Coal barbecue Do you want to know which ones are the best?

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For many years, charcoal barbecues have become the perfect companion for those who liked to cook outdoors. Today there are many restaurants that still serve food cooked with charcoal. But, for what reason? So many advantages? Does the meat taste so good?


    The best coal barbecues :

    We present a complete analysis of the coal barbecues best valued by users. Discover them!

    What are the advantages of coal barbecues?

    Until not long ago, cooking with charcoal barbecues was common. And although they have opted for other options, the truth is that a barbecue that uses coal is much more recommended than other models:

    • It is very economical:  There are dozens of models in the market, which adapt to the needs of each person. Of course there are models that are expensive, but there are others that are cheap and interesting.
    • Your fuel is cheaper:  The time when buying coal was almost prohibitive has come to an end. In addition, it is much healthier now that charcoal is used for this type of barbecues.
    • It has a high calorific value:  Although gas or electricity can reach high temperatures of approximately 300º, nothing resembles the calorific value of coal. This can reach a temperature of up to 500 °, perfect for roasting.
    • Easy to transport:  Coal barbecues are much easier to transport from one place to another. In other types, such as gas, you have to think about the barbecue plus the bottle. It can be taken anywhere without occupying much space.
    • Different nuances to the flavor of the meat:  According to the type of coal that is used, the meat obtains a unique and different flavor. To make matters worse, the smoke generated by the embers also helps the taste of the meat to become something special, with a texture that can not be achieved with other types of barbecues.
    • You can cook with firewood:  That it is a coal barbecue does not mean that you should only use coal. Many people use firewood to make their dishes in these fantastic barbecues, and enjoy a great chat with that pleasant smell of burning wood.
    • Different levels of cooking:  Most modern models of charcoal barbecues allow the level of the charcoal bed to be raised, or lowered, as well as the grids in which the meats and vegetables are placed. Thanks to this, different cooking levels can be achieved at different speeds.
    • Easy to clean:  Until recently, cleaning a charcoal barbecue could be a real headache. However, today many of them have a "one-touch" function, which allows quick and efficient cleaning in a short time.

    What do you have to look at when buying a charcoal barbecue?

    Choosing a barbecue is quite complicated, because each person needs specific characteristics to meet their needs. However, there are a number of common characteristics that you have to look at when buying a charcoal barbecue:

    • Barbecue or grill ... do not get confused!:  Many people think that a grill is the same barbecue, when in fact they are very different. If you go to the store and see barbecue without a lid, it is not barbecue. It is what is known as a grill. The barbecues are covered, to cover the ingredients and to be made with the heat of the interior. Even if you use coal, if you do not have a lid, a charcoal grill will not interest you very much.
    • Will you take it with you ?:  Choosing one of the many models of charcoal barbecues in the market will depend on the type of use you are going to give it. If you are going to take the barbecue when you go on a trip, you will be interested in a model that has wheels. On the other hand, if it is for your terrace, or garden, you can save by buying a fixed barbecue.
    • What type of fuel will you use ?:  Here you have to be very careful. It is true that most models are mixed and allow the use of firewood and charcoal to obtain heat. However, some models are exclusively for use with charcoal. You will have to ask before buying it. We explain how to choose the  best charcoal for barbecue  and to obtain a true professional result.
    • How much are you willing to spend?:  Looking at catalogs of coal barbecues you will see that there are many prices. Actually, do you need to buy the most expensive model? Of course not, because you can go for cheaper models. If it is for a garden, or when you go on a trip, with buying a small charcoal barbecue you will have more than enough. For garden, if you like to make family meals, you should still look for a larger design.

    Where should you locate your charcoal barbecue?

    Before proceeding to buy a charcoal barbecue, you have to think, do you have enough space to have it? Not all houses offer you the space to have one. So, what do you need to take into account to locate your barbecue?

    • Wind direction:  Generally, the direction of the wind does not play an important role when using coal barbecues, since it closes the lid so that the meat is made better. But what if you try to cook with the lid open? The wind can be a great inconvenience in the process, so you have a look for an isolated area, or in which the air currents are not very large.
    • Find an area near a tree:  You have to be careful with this. It is nice to cook on a barbecue, but you do not have to stick to it. You have to look for a point where you can be under your branches cooking, but at a safe distance so that, if a coal eats, there is no fire.
    • A protected zone that isolates the noise:  Not all the neighbors find it pleasant the ruckus that can be put together when a barbecue is made. For this reason you have to have fences or bushes that isolate the noise.
    • The perfect size:  It is usually recommended that barbecue area, either garden or terrace, at least 10 square meters, thus having enough to comfortably enjoy your fantastic cooking appliance space.
    • Will the smoke bother ?:  Think that the barbecues generate a lot of smoke, and that this with the wind will move. Therefore you have to place it from doors or windows, to prevent the smells from entering the house. Also, it is not good to cook right next to the place where you are going to eat, because it will make your guests uncomfortable.
    • In garden or terrace ?:  Certainly, having a coal barbecue makes it necessary to think about the best place to install it. In the garden you can have it, but it has been located on a floor of slabs and free of vegetation. On the terrace it is always a better option, but this has to give a clear area and that the wind does not come from the front, to prevent the smoke from penetrating inside the home.
    • How about a kitchen barbecue ?:  Today there are some models of barbecue that can be installed in the kitchens and prepare dishes as they are used in the past. Why not try them?

