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17 perfect courtyards with barbecue area

Who does not like a beautiful barbecue in their backyard? After all, it is one of our greatest traditions to be reunited with family over the weekend, besides being a great way to celebrate and have loved ones around us, it can become a very important element in our garden, even within the terrace or balcony but on a scale that suits the space.

For this reason we want you to review 17 ideas made by homify professionals, who have managed to transform any area, however small, into a wide, flexible and modern environment, so, take note without letting a detail escape …

1. Brick grills are a classic model and can always be used in any home.

Espaço Gourmet

The idea is to create a patio with a lot of personality , showing a good grill or bbq that is complemented by good furniture and the best decoration.

2. A barbecue area in rustic style combines with small environments, the result is a delight!

Churrasqueira no pátio 2018 bbq

3. Simple floor and modern furniture to generate interesting ideas that transform your social area

4. Covered in wood, the barbecue is even more friendly and the small backyard gains a renewed image

This small terrace has everything you need to relax with your family , enjoying a grill on weekends.

5. The bar separates the rooms and makes the grill area more sociable and perfect to receive guests

Churrasco area

6. Compact and modern, this grill area fits into a small backyard comfortably

Espaço Churrasco AB

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Modern style houses by Casas inHAUS

7. The combination of modern finishes and relaxed furniture is perfect

Space of all days

8. The barbecue fixed to the ceiling goes very well for small areas

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10. Contemporary fixtures and finishes are present even inside the grill

11. This barbecue equipment is wonderful for this small garden

Urban Courtyard for Entertaining

12. Integrated with the interior, this environment is ideal for a grill until the rainy days

13. The wood, fabrics and local decoration achieve a social area with a tropical atmosphere

Varanda Gourmet

14. With everything and pizza oven, for a versatile area that has it all

15. The outer and inner space are integrated in a creative and balanced way

16. Modern and bare, this barbecue area opens the appetite of anyone

17. Integrated areas guarantee greater flexibility, with an essential concept in small environments


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