooking power, and more grills give you more control over how you cook: you can turn off a grill to grill food with the lid down. But keep in mind that party barbecues can be very large and difficult to move.

    Drum or half barrel oil barbecues

    These are the largest carbon models available. You can put a lot of food on the grill, so they are ideal for summer parties. On the other hand, they use a lot of charcoal, so they can be very expensive to heat and a poorly designed model will not heat up enough to cook the food to the end.

    Portable or tabletop barbecues

    Portable gas barbecues work with smaller disposable gas bottles so you can easily take them with you on camping or in a caravan. If you decide to buy a portable barbecue, be sure to check which gas bottles it uses and where you can buy them. They are ideal if you want to barbecue on the go or if you want a barbecue that you can take with you on holiday, but you won't be able to cook much food in them.

    Cooking sausages and burgers on any standard grill is easy. But there's much more to barbecuing than just grilling: some models can fry, sauté, boil, bake and grill a whole range of foods.

    Roasting: It is possible to roast whole joints of meat on some gas and charcoal barbecues. If you like the idea of grilling food, you will need to choose a model that has a tight hood.
    Grill or hot plate: Gas barbecues can have a hot plate or griddle as well as a standard grill. This feature is ideal for grilling steaks and frying lean cuts of meat, poultry or vegetables. You can even use it to fry eggs.
    Side Burner: Some gas barbecues come with a side burner instead of a side storage rack. This can be useful if you like to boil or steam vegetables or heat up barbecue sauces. The more cooking features a barbecue has, the more expensive it is.

    Mounting the barbecue

    Some barbecues require more construction than others. If you are not skilled with a screwdriver, be careful with those that have pre-assembled parts as this will save you time and trouble. Ask to see the assembly instructions in the store, if they are not clear, assembling it at home can be a lengthy task. When we test barbecues, our experts measure the time it takes to build each model, and rate how easy or difficult the process is.

    Barbecue storage and transport

    Charcoal grills are easy to move to and from the shed when needed, but large gas grills are heavy and difficult to move and are best left in the yard during the summer. Look for charcoal barbecues that have sturdy wheels and handles so you can move and store them easily. Most gas barbecues also come with wheels, but keep in mind that they can be heavy for climbing steps or entering a shed and you may need help carrying them.

    What ways to light a barbecue?

    Tips and tricks for cleaning Your BBQ Grill!

    The best utensils for barbecues at home

    From gloves to tongs or charcoal lighters, here you can find the necessary accessory to make your barbecue with style and like a professional.

    More information about barbecues in the blog

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