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The arrival of excellent weather is the best time for barbecues, and the best barbecue is called Camp Chef Woodwind Wifi (see on Amazon). This model of electric barbecue swept the market with great force to remain as the best option in 2020 and for this 2021.

This barbecue has sold more than 2,000 units in a short time. What makes it special? Why do customers choose this model over others? We tell you all its benefits here and now!


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    Camp Chef BBQ is a very light versatile barbecue. It is used both on the floor and on a piece of furniture or a table. Foldable legs for compact storage. Removable grease tray, easy to clean. New version with piezo ignition.

    Camp Chef American manufacturer of barbecues, stoves, Dutch ovens, and different products for outdoor living.

    Camp Chef was founded in 1990 with the idea that there had to be a better way to cook outdoors. This idea has prompted Camp Chef to be a leader in innovation in the kitchen and outdoor life industry.

    Camp Chef PG20CT Woodwind WiFi 20 Pellet Grill, schwarz
    • inkl. 4 Fleischsonden
    • WiFi-PID-Controller hält die Kochtemperatur automatisch
    • Kompatibel mit Camp Chef Connect App


    Why buy a Camp Chef Woodwind 24? Here are its features that will surely convince you:

    • It has dimensions of 30.00 x 43.00 x 49.00 inches.
    • You can adjust the heat level in the settings, which can reach up to 900ºF.
    • You can monitor the cooking and receive notifications when the roast is ready.
    • Adjust the smoke level with the smoke control in settings from 1 - 10.
    • Slide / Grill technology allows you to cook with direct flame temperatures up to 650ºF.

    What are the advantages of the Camp Chef Woodwind 24?

    The ideal when we want to buy a barbecue is to get the best out of it and compare it with others in the same range. This one has many. The ones that stand out the most are:

    It has a PID controller that allows to control the smoke, this helps to regulate the smoke and temperature when we are cooking. You can control the smoke density inside the grill lid. The PID controller offers you the most accurate grill temperature setting in the industry. The more you increase the smoke number, the more your smoke output increases. But, the more you decrease your smoke number, the tighter the temperatures will stay.
    Connect to your Camp Chef, you can connect to your grill through a mobile device using the Camp Chef app.

    From your mobile device you can monitor to control temperature and smoke levels individually.
    Compatible accessories, All Woodwind grills are compatible with 24/36 inch accessories. Compatible with a Sidekick or a Sear Box. The Sear Box is capable of reaching up to 900°F for the perfect restaurant-style grill. While the Sidekick is capable of working with Camp Chef's 14-inch accessories and reaching a surface temperature of 750°F with its included cast iron griddle.

    Simple installation, normally many people are afraid to set up a barbecue because they think it's difficult. Instead, with this model of barbecue in less than an hour you can have it ready to use.
    Safe when cooking, the risk of getting burned during the preparation of a barbecue is inevitable, right? With the Camp Chef Woodwind 24 barbecue, your safety comes first. Thanks to its design, it can be handled without the risk of getting burned.

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    The best thing about cooking on a barbecue like the Camp Chef Woodwind is that it is healthier than eating food cooked with oil. In this case, the food is cooked in its own juices and you can forget about using oils or other products that only add fat or cholesterol to your system, just like when you cook chorizo or a good hamburger.

    Not only that, but preparing your food outdoors and enjoying relaxation will help your body get rid of the stress that can sometimes get in its way. Plus, you can take it camping with friends and enjoy a healthy meal.

    By keeping the lid closed, you help the meat or chicken cook better than if it is open. You'll need to flip it every time, but if you use indirect cooking, you don't have to worry as it will cook both sides equally.

    What is the best way to use it?

    The best thing about this barbecue is that once it's assembled, all you need to do is plug it into the socket and turn it on, simply light the coals and leave them to heat for about half an hour to reach the ideal temperature. In this video you can see it in action:

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