Bentley, the best barbecue with oven

cient oven, we recommend the Bentley barbecue. 

This barbecue has a powerful gas oven with which you will make roasts with professional results. Best of all, your modern system will allow you to adjust the temperature and manipulate the lidin a safe way.

Another advantage of the Bentley barbecue is that it offers you a large space on the grill, which is accompanied by 7 burners of great power with independent grills. Thanks to the fact that these burners are arranged at the perfect distance, they will allow you to cook all your favorite dishes without any problem.

Another great advantage of this barbecue with oven, is that it is made with stainless steel sheets, which guarantees its durability and performance. 

It is an ideal barbecue model to be used in terraces, patios, porches and gardens, allowing you to enjoy the pleasant outdoor climate while you cook and share with your family and friends.

Undoubtedly, the Bentley barbecue is the best option as far as gas ovens are concerned , for its functionality, practicality and safety for the user.

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Bentley - Gas BBQ with 7 burners - Side burner and wheels - Steel - BlackSEE BENTLEY PRICE

portable gas barbecue with which in addition to being able to enjoy good roasts, you can use it as an oven to cook delicious dishes and surprise all your guests.


    What is a barbecue with oven?

    A barbecue with an oven is basically a grill made of iron sheets. Inside, a grill is placed where the food is placed for later cooking .

    The barbecue grill should be placed at a safe distance from the fire so that the food only absorbs heat and does not burn.

    These furnaces can work with coal or firewood, however, the most modern work with gas, allowing them to be more efficient and less polluting .

    The barbecues with oven ensure that the food receives the heat in a controlled manner, achieving a succulent flavor in the meals prepared with this technique.

    They are widely used because the meat roasted on the grill acquires a golden color and takes on a juicy and tender texture. On the other hand, by means of this cooking technique it is possible to enhance the flavor of each type of meat and the elimination of fats present in the meat .

    Barbecues with an oven consist of an area with a stove, a grill and a lid It helps to keep the heat inside the oven in order to speed up the cooking process of the food.

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    There are some simple operation, which require that they be lit directly with matches. However, modern models of barbecues have an electric ignition system in the stoves, so its use is practical and safe.

    How does a barbecue with an oven work?

    The main task of the barbecues with ovens is to achieve a professional cooking of the food, to achieve an elegant and juicy finish , as a result of the action of the heat caused by the burners and the perfect location of the grill inside the oven.

    The operation of these barbecues is quite simple, it is only necessary to connect a gas cylinder, ignite the burners and adjust them to the appropriate power.

    Unlike conventional barbecues that work with wood or coal, the modern ones have an artificial furnace that works with gas through a modern system of pipes and burners. 

    In general, modern barbecues are  equipped with a thermometerwhich indicates the amount of heat inside the oven. These are quite practical because they allow the user to adjust the temperature by lowering or increasing the gas supply.

    To prepare food on a barbecue, these must be previously seasoned before placing on the grill. In the case of meat, it should be cooked on both sides so that the appropriate texture can be obtained. As for the preparation of pizzas, the cooking will be done on a refractory stone or metal mold. In the same way a lasagna will be cooked. The vegetables can be cooked directly on the grill.

    Advantages of the barbecue with gas oven

    Having a barbecue with an oven in itself is already a great advantage because of the diversity of uses you can give it. It is not only a different way of cooking, it is also a way to obtain unique results when preparing food.

    For this reason we will describe some important points of barbecues with gas ovens:

    • Availability of immediate use: In order to use it, you will not need to have wood or coal because it works with gas. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about if you suddenly decide to invite your family and friends, because you can turn it on quickly and without any mishap.
    • On certain: No need to use serillos to turn the oven thanks to its safe electrical ignition system, which will keep your hands away from the flames of the burners.
    • Cooking speed: Thanks to its six main burners, you can obtain an ideal temperature variation inside the oven according to the heat requirement required for each food you prepare. In addition, you can light a single burner or all 6 at the same time, according to the volume of food you are preparing and the amount of heat required.
    • Versatile design: It has an attractive modern design in which we can highlight an extra seventh burner that can be used to prepare other foods outside the oven. On the other hand, the oven has a lid that allows to keep the heat and ensure the perfect cooking of food. It has hooks for stenciling instruments and a small shelf at the top where you can store your barbecue utensils. And finally, its modern design will not dislodge with the environment, on the contrary, it will monopolize the looks for its luxurious finish.
    • Mobility: Can be located anywhere in the home because it has wheels on all 4 legs. The arrangement of wheels facilitates its comfortable transfer through the different surfaces of the home. This modern feature is particularly useful if you plan to store it in a different place from where you will be using it.
    • Easy assembly: You do not have to worry about how to assemble your barbecue, since you have at your disposal an instruction manual that will tell you exactly how to assemble the pieces that are not pre-installed.
    • Security: They have been designed to work under safe norms that do not threaten physical well-being, so the use of special components is not required apart from the basic ones for their manipulation.
    • ou will save fuel because with this barbecue you will not need coal or firewood, just a power outlet and that's it.

