Feuerdesign Barbecue

The Feuerdesign Barbecues stand out for their performance, durability and functionality. Developed in Germany, combining quality and reliability with innovation and ease of use.
Each part of the Feuerdesign barbecues must meet these criteria. Our production in Vietnam is subject to the strictest quality control. All our plants are ISO 9001 and SA8000 certified, and each Feuerdesign tabletop barbecue has been tested by Intertek-GS and has received the GS certificate.

The modern Feuerdesign barbecue is characterized by a smokeless BBQ.

The Feuerdesign barbecue is portable and synonymous with conviviality, fun and attractive design. It incorporates an internal fan that allows you to cook your food in minutes and serve your guests the best meat and fish specialties.
The stainless steel inner bowl emits heat throughout the grill and also picks up any grease


    Characteristics of the BBQ Feuerdesign

    Gathered together with family or friends, this BBQ does not affect the eyes, which makes coexistence more pleasant.

    Is there something like a barbecue without smoke?

    The Feuerdesign construction prevents oil and other liquids from coming into contact with the coal.
    This stops the development of smoke and there are no unpleasant odors or flavors that spoil the party. The actual cooking process is much smoother, retaining more of the original flavor of the food. A healthier way to prepare your food on the grill.

    buy portable bbq fewerdesing

    Take it anywhere. since all come with your bag to transport it super easily and very secure an excellent barbecue 'to enjoy anywhere.

    TOP No. 1
    VfB Stuttgart Feuerdesign TEIDE Holzkohle-Tischgrill | wiederaufladbarer Lüfter-Motor für rauchfreien Grillspaß | Holzkohlegrill mit Grillzange + Tragetasche | offizielles Lizenzprodukt
    • Geselliges Grillen im Garten, auf dem Balkon oder Boot, beim Camping, Picknick und beim Zelten für bis zu 6 Personen
    • Schnell: Innerhalb von nur 5 Minuten einsatzbereit dank präziser Frischluft-Zufuhr durch regelbaren Lüfter-Motor
    • Rauchfrei: Fett kann dank des Kohlekorb-Deckels nicht in die glühende Holzkohle tropfen und verbrennen
    TOP No. 2
    Feuerdesign 14031 Grill- und Grillzange 34 x 34 cm Silber grau
    • Verpackungsgewicht : 7.08 kg
    • Verpackungsabmessungen (L × B × H) : 24.4 zm 38.2 zm 38.4 zm
    • Herkunftsland:- China
    TOP No. 3
    Feuerdesign Teide Holzkohle-Tischgrill Grau Anthrazit | inkl. Komplett-Starter-Set: Holzkohle, Grillzange, Brenngel, Feuerzeug | mit wiederaufladbarem Lüfter-Motor für ganzjährigen Grillspaß
    • Schnell: Innerhalb von nur 5 Minuten einsatzbereit dank präziser Frischluft-Zufuhr durch regelbaren Lüfter-Motor
    • So gut wie rauchfrei: Fett kann dank des Kohlekorb-Deckels nicht in die glühende Holzkohle tropfen und verbrennen
    • Sicher: Doppelwandige Außenschale wird nie heiß und ermöglicht das Anfassen und Versetzen des Grills während des Grillvorgangs

    It only takes a few minutes and your barbecue is ready to work. The controlled air flow is directed to the interior of the barbecue to reach the desired temperature in an instant.

    It has good temperature control

    Easy control and adjustment of the cooking temperature with the Feuerdesign three-speed fan

    You can adjust the air flow to get the temperature you want: the higher the Feuerdesign single fan speed, the higher the temperature. Once you cook, simply turn off the fan. The coal continues to burn slowly and comes back to life easily during a second round.

    Are there more than 4 hours of insufficient battery life? The exclusive Feuerdesign fan can be easily recharged with the included USB cable. Simply connect it to the power grid or use a charger and the party can continue.

    Feuerdesign barbecues are cleaned as easily as they are used. Once you finish your barbecue party, simply pop the stainless steel bowl, grill and lid of the charcoal basket in the dishwasher. They are compact enough to fit in any dishwasher. They will shine after a normal wash cycle, ready for the next barbecue.

    The Feuerdesign fan blows air into the charcoal basket. This speeds up the heating process and the correct temperature is reached more quickly. The air flows through the body of the barbecue, keeping the exterior fresh, even after hours of use.

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