    Is it easy to clean a charcoal barbecue?

    A lot of people throw a little back at the idea of ​​buying a charcoal barbecue because they are difficult to clean. However, the most modern models allow simple, fast cleaning and save a lot of time in the process.

    The steps to follow to clean a charcoal barbecue are:

    1. Start by removing the ash and the remains of embers that have remained after the roast  . These can be attached to the walls of the barbecue, so you will have to use a spatula to remove them.
    2. Having removed all the ash, it is time to get rid of the remains of the food that may have remained stuck. For this purpose  , special brushes for barbecues can be used  . In addition, in stores there are also special liquids for this process. Some are specific for what barbecue model.
    3. Having removed everything, it is best to let the barbecue dry out in the open. Or you can use a dry cloth  to remove the remains of the cleaning product  .

    How often do you have to clean a charcoal barbecue? The truth is that the ideal would be to clean it well after each use. But you do it  once a month  should be enough to have it in good condition. If you remove the remains of food, preventing them from sticking, the area of ​​the embers you can clean less often.

    Are they better than other barbecues?

    Certainly, charcoal barbecues have many advantages, and  in some ways it wins other barbecue models. For example, the calorific value is greater, certainly, and the smell of burned wood is pleasant. In addition, it gives a different texture to the meat. And, of course, it is much easier to transport, not needing a strong external energy to function.

    But, perhaps, its biggest drawback is controlling the amount of coal. With an electric or gas you do not have to think about controlling the amount of carbon you have left. Maybe it's a hit. Even so,  the attraction of these barbecues is that you can experiment with different types of charcoal until you find the one that gives the meat the best flavor according to your personal taste.

