Amount of meat per person for a barbecue

Meat is the main protagonist of barbecues. But how much meat to buy? What is the recommended amount per person? Is it better to buy more? Or is it better to miss a little and compensate with other things?


    Aspects to consider when choosing the amount of meat

    When it comes to buying food, there are some aspects that should not be forgotten. For example, that women and children often eat less than an adult man. Of course there are cases exempt from this, but it is a rule that is usually fulfilled. So they will have to buy less meat for them.

    Many times you make the terrible mistake that is thought only in the flesh, when in a barbecue they usually consume other things such as salads and entrees. Not to mention the potato chips . Or if you make hamburgers, these are inside the bread with cheese, and although it does not look like it, it also fills up.

    How do I decide how much meat to buy?

    As when organizing a meal, it is important that there is no shortage of food, but neither should we go too far. So, this is the amount of meat you should buy:

    • Between 150-200 grams of meat per child
    • Between 300-350 grams of meat per woman
    • Between 350-400 grams of meat per old person
    • Between 450-500 grams of meat per man

    Remember that the weight of the meat will vary according to the type you buy. Because a person may be satisfied with a hamburger, but if you're going to buy ribs, you'll have to divide them among several people.

    Offers more than just one type of meat

    In the variety is the spice. Do not limit yourself to just one type of meat. It is good that there is a wide variety, such as chistorras, sausages, sausages ... so each person can eat what they want.

    In addition, all these foods are perfect to whet the appetite for the main course. No need to go, with the children give a ration and two adults, the stomach can hold until the main course is ready.

    And although the meat may be the star of a barbecue, but apart from preparing other foods, such as vegetables, fish and some snacks on the table . That's why you do not have to spend a lot on the amount of meat you buy. More or less basate in the amount for each person to not fail. And if there is a little left over, you can always take advantage of it for another day.

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