Barbecue Buying guide: What BBQ to buy?

With the arrival of good weather there is nothing better than inviting friends and enjoying a good meal prepared on a barbecue, right? Now, what kind should you buy? With all there is in the market it can cost you. But with these notions it will not cost you much.


    Barbecues according to fuel types

    When choosing a barbecue, you have to take into account the type of fuel you are going to use. Each one is different, has a different calorific value and may not all adapt to your way of cooking. Also, some are more dirty than others, they will give a different texture to the food ...

    So, what are the types of barbecues in the market?


    We could say that coal barbecues are the most common, and the most successful on the market. Perhaps its biggest flaw is that the ignition process is a bit complex for the newbies , and also much slower. But currently there are some supplements that help this task, such as coal lighters.

    They are great barbecues for those who want to cook foods that have a taste and aroma of charcoal, forgetting the need to use butane or have a plug to connect to the flow . Another advantage is that there are many portable models. These can be desktop or removable. In this way, you can take it wherever you want to barbecue in a camp.


    A type of barbecue that has both advantages and disadvantages. Their biggest advantage is that they are very easy to use and easy to light. In addition , controlling the temperature is a simple task even for novice cooks , since they work exactly like the fires of a kitchen.

    They look good in the garden or terrace, and they are fantastic when you have many guests. But they have a problem, and it's their great size. Unlike other barbecues, you can not take them on trips, and their large dimensions require you to take into account where you are going to install them.


    Like charcoal, firewood is one of the main sources of heat for barbecues. These give a unique flavor to food, with a strong point, a good aroma and a grilled flavor that gives a unique touch to the dishes you prepare .

    But it is not a type of barbecue made for everyone. The firewood has a very strong calorific value, and it is difficult to control the fire to prepare the food . Therefore, it is a type of barbecue designed only for the most expert.


    Having plugs on the outside, why not use them for an electric barbecue? They are very easy to use and the big advantage is that they take up very little space . In addition, this type of barbecues can also be used indoors.

    All those who have no experience in the preparation of barbecues will be delighted with this model, because it allows to regulate the temperature easily . It does not give that special flavor of coal or firewood, but it can be an option for those who want something affordable.

    Fixed or portable barbecue?

    Knowing the types of barbecue on the market, it is time to make a difficult decision. Will you buy a barbecue that you can take on a trip or else you will not get out of the house? Depending on your decision, you may be interested in one type or another.

    For example, if you are clear that you are only going to make barbecues at home, and you have enough space, why not opt ​​for a built-in barbecue? Yes, they are more expensive than steel models, but they are easier to maintain. In addition, many construction barbecues are mixed, so you can try cooking with charcoal or firewood. Or, you could try a gas one. Given the size of these you will not be able to take them out of the house, but it will be nice to have them in your garden to organize parties with friends and family.

    Now, if you are one of those who like to travel to campsites and take a barbecue, things change. Generally, only electric, coal and firewood are portable. But the electrical ones could discard them, since you will need a small generator.

    You will only have the option of coal and firewood. Although they may seem the same, they are very different. Both have a very high calorific value, so they require that the material is of very good quality to keep the heat well. With a small one you will have enough space to cook for 8 people.

    The key factors to keep in mind when you go to buy a barbecue

    It is time to assess the key factors that you have to take into account when buying a barbecue. Once you solve them, you will not have problems to choose one type or another of barbecue.

    1. How much space do you have

    Many people buy a barbecue without taking space into account, and that can be a problem. The gas barbecues are large, and you can not have them in a small garden. In the same way that you can not build a work, because you would completely absorb the garden.

    If the space is small, opt for coal or electric barbecues better. They are small and compact. In addition, most of them are removable, so you can save them after cleaning them. However , if you have a large terrace, or a good garden, you can choose a gas and even make a work.

     2. The best location

    Being clear about the location of the barbecue is as important as the space you have. Remember that a barbecue generates a lot of smoke, and this can enter your house. Therefore, the barbecue must be far from doors and windows.

    It also can not be located near a tree, because it could jump some small spark and cause a fire . Generally, the best thing is a brick barbecue, as it sends the smoke to the sky. But if you can not afford it, buy a portable barbecue, charcoal, wood or electric, until you find the best place to put it.

    3. Budget

    Most importantly, how much are you willing to pay for your barbecue? If you have a low budget, better buy a charcoal or electric barbecue, since they are very economical models.

