How to accompany your barbecue to make it really real really perfect

How to accompany your barbecue to make it really real really perfect

Your friends and family are required in your home, it is spacious, comfortable, has a garden and, coincidentally, barbecue. You have them every two for three and you are delighted. You were born for it, you enjoy it and always look for ways to accompany your barbecue to make it, really, perfect.

Because, let's be honest, no matter how much you like these Sarai they give a lot of work and any idea that serves to ease the burden is welcome. It also happens to us, so we will tell you how to accompany your barbecue to make it perfect . Not only for your guests, but also for you, so you can organize yourself well and enjoy the occasion without stress.



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    The dips or wetting creams are the best choice when it comes to whet your appetite and do it with elaborations that do not require little effort or complicated culinary knowledge or strange ingredients. The fact of being able to prepare them in advance and store them in the fridge in the same containers in which they will be served is another of its strengths.

    A couple of weeks ago we recommend half a dozen cheese dips to triumph in the pecking of the weekend among which we include Parmesan cheese with fine herbs, Roquefort cheese and walnuts and Feta cheese and lemon. All of them ready with just mixing their ingredients .

    For those who are not very fond of cheese (if such a thing exists), an alternative is cold creams served as shots . The dynamics are the same: mix the ingredients, crush and cool. Cold cream of green apple, avocado and lime with mint , traditional malagueño ajoblanco or in its beet version , traditional Cordovan salmorejo and cold cream of cucumber and avocado with salmon are some of our suggestions. Although you can find many more in the section of cold soups .

    Fittings and complements

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    Whether it is a sardine or a barbecue based on pork chops, our main element will need garnish and also an alternative snack that complements it. In this category the best option to get rid of work is in salads, among which there is a lot of variety to choose from .

    Unfortunately, not all of them can be prepared in advance, specifically those of green leaves that would be necessary, but there are options that do and that, in addition, are quick and easy . Among them, taboulé with raisins and pine nuts , kale salad with blueberries, feta, almonds and apricot dressing , chickpea salad with tomato and tuna belly and pomegranate salad, quince and sheep cheese .

    Easy and fast desserts

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    It is possible that after so much food you almost have no room for dessert , but the same is left among the guests who do not want to do without it and, although the idea of ​​sending them to the ice cream kiosk to find life is very tempting, no we are going to do it, right?

    That is why we invite you to take a look at a couple of desserts that we have published recently that are prepared super fast, that do not require an oven and with which our guests can kill the candy bug : cream cheesecake with yogurt and blackberries and truffles avocado . Two great ideas that will cost you decide.

    As you will see, there are many ideas and the fact of being able to have them ready in advance will save us a lot of work and make our barbecue really perfect . So we can enjoy our family and friends while we give ourselves to the noble art of embers.

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