10 sensational ideas for construction barbecues

Have you ever wondered what Christmas would be like without a nougat? Of Holy Week without torrijas? Of a spring without the first ice creams of the season? The summer season enters its final stretch but there is still time to enjoy the last days of heat offered by the summer and, a classic of these months are the barbecues. Inseparable companions of the summer nights, meeting point for old acquaintances and new friendships, epicenter of family reunions and exponent of excellence of the Mediterranean culture, the summer barbecues are what the waves to the sea.

Because we are not afraid to say goodbye to 'Lorenzo' until next year, in this book of ideas we present the most complete proposals in regard to work barbecues. Because turning your garden into a claim for the most demanding palates can be a task that does not understand stations, prepares tweezers, firewood and grill for a delicious walk. 


    Modernist rural design

    There is no doubt, the construction barbecues are the queens of the garden and that is evident in the evolution of their designs. Beyond the material used, beyond its usefulness, even beyond its mobility, the work barbecues have become decorative pieces that give a touch of style and distinction to your garden. These 'statues of exteriors' stand majestically in any corner but their discretion does not exempt them from being one of the most coveted pieces by visitors. Do not you like the sinuosity of the lines combined with the simple but elegant design of this barbecue?

    The evolution of barbecues

    A couple of bricks, a good fire, a grill and desire to eat was the only thing that was once needed to enjoy an outdoor barbecue. Much has changed the story since then and, the traditional 'chascas' have evolved to turn these barbecues into authentic pieces of art at the service of all kinds of diners. Fireplace, oven, grill and enough space for firewood, utensils and kitchen make this barbecue a clear exponent of that evolution.

    Brick seen, the traditional choice

    The brick used is one of the most used materials in the construction barbecues. Due to its characteristics it is ideal to survive the inclement weather and, combined with other materials or coatings, it is perfect to be part of the furniture of the garden or the terrace. From simple compositions to more complex ones, like this barbecue that has a fireplace, grill and stove and even a space to store wood, it offers a world of possibilities.

    Alternative materials

    The choice of material that we will use in the construction of our work barbecue is one of the most relevant issues to consider when incorporating this element to our terrace or  garden . Although, as we mentioned, is among the favorites, the stone is another recommended component to give life to our barbecue. Its natural resistance to the passage of time and weather changes can make your work barbecue enjoyed for generations.

    Unseen work barbecues

    From the Madrid firm  Slabon , emerged at the dawn of the demand for the renewal of traditional patterns of blacksmithing, his proposal is a perfect combination of wrought iron, brick and stone. This barbecue is the manifestation of simplicity made design, a structure capable of mimicking the environment to the point of becoming a barely perceptible piece. Only the pergola in the forge that covers the space dedicated to the barbecue identifies it in the map of the garden, a discretion that gives it a unique and very particular charm, not usual in the traditional work barbecues.

    Much more than a brick barbecue

    Speaking of design, we could not stop showing this other creation by Juliana Zanetti. The concept of rustic style barbecue is reinvented in this garden space to offer an area that invites relaxation and disconnection. The mixture of materials manages to create a space that encourages cooking and enjoyment. 

    Perfect complements

    The work barbecues are full of details, as many as possibilities offers the imagination of its creators. If you are looking to go one step further, turn your barbecue into something else, a perfect complement to make 'dance partner' to this element of the garden can be a wood oven. With similar materials and characteristics, these pieces will allow you to become a true   outdoor kitchen guru while conquering, even more, your guests.

    Barbecues that fall in love

    Also of firewood although with some peculiarities is this barbecue. Its steel structure houses one of the most characteristic elements of traditional brickworks: stone. However, the combination of both results in an industrial air design, away from the traditional image. Its shape and dimensions also make it a differentiating element of spaces creating, around it, an area charged with elegance and intimacy.

    Barbecues for all tastes

    If the works do not convince you, you believe in the individuality of the garden furniture but you are tired of the traditional designs, you can always opt for a more original option. You just have to decide where, how and by how much and start enjoying your choice. If you are determined to install a barbecue (work or not) in your garden, we show you examples  for Creating a barbecue area at home  can also be very helpful. 

    BBQ and outdoor kitchen

    If you are lucky enough to have a large terrace or a large garden, consider the possibility of placing a kitchen like the one in the photograph. In addition to being a very useful space, especially in the summer months, it is a charming place thanks to the mixture of materials, colors and finishes.

    If your outdoor space is not wide but yes long, get inspired by the design of the photograph on these lines: everything has been placed on one of the walls, along, so as not to recharge the available meters with furniture and appliances on both sides from the hall.

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