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Most people know, the only way to cook with maximum comfort one must be accompanied by the most efficient nexgrill barbecues. By those coincidences here you can see the leading products in their sector hoping that you find that nexgrill barbecue that makes you happy, the one that best suits your personality and what you need at that moment.


    If it has to do with portable Barbecues, NEXGRILL is everywhere.

    The grill or barbecue is the hobby of some people who love. This powerful barbecue

    Nexgrill 4B Deluxe Gasgrill I 4 Brenner Gas Grill mit Edelstahl-Seitenbrenner & Keramik Backburner I Grillwagen mit Pro Touch Gusseisen-Grillrost (Silber)
    • LEGENDÄRES GRILLEN: Mit dem 4B Deluxe Nexgrill Gasgrill steht deiner nächsten Grill Party nichts mehr im Wege. Mit seinen 4 Brennern kannst du dein Grillgut auf den Punkt genau zubereiten, ohne langes Warten.
    • FLEISCH, FISCH ODER VEGGIE: Auf deinem Grill ist Platz für Extrawürste - oder Sojawürstchen. Der große Outdoor Grill bietet ausreichend Platz für jegliche Grill Wünsche. Somit ist für jeden Gast das Passende dabei.
    • OPTIMALE WÄRMEVERTEILUNG: Das Even Heat System verteilt durch die angewinkelten Flammenverteiler die Wärme gleichmäßig und verhindert dabei Stichflammen.

    The culture of food keeps changing, and at some point, it seems that it stopped toasting. No more.

    In Nexgrill, the barbecue is as simple as making your own hamburger, but it is also much more.

    It's duck marinated with honey and chipotle. Barbecue Nexgrill is freedom and share with family and fast and have a different barbecue.

    With taste characteristics such as infrared thermal plates, abrasive side burners, multiple heat zones, energy dueling capabilities and customizable grid configurations, you can grill everything from the simplest to the sensational in your Nexgrill portable barbecue.

    It does not matter if you are a character with common traditions, once the Nexgrill barbecue or grill is in your hands, you will experience something really different


    The Nexgrill Barbecues are very practical models for any environment, it is easy to transport for its potability and you can enjoy delicious meals (meats, tacos, chickens, vegetables, etc.)


    This stainless steel barbecue model is equipped with two push and turn ignition burners for quick and easy use. It has 16,000 BTU and reaches high temperatures quickly with each burner of independent adjustment.
    The grid of the steel grid is ideal to accommodate up to 7 burgers at a time.

    It is connected to a jug and does not need external batteries or flames for its operation.


    * The cooking grate offers high heat retention and easy cleaning
    * Push and turn the ignition
    * Heat is evenly distributed through the combustion chamber
    * Foldable lid and legs for easy transport
    * Quick and easy assembly
    * Steel construction stainless steel offering durability and easy cleaning
    * The compact size takes up a small space.