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So you're looking for the best gas barbecue huh? You've been to a DIY store, you've looked through catalogs, you've listened to the managers talk about surfaces, burners, side burners, infrared burners and a dozen other things you've never heard of in your entire life.

And now you're more confused than before and what you need is a real, objective opinion from a friend.
Well, you're in the right place, I'm going to help you decide quickly.

Gas barbecues are becoming more and more popular, although they are still largely unknown to the average user, used to classic charcoal grills. These barbecues are perfect if you are looking for a quick and efficient solution, free of smoke and odors.

Great chefs always have gas stoves in their kitchens. If you want to be a barbecue professional, you know! The best gas barbecues are those of the Weber and Campingaz brand , you can start your search among the models of these two manufacturers.

Buying the best quality gas barbecues is becoming easier and easier, thanks to the wide range of barbecue models on the market. If you want to get the best gas barbecue, read this article carefully.

We will try to answer all your questions to make your next purchase a success.


    What are the advantages of gas barbecues?

    You are probably wondering why you should buy a gas barbecue versus a charcoal or electric barbecue. Well, these types of grills offer a number of advantages that make them seriously compete with charcoal grills.

    They are very easy to use. The gas barbecue works just like the stove or the ceramic hob. To light them, you will only have to press a button and regulate the temperature with the
    They are very fast. The gas barbecues are lit and reach the desired temperatures in minutes , unlike charcoal barbecues that take between 20 and 30 minutes to have the embers ready. Do not waste time and enjoy a good barbecue in less than 5 minutes.

    Absolute control over temperature. Gas grills have temperature regulators that allow you to adjust the heat according to the recipe you are cooking. This way, the meat will not burn again or the vegetables will be raw. This is a clear advantage over charcoal barbecues, where you cannot control the temperature of the coals. In addition, you can have different areas of your grill at different temperatures, as long as you have more than one burner.

    They are clean. This type of barbecues do not generate ashes, like charcoal, so you avoid that cumbersome trance. In addition, many of the parts of these barbecues are removable, such as grills, and then you can put them in the dishwasher.
    Forget the smoke . If you don't want to end up stinking after a barbecue, a gas barbecue is your ally. It is true that if you are a smoker and a smoked lover, a gas barbecue is not the best option to buy. By not using wood or firewood, that characteristic flavor is lost. You have to make a sacrifice!

    They are durable and robust. Mid-range barbecues are built with quality materials and by reputable brands such as Weber, Campingaz or Nok. This quality is what ensures that a gas barbecue lasts for many years.
    Wide variety of models and prices. You can find the best gas barbecue for you, big or small, portable or fixed for your garden, cheap or expensive. This type of American barbecue is in fashion and more and more models are coming on the market.

    Cooking in two zones . Gas barbecues are especially appreciated because of the possibility of indirect cooking. If your barbecue has two or more burners, you can set one area at a medium-low temperature and another at a high temperature.

    How to choose the best gas barbecue?

    To buy the best gas barbecue, you should look at a number of key factors. We give you the list of the most important ones:

    Number of burners . You need at least two burners on your gas barbecue to carry out the "2-zone cooking", i.e. the direct and indirect cooking game that makes gas barbecues so famous. The more burners, the better, as you will have more temperature control at different points inside the barbecue.
    Grill size . Depending on the number of guests you expect and the size of your terrace or garden, you can buy a large, medium or small barbecue. Do not saturate the grill, remember to leave at least 1 cm between the pieces you are cooking.

    Cover . Buying a barbecue with a cover is really important, but even more so when it is a gas grill. A barbecue without a cover is very limited and will not allow you to cook indirectly. If you want to take it a step beyond burgers and hot dogs, you need a lid. Ribs, roast turkeys and chickens, chops … much better with a lid.
    Gas type The most popular are butane barbecues for which you can buy bottles and store them at home. You can also connect your barbecue to the natural gas installation of your home or buy propane gas, in bottles or in bulk. You can even find mixed charcoal and gas barbecues.

    Thermometer . Normally, gas barbecue covers have a built-in thermometer, although they are usually of very poor quality. We recommend that you buy a digital thermometer, they are very cheap and will improve your barbecues exponentially.
    Quality of materials . In general, the higher the price, the better the quality of the materials and the greater the durability of the barbecue. Cheap gas barbecues, made with cheaper materials, generally have a shorter life than mid-high range barbecues.
    How does a gas barbecue work?
    After learning how to choose the best gas barbecue, you should know how it works to get the most out of your grill.

