How to clean a brick barbecue

How to clean a brick barbecue

If you want to keep your work barbecue in good condition, you will have to spend time cleaning it and fixing minor damages that may appear in it. In this article we show you how to clean a brick barbecue step by step . You have no excuse!


    What maintenance should be done to the barbecue?

    Having a brick barbecue does not just mean that you have to take care of cleaning the grill or the fireplace. The brick or stone of the structure, although it is prepared to withstand the climatic changes, deteriorates with the passage of time .

    Give a new coat of paint, check that there is no leakage ... having this type of barbecues will make you have some obligations. A good brick barbecue will only last a long time if you care about it.

    Cleaning the grill: Specific products or homemade tricks?

    The first thing you are going to do when you start cleaning your barbecue is going to be cleaning the grill. For this, you can use specific products for barbecue or use any of the homemade tricks that we will indicate you next.

    Cleaning with products

    Actually, if you use a little bit of dishwasher or soap, mixed with water, you should have enough. Soak the grill in a bucket, with hot water with a little soap or dishwasher and let it act.

    Then you just have to scrub with a cloth or sponge to remove any traces of grease that may have been stuck. If you see that it costs a lot, apply a layer of grease remover with a sponge.

    The thing can be a little complicated in the event that the grill has traces of charred food stuck together. In that case, before submerging it in soapy water you should give it a pass with a metal brush or a metal scouring pad.

    Do not stop rubbing until you have got rid of all the stuck remains. If you see that it costs, you will have to do it at the bottom of the bucket with the warm water.

    Homemade tricks

    Do not you like the idea of ​​having to be handling chemicals? You always have to apply some of these homemade tricks. To clean the grill, there's nothing better:

    • Lemon: Squeeze the juice of four lemons , and mix the juice with a bucket of hot water . Using a sponge, rub the grill and you will see how quickly you will get rid of the fat.
    • Bicarbonate: A product that has the ability to absorb fat, and that is why it is the best when cleaning grills. Spray it on the surface of the grill, and using a metal brush you will eliminate the remains . Another option is to mix the baking soda with a little water. This will cause a reaction that will become foam that comes in handy to clean.
    • Apple cider vinegar: Nothing comes as good to get rid of fat as apple cider vinegar. Cook a pot with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar and bring to a boil. When it begins to warm up, proceed to clean the grill. Fast and easy!
    • Coffee: Do you throw away the remains of coffee from the filters? You should save them! They come very well to clean the grills. Of course, you should wear gloves so that the nails do not finish brown.

    Withdrawing the ashes, what to do?

    Keeping the grill clean, the time has come to take charge of the ashes of the barbecue. It's hard? No, maybe it's the simplest part of the whole cleaning process.

    The ashes must be well turned off

    Obvious, right? And still many people make the mistake of not making sure that the ashes are well extinguished before removing them from the barbecue. Ashes can take up to four hours to completely extinguish , so it's good that you let time pass so that they go out.

    People usually choose to pour water, something that you should only do when there is very little coal. Or separate the parts that are still hot from the cold, and so the little flame that remains will be turned off due to lack of oxygen . Another solution would be to throw ash over the embers. Help put out the fire.

    Where to throw the ashes?

    To remove the ashes use a brush, and you should wear gloves so as not to get dirty as some will get undone while you remove them and you will get dirty.

    The container that you must use, to avoid a possible fire in case there is still an ember, should be a metal bucket, or a ceramic pot . Surely you have some remains of ash, for which you will have to use a metal palette to take it off.

    A hand of water and soap

    Having completely removed the ashes, you will have to clean that area. To clean the ashworks barbecues, it is best to use liquid soap and water .

    Rub well, especially if you do not want your barbecue to look like it has been burned or that you are not keeping it well maintained.

    Another way to clean the ashes

    What we are going to explain to you is as useful for wood or charcoal ashes. Cover with aluminum foil the area where the coal or wood is located, making sure before it is well turned off . Be very careful not to tear the aluminum foil, and then remove it without problems.

    Now you can remove the grid and proceed to clean without much trouble, since the aluminum foil will help the embers finish extinguishing. When you get it, put a large bucket on the ground and start to drag the ashes with the foil.

    It is a slightly slower and heavier process, but it is cleaner than doing it with a brush and forming a bit of dust with the ashes.

    Clean the soot from the walls and the chimney

    After each use, a layer of soot will be generated on the walls of the barbecue. At first you will not have to give importance, but over time it becomes insane, and the soot also causes the deterioration of your barbecue . So, what to do?

    Pressurized water, as fast

    The fastest way to get rid of the soot would be using water under pressure. Of course, you have to be very careful when using it on the barbecue to make sure that there is nothing that can be broken by the pressure of the liquid.

    The power of water under pressure is greater than you can imagine. And without realizing it, you could even cause some crack in your barbecue. Give it a quick pass to get rid of the soot.


    Putting on gloves, a mask and some glasses as protection, bleach is the best product that can be used to clean the soot of a barbecue.

    With great care, apply with a scrubber and then remove the remains with a little water, using a hose . It's heavier, but just as effective.

    Caustic soda

    Another product that you can use is caustic soda, as it is also known, sodium hydroxide. Mixed with boiling water, a very good mixture is created to remove the soot .

    Of course, it is quite dangerous that you inhale or that your skin comes into contact with this product, so put on all the necessary protections to be safe when using it.

    A more light mix

    In this case, we are going to use a slightly more light mixture than the previous ones. It is black soap, with pumice and ammonia in a bucket of boiling water.

    Apply this mixture on the soot scrubbing with great care, and then give it a pass of water. You will see how little by little the dirt of the soot is disappearing. This method is ideal, especially for the chimney of the built-in barbecue.

    Soap for dishwashers and salt

    Do you still want some other method to clean the work barbecue and get rid of the soot? Then you can use a mixture of water with a dishwasher and salt. Combine the three elements in equal parts.

    The soap will take care of cleaning the walls, while the salt will eliminate the soot since it has an abrasive function in the process . With a good scourer, clean the walls of the fireplace with your hand, always covered with rubber gloves.

    The brick and stone of the construction barbecues are very sensitive, so you will have to use a brush with soft bristles, so as not to damage them during the process. After spending an hour of applying the mixture, you must begin to remove the mixture with the brush.

    When finished, give a pass to the walls with a hose and with a cloth removes remaining water.

    More tips to clean your work barbecue

    You have already learned how to clean your work barbecue. You have to receive some small tips that will be very useful to keep it always in good condition:

    • You use the product you use, always wear gloves, a mask and glasses . This way you will avoid having an "accident".
    • The barbecues of work require more maintenance than those of stainless steel . The embers you will have to remove after each use and clean the walls expressly after every two uses. But, the general cleaning will have to be done, at least, after every five uses.
    • So that the grid does not oxidize, and also to avoid sticking the ingredients, apply a layer of vegetable oilbefore each use. So later it will be easier to clean.
    • At least once a year, especially if you use a lot of barbecue, you should check how the structure is , to make sure there is no crack.
    • Although your barbecue is designed to withstand climate changes, every four or five years you should give it a new coat of paint .
    • When using a brush, it should be very soft bristles . Otherwise, the brick or stone will wear away after each cleaning.

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