How to accompany a lamb barbecue

Maybe in a barbecue the meat is the main protagonist. But you have to add other foods to receive nutrients and vitamins, because very fat meat by itself is not too healthy.

In the event that sheep meat is to be cooked, here are some options to consider when accompanying a sheep barbecue:



    In some regions, such as Mexico, rice is sometimes used as a garnish to accompany lamb's meat.

    This rice is boiled for about 20-25 minutes to make it tender . If it cleans well, thus eliminating most of the starch it contains, it can be a very nutritious combination.

    In addition, rice has the great advantage of combining well with all sauces . So if a sauce is used for meat, it can also be used in rice.


    Perhaps one of the most typical Mexican delicacies could be the best accompaniment for lamb meat. Although they can be purchased ready-made , it is best to make them by hand.

    For this, you only need the dough, which can be bought at any supermarket, a little pumpkin flower, huitlacoche, mushrooms and a little varied vegetables , mixed with a sauce, which can be the chimichurri sauce.


    If meat is made, the best companion for this delicacy can only be one: potatoes. Whether you are thinking of accompanying the lamb meat or any other, it will always be the right decision.

    These potatoes can be roasted, in the oven, in the microwave or fried in a pan. As you prefer. With a little sauce and some spices, they can be the best companion for your dish.

    Raw vegetable salad

    Since barbecues usually mean an increase in the amount of fats you're going to consume, it's better to have something on the table that can counteract that excess. And there is only one thing that can be done: a salad.

    But not just any salad, but a salad of raw vegetables. This salad can be prepared from ingredients as simple as carrots, a little cucumber, lettuce leaves (previously washed) and a little corn. Something simple, and quick to prepare.

    Another option would be to make a salad of what are known as "green vegetables". In this group are lettuce, spinach, watercress, endives and escarole. They are good for the liver, and can be prepared in a few minutes to have several on the table.


    Maybe the name "sauerkraut" does not sound like anything. You will know it more like fermented cabbage . This dish is used in Central Europe when eating meat, especially if it has been cooked on a barbecue.

    It serves to synthesize digestive enzymes of the stomach, which facilitates the digestion of proteins . Preparing it is easy, all you have to do is macerate some cabbages for several days, and they will be ready to serve at the table with the rest of the barboca's food.

    Tropical fruits

    It is always good to eat some fruit, no matter what time it is. It is an indispensable food in any good diet worth its salt.

    However, when a barbecue is to be consumed in the middle of summer , the custom is that the fruits consumed are tropical or seasonal fruits, such as papaya, pineapple, or watermelon . In some territories, vegetable skewers are usually served, to serve as a starter or companion to the main course.

    In others, they usually mix all the ingredients and make some smooth shakes, so that this helps digestion. With what option are you going to stay?

    Other types of salads

    The same does not seem too common, but there are other salad options to choose to accompany the beef, as is the sheep.

    For example, the rice salad or the chickpea salad. Even the potato salad could serve. They are light dishes, which do not require more than half an hour of preparation and are very nutritious for the organism.

    What is the best drink?

    In some restaurants it is usually accompanied by lamb with a good wine. However, given that when making a barbecue you will be outdoors, tradition is the one that prevails, and beer should be the main protagonist of the event.

    Of course, for those who are smaller and those who do not like the taste of beer, they will have the option of choosing between soft drinks and gas . And water should not be lacking, as it is good to hydrate with a healthy liquid for the duration of the barbecue.

    If at the end of the event you are thinking of making a toast, then choose a good champagne. It will be a nice way to remember that great day at the barbecue.

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