    En cambio, si estás dispuesto a invertir, una de obra o de gas sería la mejor opción. Aunque la de obra siempre será mejor que la de gas, ya que te ofrece diferentes modos de cocción de tus platos. No obstante, son más duraderas y mucho más limpias que el resto de modelos.

    4. Cómo te gusta la comida

    Otro factor que tienes que tener en cuenta. No a todo el mundo le gusta cómo pueden quedar los alimentos según el tipo de fuente de calor que se utilice. Por ejemplo, la comida preparada en carbón y leña generalmente deja la carne más seca por fuera, pero jugosa por dentro.

    In contrast, the electric or gas is as if you were preparing in your kitchen, only that the grill. Thanks to that, a different flavor is obtained, but the meat will always be better made inside than outside . Depending on how you like your food, you should bet on one model or another.

    Other Considerations to take into account when buying cheap charcoal barbecue

    Dimensions of the grill: One of the key points to contemplate is the size that the grill will have. This is especially important because, as you can imagine, the bigger it is, the more food we will be able to cook. Before Purchase a charcoal barbecue, we should think about the number of guests we are going to have, or that we have on a regular basis. If we only have a couple of friends, we can choose a barbecue that is more compact. However, if we set up real parties, then we should buy a barbecue with larger dimensions. The data of the size of the grill will be available in the file of each of the articles, so it is advisable to take it into account.

    Dimensions of the charcoal tray: As we have already commented, coal is the key fuel that will allow the grill to work. It will distribute the heat in a uniform way so that the food can be made little by little, remaining tasty. It is useless to buy a charcoal barbecue with large dimensions if you then have a very small charcoal tray. The idea is that we could take into account both aspects.

    Keep in mind that the larger the charcoal tray, the more food we can make in the shortest possible time

    However, it is important that you know that if the charcoal tray is very large, the dimensions of the charcoal barbecues will also be. If we do not have too much space available, it can become a very important problem.

    Material of manufacture: To what extent is the material of manufacture of a barbecue important? Well, much more than you think. We can find economic models with low quality materials; The problem they will have is that they probably will not last us long. We recommend that you bet on ceramics, metal or stainless steel . A good example are the metal barbecues. The idea is to choose a model that can distribute the temperature evenly, even if you have to pay a little more for it.

    Even if you have to pay a little more, we recommend that you get a quality charcoal barbecue, robust, and that it can withstand continuous use.

    Available space: How much space do you have to be able to incorporate the barbecue? If we have a large patio or garden, it's probably not going to be a problem. However, if space is reduced, it will be. It is for this reason, so if we do not have much space, we will have to buy rather a barbecue outdoor that is compact. There are some models that can be folded to occupy much less; a good option if we want to keep them in, for example, a shed once we have used it.

    Cleaning: Always choose a model that is easy to clean, because if you do not you will end up regretting it. There are some models that have accessories such as brushes, crucial to eliminate any food or fat that may have been impregnated. Once you have used the barbecue, be sure to leave it completely clean. And not only that, but you should try to keep it away from any type of unfavorable weather condition (like rain or intense sun), to make it last as long as possible.

    Various accessories: On the other hand, it is important that you take into account the different accessories that the coal barbecue has. There are some models that have very useful tools, for example, set of elements to carve the meat, to cut it, brushes, different types of pallets. On the other hand, there are some models that even have some hooks in which we will have a series of hooks at our disposal, cleaning kits. On the other hand, we will also have to evaluate whether or not it has wheels. These will help us transport the barbecues easily from one place to another; In the case of choosing an outdoor barbecue that has wheels , analyze that it has a locking system to prevent it from moving when we are using it, which can be chaotic.

    How much does portable barbecues cost?

    Once we have taken into account all of the above, we will have to analyze the price of the barbecue. We can find them in a price range between 15 and 180-200 € approximately.

    As you can see, the price difference is the most considerable; depending on the quality of the materials, the benefits you have, as well as other criteria, we can find a more or less high price.

    Is it worth paying more than € 200 for a portable barbecue? 

    Well, if we are going to give it an occasional use, like once a month, it would be worth it if we opted for an economic one. However, if we are going to use it practically every week, it is worth investing in a quality one, although its price may be somewhat high. If we pay for a poor quality will not hesitate a lot, so sooner or later we will have to buy another portable barbecue and end up paying double.

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