Difference Between Weber Grills E-310 and E-320

The Weber Genesis E-320 and Genesis E-310 are the propane gas grills with many similarities in terms of characteristics, appearance, function and cooking area. At first glance, it may seem that there are almost no differences. However, consumers considering any of these grills will find that while there are many similarities, there are some variations in characteristics, weight and cost.


    BBQ Weber E-320

    Measuring 30 by 60 by 64½ inches with an open lid, the E-320 grill has a total weight of 170 pounds. The unit offers 38,000 BTU per hour input on the main unit and 12,000 BTU per input for the time of the side burner. A 10-foot hose is included for use with the gas tank.

    BBQ Weber E-310

    E-320 grill also measures 30 by 60 inches 64½ with an open lid and has a total weight of 160 lbs. It also has a 38,000 BTU per hour of entry and comes with a 10-foot flexible hose for the attachment with the gas tank.


    The E-320 and E-310 grills have an individual electronic ignition, enamelled porcelain flavorizer bars, heat deflectors, cover and cast iron cooking grids. They also have a center-mounted thermometer, cast aluminum caps, painted steel frame, front closing slides and rear swivel casters, stainless steel handles and painted work surfaces and steel doors. Both grills have an area of ​​637 square inches, with a heating area of ​​130 square inches and a main cooking area of ​​507 square inches of total cooking.


    • The main difference between the E-320 and E-310 grills is that the E-320 grille has a built-in side burner, while the E-310 has no side burner. Apart from that, the differences between the E-320 and E-310 grills are slight. The E-320 grill weighs 10 pounds more than the E-310 grill and the cost a bit more because of the side burner

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