    Quality gas barbecues have two different zones, the main grill and the "heating grid" . Normally, people think that the heating grid only serves to keep the food at temperature while you finish cooking what is on the main grill.

    Operación Barbacoas a gas

    This is not necessarily the case, depending on the barbecue model, the heating grid can reach the same temperature as the main grill. In the picture, you can see a reference of the temperatures in each area of the grill.

    The key to the success of a good gas barbecue is in the temperature and temperature control. To cook most meats and fish, you don't need to heat the food directly, what you need is indirect heat. The famous technique of cooking in two areas.

    Butane or propane gas barbecue

    When buying a gas barbecue , you can choose between a model that uses gas or propane . Both are used in the same way, but there are differences between one and the other.

    The main factor that determines the type of gas you will use is the barbecue itself. By default, most gas barbecues are designed to be used with one method or the other. Most often you will find butane barbecues when shopping for a gas grill.

    Gas bottles are very popular and easy to buy. And we are not talking about the classic oranges and heavy bottles, which can also be used, on the market there are smaller and lighter butane bottles.

    Barbacoas de gas del quemador

    Propane gas, although less popular, can also be found in cylinders or in bulk, for which you will need a tank to store it in your home. The great advantage of propane gas is that, once pressurized, it returns to a liquid state and can be stored in tanks.

    In general, butane barbecues have a greater autonomy than propane barbecues. Gas cylinders are cheaper, lighter and have a higher calorific value. In addition, they are easy to store thanks to the ergonomic bottles that now exist.

    In terms of taste, neither butane gas nor propane gas flavors food.

    The most professional barbecue professionals connect their grills to the natural gas installation of their home. This solution is not so common, as it usually requires a little work in the house for the gas pipes to reach the garden or terrace where the barbecue will be placed. This option is not the most popular among average users, as it requires a significant investment. Many gas barbecues allow the use of butane cylinders or connect them to the natural gas network of the house.

    Types of gas barbecue

    As with all types of barbecues, within the gas grills you can also find other subcategories. Let's comment on the most demanded ones:

    Portable gas barbecue : for those who want the speed and efficiency of gas barbecues but do not have enough space or want to take them on a trip, laptops are an ideal choice. In addition, they are usually the cheapest gas barbecues due to their small size.
    Mixed gas and charcoal barbecue : such barbecues are a hybrid. If you can't decide between charcoal and gas, or if you are a lover of both types of barbecues, a charcoal and gas barbecue should be your choice.

    Volcanic stone barbecue : these barbecues are characterized by the use of volcanic stones for barbecue . These lava stones are used to distribute more evenly the temperature inside the barbecue. You can buy a gas grill with built-in volcanic iron or you can buy them on your own. They are very cheap and durable, we recommend buying some stones or a gas barbecue plate if your grill does not have them as standard.

    Best selling brands best gas barbecues

    There are many brands and models of gas barbecues on the market, but there are 2 brands that are especially important.

    W eber gas barbecues : Weber is a registered American barbecue brand with an impeccable reputation in commercial grills. Their products are of high quality, good materials and modern design. You can find portable or outdoor Weber barbecues, which have all sizes and also all the comubstible: charcoal, gas and electric . Weber is to barbecues what Apple is to cell phones. The best-selling models are Weber Genesis, Weber Spirit Original, Q1000 and the GO-Anywhere series of barbecues.
    Campingaz barbecues : as its name suggests, this brand specializes in gas barbecues, both portable and garden. On Amazon you can find many models of the brand. Undoubtedly, the best seller is the Campingaz Expert Plus .
    You can also find interesting models of gas grills from the brands Nok, Broil Master, Bentley and Lola Derek.

    You can buy barbecues in large stores and online stores. Some examples of where you can buy gas barbecues are Aki, Alcampo, Carrefour, El Corte Ingles and Leroy Merlin.

    We recommend that you buy your grill on Amazon , as it is fast and without shipping costs to your home or wherever is more convenient. In addition, on Amazon you can read real buyer reviews of the barbecues you are interested in.

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