    Disadvantages of the barbecue with gas oven

    Like all appliances, gas barbecues can have some disadvantages for the user. Here we describe some of them:

    • Prone to deterioration: Although they are designed to have a long duration, this will depend on the use received by the user. Some pieces may rust if they get wet and do not dry properly. That is why it is not advisable to leave the barbecue outside, where it will be more exposed to moisture.
    • They require rigorous cleaning: As fatty foods are cooked, they drip grease into the inside of the oven. The cleaning of the same requires effort because of the difficult access to the bottom of the burners. For a proper and deep cleaning it will sometimes be necessary to disassemble the internal part of the oven and apply a special oven cleaner to remove the grease.
    • Heat irradiation: Since the gas oven barbecues are made of metal, it will easily absorb the heat radiated by the burners. The area that absorbs the most heat is the lid, therefore, if you do not take care when handling the lid, you can receive slight burns.

    The best model of barbecue with oven: Bentley - Gas barbecue with 7 burners

    The Bentley gas barbecue is simply wonderful, as you can grill food quickly thanks to the immediate heat provided by the flames in the grill area.

    It is designed with stainless steel to provide a fine appearance backed by the durability of this material. 

    It has a semicircular lid in charge of covering the oven, in order to maintain the heat of the oven, thus guaranteeing an adequate cooking of the food.

    On the lid there is a practical thermometer that allows us to observe and adjust the temperatureinside the oven according to the amount of flame supplied. Likewise, the lid has a comfortable stainless steel handle that will allow you to safely manipulate the lid.

    In the rear area of ​​the oven has tabs that allow air to enter in order to provide proper operation to the burners.

    This barbecue in total sum 7 stainless steel burners. One of these is on its right wing, separated from the remaining 6. With this burner you can cook foods that do not require the use of the oven, such as sauces, dressings, among others.

    In the area of ​​the oven is the rest of the burners, 6 in total. Each one works with independent flames. Therefore, it can be turned on according to the amount of food you want to prepare or according to the amount of heat you want to reach inside the oven.SEE PRICE of Bentley - Gas barbecue with 7 burners

    The burner cover is designed to spread fire uniformly for top results. Each burner can be separately adjusted thanks to the individual knobs with the electric ignition function.

    The oven also includes two grills, one enameled steel and another chrome. Both are of excellent caliber, thus guaranteeing their resistance to heat and weight , one of the most anticipated demands by buyers:

    • The enameled grill is the one that is close to the burners and where food is usually cooked.
    • The chrome grill is suspended and serves to place the already cooked food so that they keep their heat inside the oven. However, on this one can also cook food.

    On its left side it has a small table to put in containers the food that we will introduce to the oven. 

    Similarly, around the barbecue we can see practical instruments: it has three hanging hooks for kitchen tools and a bottle opener to freshen up while we prepare our succulent meat.

    In addition, at the bottom is equipped with a large storage cabinet in which we can store many kitchen instruments. This compartment has two hinged doors with their respective handles

    Finally, we emphasize that it  has 4 multidirectional wheels that facilitate the transfer of the barbecue  to any place in the home where we want to use it. Two of these wheels have a brake device that ensures that the barbecue does not move from its place while we are cooking.

    The dimensions of the barbecue are 156 centimeters long X 109 centimeters high and 57.7 centimeters wide. The main grill measures 77 centimeters long X 42 centimeters wide.

    The total weight of the kiln is 37 kilos and is available in the market in black and titanium gray.

    Undoubtedly, the Bentley gas barbecue will be the best option for you , since it will adapt to all your needs and allow you to make the succulent dishes that you want to prepare at home.

    Opinions of the gas barbecue Bentley - Gas barbecue with 7 burners

    In addition to letting you know all the features we think it is also important that you know some of the opinions that the clients have left once they have bought and tested it:

    I bought two barbecues, one for my house and one for my son's house. The truth is that he has given more use than me, and we are very satisfied with them. I had a problem with one piece in one of the barbecue and the manufacturer took over immediately by refilling it right away, so no complaints. Recommended product and seller.
    No problem in the assembly, if the instructions are followed and assembled in the order indicated


    Amazon client

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