10 Tricks to be a Master of the Barbecue

Meeting to enjoy a good time between friends and family is much easier to achieve if there is a barbecue as the protagonist of the moment

Now, however easy it may seem to place a few pieces of meat seasoned on the coals and cook with the heat of the coals, in practice, this activity involves many more details that you must take into account to prepare a perfect and memorable barbecue that make that moment one of the most rewarding.

In fact, if you consider yourself a lover of barbecues or grills and wish to learn and even perfect your techniques, the following tips are for you.


    1 | Make sure the number of attendees

    Although it seems a strange step, it is important that you know exactly the number of people who will enjoy the barbecue, since for each one to have a good experience and be satisfied, it will be necessary to consume between 350 and 400 grams each, so to acquire the amount of red or white meat for the BBQ, you must know how many will be distributed.

    2 | Use fatty meats and thick cuts

     Although for the common kitchen lean meats are usually preferred, in this type of preparation it is recommended to buy meats that have enough fat to melt a bit with the heat of the charcoal and give a touch of unique flavor to the preparation.

    Likewise, meat that can be cut into thick pieces is of greater benefit, since with the heat of the embers, it usually shrinks in size and releases a little liquid.

    3 | Marinated and marinaded

    A good option to deepen the mix of exquisite flavors in a BBQ is to prepare it with the help of some spices, marinades or marinated, which you must add to the meat the night before or a few hours before the preparation so that they are impregnated in it.

    However, it should be noted that the salt and the rest of the condiments for the barbecue should not be added until after the meat has been cooked.

    4 | The perfect embers

     Before putting the meat on the grill it will be necessary to arm yourself with patience to prepare the embers. They can be prepared with charcoal, firewood or vine shoots.

    Turn on the coals or the heat source you have chosen and wait until they are practically consumed, that is, they catch a white or grayish color; this is indicative that they have reached the perfect point of heat and that is how they will give the necessary cooking to each piece of meat.

    5 | Try roasting the meat over high heat

    Although it is usually a mistake to place the meat when the flames on the grill are very high, as it can burn, what should be taken into account is that the heat is at its maximum when the pieces of meat are placed on the embers, because that way it seals the outside and prevents the juice from escaping along with the natural flavor of the meat.

    6 | Cook the fat part first

    As mentioned above, the choice of fatty meats is recommended, and when it comes time to cook them, the piece of meat should be observed to place on the fire, in the first instance, the side with the highest amount of fat, thus consuming a little and two things happen that will favor your preparation.

    The first one is that the melted fat will function as a natural anti-stick and will prevent the meat from sticking; and the second one is that it will drip a little of it on the coals and it will evaporate. A smoke that will contain a delicious flavor that will be impregnated in each piece.

    In the same way, we remind you that it is not a good option to turn each piece several times, as it can melt or diminish its flavor. Less laps, greater flavor.

    7 | Types of meat and cooking order

     Tastes and colors differ between the authors, and that is why when preparing a barbecue, different types of meat can be taken into account, according to the preferences of those who will participate in it.

    This is how you can use red beef, veal and beef, sausages and blood sausages, white meats such as chicken, pork ... can be made skewers, and so on.

    Now, what must be taken into account is the order of cooking of each of these meats in case they are going to prepare several in the same barbecue.

    To do this, you should first cook the fatty starters such as sausages and blood sausages, as well as the skewers, to then place the chicken and so on, the red meats and pork. In case you have beef or lamb, they will be last on the list.

    As for the cooking time, it should be noted that it may vary according to the taste of each person, as some prefer a little less cooked meat than others.

    The only thing that must be fully cooked is the pork, for 10 minutes each side, and the chicken the same amount of time.

    8 | Season after cooking

     A common mistake that usually happens is that salt and other condiments are added to the meat before placing it in the embers, which causes most of the flavor to escape. Therefore, it is a good option to add these types of BBQ salts and spices directly on the meat, after lowering them from the embers, so that the flavor is better preserved and adhered.

    9 | Let it stand and cut

     Most people like a good barbecue chopped into small pieces. Therefore, in case this is going to be done, it is advisable to let it rest for 3 to 5 minutes after lowering it from the embers, so that the juice that continues to produce the meat is not lost but rather absorbed.10 | CleaningLast but not least, proper cleaning of the grill must be practiced so that it can be used on future occasions so that it deteriorates as little as possible.

    That is why we advise you that even when you have a little temperature, you pass a metal sponge over each sheet, to leave it as new and remove all impurities.

    Also, discard the coals and avoid at all costs to pour water to the recipient where they were.Following each of these steps you can become the king or queen of the barbecue. So do not wait any longer and invite your friends and family to put it into practice. Do you feel prepared?

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