How to clean a cast iron barbecue

Cast iron is a very delicate material when it is treated, especially when cleaning it. Therefore, if you have a cast iron barbecue, it is better to do a proper cleaning from time to time, to avoid spoiling. In this article we explain in detail how to clean a cast iron barbecue, take note!


    How often do you have to clean a cast iron barbecue?

    A barbecue that has been designed with cast iron should be done two types of cleaning: the after each use and one biannual.

    The first is to prevent the grease and the remains of the food from sticking after cooking. The second, to avoid deterioration due to climatic changes in the environment, in addition to removing any traces of rust.

    Cleaning a cast iron barbecue

    When cleaning a cast iron barbecue, you have to dedicate a couple of hours to the process, so that it is impeccable. These are the steps you will have to follow:

    Necessary materials:

    • A pair of gloves
    • A mask
    • Vinegar
    • Brush with steel bristles
    • Onion (optional)
    • Baking soda (optional)
    • Potato (optional)
    • Hot water

    Start with the grill

    First of all we will start cleaning the grill, which will have to remove the grease and rust that may have formed during cooking. So, follow these steps:

    1. To remove the fat, heat the barbecue as if you were going to use it to cook, and let the grill burn the remaining fat (for this you can use the embers that remain after cooking).
    2. Already hot, use a brush with steel bristles, which will help to remove the traces of rust, being very careful with the detachment of the bristles.
    3. Use vinegar to sprinkle it on the grill grates, making sure you remove all the rust. Then pass a damp cloth in the remains of the mixture of vinegar and rust , to remove any residue that may have been stuck.
    4. In case you see that it costs to remove the remains, you can use a little sodium bicarbonate, spraying it on the affected area and leaving it exposed to the heat, to make its effect. Another small trick could be the use of onion, leaving some slices on the grill and wait for the onion juice to take off the remains of food and rust.

    The next thing is to clean the barbecue

    While the grill is drying, you have to take charge of the barbecue. This takes a little more work, and for safety, you should wear gloves and a mask.

    1. The first thing is going to be to rinse the barbecue with hot water, filling at least half of the barbecue. This will help large food residues to peel off. You only have to rinse it once, while the water is well boiled.
    2. Taking advantage of the hot water in the barbecue, use a wide spatula to remove the remains of the food from the bottom and sides of the barbecue. Once all the remains are removed, pour the water into a bucket and then pour it down the toilet.
    3. Next, proceed to moisten some paper towels and clean the surface of your barbecue. You will notice how the paper towel is impregnated with a dark layer, that is that you are cleaning it well.
    4. Now, you will apply a layer of grease, using vegetable oil, with a spray sprayer. Use a cloth or a napkin to scrub this layer well, and you'll have your barbecue ready.

    Homemade trick to clean the cast iron barbecue

    As with the grill, the barbecue can also be cleaned using some homemade tricks. For example, using a potato . Cut some potatoes in half, and place them on the areas affected by rust.

    Add a little baking soda to the base of the potato , creating a thin layer of baking soda. Proceed to scrub the affected areas, and you will notice how the oxide is slightly removed.

    Then just use a damp cloth to remove the remains of baking soda or soak the barbecue with water to throw what is left over.

    The cast iron barbecue is in very bad condition, how can you restore it?

    If you are a careless person, surely you end up finding that your barbecue is in very bad condition when you want to use it again. Because of the rust or with traces of very sticky food.

    In these cases, what can you do? Well, a process known as "barbecue cure", in which with a few steps you can get it almost as good as new.

    Steps to follow:

    1. To start the process, remove the grill from the barbecue.
    2. You will clean it with dish soap, with a sponge and cloth, in order to remove all the waste. If you have a lot of time, use a steel brush and then a wire brush to remove any remaining crust of food.
    3. Next, apply a layer of melted fat , using butter or vegetable oil.
    4. Cover the grill with aluminum foil. Then leave it to the sun , so that the fat drips and get rid of all the remains for about 30 minutes (to do this it is better that it is summer).
    5. Remove the foil, apply another layer of grease and cover again with aluminum foil .
    6. Repeat the process again .
    7. Rinse the grill in a bowl with hot water and you will have it as new.

    What can be done to cure barbecue?

    The truth is that, to cure a barbecue cast iron in poor condition, you have to do almost the same as when doing a general cleaning, just insisting more.

    In this case, the water has to have boiled for about 5 minutes, so that with a steel brush, and then a wire brush, all the remains of charcoal and barbecued food can be removed.

    As with the grill, you should apply a layer of grass and leave it to the sun, at least twice . Not only do you have to use vegetable oil, you can resort to butter, so that you can remove the remains that are most attached to the wall.

    What you have to do after cleaning it is to apply a layer of a product for cast iron. This helps to have better color, and not look so deteriorated. The problem with using this product is that you will not be able to use the barbecue until after a few days.

    Recommendations when cleaning a cast iron barbecue

    When you want to clean the cast iron barbecue of your home, it is recommended that you follow these tips:

    • Always wear gloves and a mask , even if you are not going to use toxic products. It is better to work safely than with fear that you may burn or inhale something toxic.
    • Do not use products that you would use to clean a pan or dishwasher product . This does not serve to clean the cast iron barbecues.
    • When you cook with the barbecue, if you want to avoid problems when cleaning it, avoid liquid fuels . Although they help the barbecues light up before, then it costs more to clean.
    • When removing the ash, you do not have to get rid of it . The ash is very good for cultivation, and is sometimes used as a homemade trick to clean barbecues in poor condition.
    • Before starting to clean the barbecue, take it outside. Do not clean it inside a garage or a closed environment . It is better to be outdoors.
    • Clean the grill and barbecue separately . It is not the same to remove the fat from the grill than from the barbecue.
    • Ideally, the barbecue could be dismantled, to be able to occupy only the area of ​​the embers separately. Also, it is good to do a review of the pieces from time to time, cleaning them well at least once a year.
    • It may be that the cast iron barbecue you bought can withstand the environmental changes, but that does not mean it's good that you're outdoors all the time. If you are not going to use it, buy a cover for barbecues or disassemble it to keep it in the box , until you have to use it again.

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