Best Recipe For Barbecue

Meat, fish, tofu and vegetables taste even better with grilled marinades! Basically, you need an acidic liquid, such as vinegar or juice and spices - here are recipes and information for grilled marinades!


    Barbecue food: latest recipes for barbecue

    Making a barbecue is not just putting all the meat on the grill, we teach you the best recipes, spices, willows and cuts to make your barbecue unforgettable.

    Recipe for barbecue sauce

    Barbecue sauce is undoubtedly the most popular sauce to accompany meats that, as the name suggests, are made on the grill. Even so, it is a sauce that serves as an accompaniment not only to meats, but also to fish, vegetables, potatoes or even pasta dishes.

    Which meat for grilled marinades?

    Beef, pork or poultry, fish and seafood are suitable for marinating. But vegetables, tofu or cheese can be marinated well.

    How is a barbecue marinade made?

    A marinade gives meat a delicious aroma before grilling and is wonderfully tender. It is based on an acidic liquid such as vinegar. But wine, lemon juice and even yogurt are also suitable for a marinade. The acid makes the meat more tender because the fibers become softer. There is also olive or rapeseed oil, pepper and herbs - make sure the oil can be heated! Garlic, chilli, paprika, ginger or mustard can further round out the flavor. Sugar, honey or maple syrup make the meat brown and tender. But dry marinades, so-called marinades, are also suitable as marinades.

    Tip: Use the marinade only once, because during marinating the meat absorbs the juice from the raw meat.

    Why shouldn't I salt the grilled marinade?

    There is no salt in a classic marinade, but there are different opinions about it. Salt is supposed to make the meat dry and thus toughen it. Others say the opposite is true. The best thing to do is to try what you like best.

    ¿Cuánto tiempo debes marinar la carne?

    Antes de marinar, lave la carne y el pescado y séquelos después. Luego cubra todos los alimentos a la parrilla con adobo. Entonces es el momento de esperar. Las brochetas de carne y las verduras tardan de 15 a 30 minutos. Los trozos más pequeños de carne de res o cerdo y las verduras firmes se marinan durante una a tres horas. Las piezas más grandes tardan de seis a 12 horas; lo mejor es marinar la carne durante la noche. Las aves de corral tienen un tiempo de marinado más corto de aproximadamente dos horas. En general, se aplica lo siguiente: retire la marinada antes de colocar los alimentos en la parrilla. De lo contrario, puede gotear sobre las brasas y generar humo.

    How to Cook Barbecued Meat on the Spot

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