    buy best Coal barbecues

    Weber Compact Kettle Holzkohlegrill, 47 cm, Schwarz (1221004)
    • Bruch und wetterfeste Räder
    • Material: Porzellanemailliert
    • Packung Weight: 9.41 kg
    TOP No. 3
    Gartenfreude Holzkohlegrill Plancha mit Feuerkorb 2in1 inkl. Zubehör, schwarz, B 101 x H 118 x T 86 cm
    • Multifunktional: Diese praktische Plancha ist ein Allrounder! Sie kann sowohl als Grill als auch als Feuerstelle verwendet werden.
    • Hohe Qualität: Der Grill überzeugt mit einer Grillplatte aus 3,5 mm starkem Edelstahl sowie einem Feuerkorb und einer Feuerschale aus pulverbeschichtetem Stahl.
    • Großzügige Grillfläche: Mit den Maßen 70 x 70 cm bietet diese Plancha ausreichend Platz für Fleisch, Gemüse und weitere Beilagen! Für maximalen Grillspaß.
    Weber Classic Kettle Holzkohlegrill , 47 cm Durchmesser, Schwarz (1241304)
    • Stabiler Duroplastgriff mit Hitzschutz am Deckel, porzelanemaillierter Deckel und Kessel, integriertes Deckelthermometer
    • Isolierter Lüftungsschieber aus Aluminium, Duroplastgriff am Kessel mit verlängertem Griffstegen, Beinkupplung an allen 3 Beinen mit Einrastfunktion
    • One-Touch-Reinigungssystem
    TOP No. 5
    Vertimeet Grillset - Edelstahl Holzkohle-Grill mit Kohlebehälter, Grillaufsatz für 11x Fleisch- oder Gemüse-Spieße mit 5V Motor und Powerbank für eine kabellose Nutzung - zusammenklappbar
    • Tolles Grillset bestehend aus Edelstahl Holzkohle-Grill (ca 61x30x78cm LxBxH) mit Kohlebehälter, automatischem motorbetriebenen Grillaufsatz für 11 Spieße für Fleisch- & Gemüsegerichte & Powerbank für ein kabelloses Grillvergnügen
    • Äußerst standfester Edelstahl Holzkohlegrill - solide verarbeitet, kinderleichter Auf- & Abbau durch zusammenklappbare Standfüße - einmaliges Grillerlebnis durch perfekte Speicherung der Grillhitze und regulierbare Luftzufuhr - Einfache Säuberung durch herausnehmbares Kohlegitter
    • Hochwertiger, motorbetriebener 5V Drehspießaufsatz für gleichmäßig gegrilltes, saftiges Fleisch oder Gemüse ohne anbrennen - passend für 11 Spieße damit keiner mehr aufs Essen warten muss
    TOP No. 6
    ACTIVA Grill Gusseisen XXL Grillwagen Angulatus, Schwarz, Holzkohlegrill Barbeque BBQ - inkl Abdeckhaube, Holzkohle-Grill Groß Guss
    • 🔥 INTELIGENTES ROST-IN-ROST-SYSTEM - Durch das Rost in Rost System des Grillwagen, welches nahezu unbegrenzt erweiterbar ist, kann jeder Grillwunsch erfüllt werden und es lassen sich damit unter anderem leckere Wok-, Gemüse-, oder Kartoffelgerichte zaubern.
    • 🔥 VERSTELLBARE KOHLEEBENE & EXTRA ABLAGE - Die höhenverstellbare Kohleebene sorgt für die optimale Steuerung der Grilltemperatur. Ein weiterer Vorteil des Holzkohlegrillwagen ist die zusätzliche Ablagefläche mit Haken an der Seite um Grillgut, Zutaten und Grillbesteck sicher abzulegen.
    • 🔥 SPEZIELLE LÜFTUNG - Die speziellen Lüftungsöffnungen des Holzkohlegrill sorgen während des Grillvorgangs für eine ausgeglichene Luftzirkulation und verhindern das Erlöschen der Kohle bei geschlossenem Deckel.
    TOP No. 7
    Boretti Barilo Holzkohlegrill mit Deckel | Große Grillfläche | 3 separate Kohlekörbe | 3 verschiedene Temperaturzonen | Für Garten und Terrasse | 107x106x52cm(HxBxT) | Farbe: Anthrazit
    • Holzkohlegrill mit Deckel mit große Grillfläche für Garten und Terrasse
    • 3 separate Kohlekörbe und 3 verschiedene Temperaturzonen
    • 107x106x52cm(HxBxT) | Farbe: Anthrazit
    Char-Broil Gas2Coal 440 (2.0) Hybrid Grill - 4 - Brenner Gas & Kohlegrill mit Seitenbrenner, Schwarz
    • Patentierte Holzkohleschale Die neue, patentierte Holzkohleablage gewährleistet gleichmäßige Hitze und verhindert Aufflammen
    • Integrierter Flaschenöffner Ein integrierter Flaschenöffner mit Logo-Prägung aus Zinkdruckguss ist immer griffbereit
    • Große Zugangsklappe Die große Zugangsklappe ermöglicht leichten Zugang zur Gasflasche
    TOP No. 9
    COSTWAY Campinggrill Gusseisen Holzkohle BBQ Holzkohlegrill tragbar Reisegrill Minigrill Tischgrill für Picknick im Freien 40x27x18cm
    • 【Hochwertiges & robustes Metall 】Durch das hochwertige Material müssen Sie sich keine Sorgen über die Zuverlässigkeit machen. Konstruiert aus hitzebeständigem Gusseisen hält der Holzkohlegrill jahrelang. Darüber hinaus hat es eine ausgezeichnete Wärmeerhaltung und Wärmeleitfähigkeit, die das Zubereiten der Lebensmittel effektiv erleichtern.
    • 【Große Grillfläche 】Der Rost misst 32 x 22 cm (L x B), ist also groß genug für einen Abend mit Familie und Freunde. Es bietet Platz für Gemüse, Hähnchenkeulen, Rindersteaks, Spieße usw. In der Schale ist genug Platz für Kohle.
    • 【Höhenverstellbar & luftregulierend 】Mit dem Ziel, für die Zubereitung köstlicher Speisen zu dienen, ist der Grill mit einem doppelseitigen Rost ausgestattet. Dieser kann auf beiden Seiten verwendet werden, sodass die Höhe je nach Kochbedarf eingestellt werden kann. Außerdem können Sie mit der Luftregulierungsklappe an der Unterseite den Prozess zusätzlich kontrollieren.
    TOP No. 10
    Holzkohlegrill Grill Kohlegrill aus Edelstahl 65x53x80 cm mit Grillrost aus Edelstahl und entnehmbaren Kohlekasten Grillfläche 59,5x47 cm ideal für Privat Verein Catering Gastronomie Top Qualität
    • hochwertiger Holzkohlegrill aus Edelstahl
    • mit dreifach höhenverstellbarem Holzkohlekasten, leicht entnehmbar, leicht zu reinigen
    • mit Standfüßen und Zwischenboden

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