Best Balcony BBQ

Do you want to prepare a barbecue without leaving your apartment? With this original balcony barbecue , it is very easy. You just have to adapt it to the railing and invite the neighbors so they do not get angry.

The barbecue season is approaching.The usual thing is to make them in a place enabled for it. In a single house if you are lucky enough to have space or in a public area prepared for it. But now it is also possible to prepare them in an attic or on a floor, as long as it meets the minimum requirements.Prepare the best balcony barbecue is a fashion born in the United States best bbq for apartment balcony


    Can you make barbecues on balconies and terraces?

    Since I do not want to bore you by listing the regulations, I'll summarize this section a lot. There is no regulation or express prohibition that clearly regulates making the best barbecue for an apartment balcony. Depending on the location of the house, how the organization and the degree of tolerance of the neighbors can do it, or not. As always, prudence and coherence are the best alternative.

    If you use the iron that includes some balcony barbecues, it may not have any problem, the grease does not drain directly into the fire and the smoke generated is less. The possibility of making a traditional barbecue will depend mainly on the situation of the balcony and the floor in which you live. If you have 5 or 6 neighbors above, it is a reckless option.This terrace barbecue is deep enough to reduce the risks. Anyway, it must be remembered that with fire in the middle you must take extreme precautions.

    A barbecue designed to fit the railing of your balcony

    The most comfortable option if you want to make the best ball barbecue is to buy the model designed for the handrails, in this way you gain stability, space and comfort.

    The problem with this model is that it does not work on wide railings. The solution to join it to any railing is to use  flanges .

    Technical characteristics

    • Made of light metal with chrome exterior (black)
    • Includes non-stick griddle and barbecue grill
    • Medidas: 62 x 22 x 19 cm
    • Weight: 5 kg

    The main advantage the best barbecue for the balcony is its versatility. It can also be attached to the walls, which significantly increases its functionality.

    The exterior is black chrome, stains will not be a problem. It is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. What happens if you get tired of barbecues or "end of season"? Easy, the manufacturer recommends placing some plants, because their size lends itself to them.

    All good. You just have to prepare a  barbecue sauce without sugar  and with all the flavor. Enjoy!You can buy this terrace barbecue on  Amazon

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