How to clean a charcoal barbecue

charcoal barbecue be cleaned

With the arrival of good weather nothing fancies more than taking out the barbecue and start cooking for friends. Now, are you sure your barbecue is in good condition? Maybe you should think about cleaning your charcoal barbecue and give it a good pass before you start cooking in it. In this article we explain how to do it correctly and the materials you will need. Ahead!


    How often should the charcoal barbecue be cleaned?

    Having a barbecue is a responsibility, especially if it is charcoal. It requires regular maintenance and deep cleaning every so often. After all, it is exposed to food grease, coal that turns to ash and rust .

    Every time you use it, you have to give it a simple cleaning. But, to keep it in perfect condition, at least twice a year you should do a general cleaning.

    How to properly clean a coal barbecue?

    Do not know how to clean a charcoal barbecue? It's not difficult, but you're going to have to spend a little time if you're going to do it in depth. Take note of everything you should do.

    What do you need to clean the barbecue?

    The objects that you will need to clean your barbecue are:

    • A metallic brush
    • Regular metallic scourer (in case you do not have a metal brush)
    • Soap
    • Steel cleaner
    • Grease remover

    This is how you should clean your charcoal barbecue

    The first step to clean a charcoal barbecue is that it is totally cold. Obvious, right? Although if it is warm, you can still remove the pieces of charred food that have stuck.

    1. Start by disassembling the parts that can be separated from the barbecue . To clean the grill, use the metal brush, or a metal scouring pad, to remove any traces of charred food or grease.
    2. Having removed the simplest debris to remove, apply a powerful grease remover, such as the one you use in the kitchen, with a sprayer. Leave it to work for 5-10 minutes and with a sponge, or scourer, remove the traces of grease.
    3. Finished removing all traces of grease, dip it in a bowl with very hot water, to finish cleaning it and dry it with a cloth.
    4. Now we are going to eliminate the ashes that may have remained at the bottom of the barbecue. Although when they are freshly turned off it is easy to remove them with a brush , it may have been stuck.
    5. Pour hot water into the barbecue, making sure it has been off for a long time, wait 10-20 minutes. Get rid of the water and return to pour water, but this time something more temperate. With the help of the clean metal brush to remove any trace of ash.
    6. Next, apply the degreaser throughout the barbecue . Then a little soap and finally a sponge, with water, to make it very clean.

    And if you want to do a quick cleanup?

    You end up using the barbecue, and you have to do what is known as "express cleaning". Well, in that case, these are the steps to take:

    • After waiting for the barbecue to cool a bit, remove the grill and, after ensuring that the ashes are well extinguished, remove them with a brush . These ashes are lined with newspaper.
    • With a metal brush, rub the grill and the bottom tray of the barbecue to remove any remaining grease. Another option is to use newspaper with coffee grounds .
    • Using olive oil, you smear it well. This will help keep the barbecue in good condition.

    What is the most advisable for each part of the barbecue?

    When you remove the barbecue, not all the pieces can be cleaned in the same way. According to the material of this, you will have to use one product or another.

    • Plastic pieces: For this type of pieces, apply a little soap, water and then dry with a cloth and a cloth.
    • Porcelain pieces: For this case, it must be cleaned with a glass cleaner.
    • Painted parts: Clean them with a dishwasher product, using a cloth or cloth.
    • Stainless steel parts: A product for steel, with degreaser.

    Are there home tricks to clean a charcoal barbecue?

    The imagination of the people is unique, and many have managed to create some tricks to make cleaning the barbecue easier. Do you want to know them?


    If you see that there are remains on your grill that you have trouble eliminating, or in the area of ​​embers, cut pieces of onion and place them on that area.

    Leave them there is about half an hour and they act. It will cost you less to eliminate any traces of grease or food that have been stuck together.

    Coffee grounds

    This works for both the grill and the lower tray of the barbecue. You can scrub the coffee grounds on the grill or the bottom of the barbecue and you will see how it works as well as a degreaser.

    Another way to make the most of it is to combine it with newspaper. It is much more effective, especially if there is a lot of grease or ashes that cost to eliminate.


    If the lemon is good for your health it is even more so that you can clean your barbecue and keep it in perfect condition. To use it, apply the lemon juice on the grill .

    After letting it act a few minutes, pass a cloth or cloth and you will see how it costs you very little to eliminate any trace of fat. You can also leave some pieces on the bottom, and it will cost less to eliminate any trace with a metal brush.


    If you spread the salt through the barbecue with a little water, it can help to eliminate any traces of dirt or grease on the grill or on the barbecue .

    Sodium bicarbonate

    It is also widely used in the cleaning of barbecues, especially in coal. Apply on the grill, or the bottom of the barbecue, when you have mixed with hot water and is a paste.

    Restrict with a good sponge and remove with a dry cloth. You will notice how the dirt remains in a simple and effective way.

    What else do you need to know to clean your barbecue?

    How easy is it to clean a barbecue? Perhaps, the worst is that you can take about an hour to have it ready, especially if you have a barbecue of many pieces.

    Some other tips?

    Before you start cleaning, it is important that you read the instructions. It is not that some part requires to use a specific product, so you could end up spoiling it.

    • If you want your barbecue to last for many years, you should never forget the importance of cleaning. Remember: an express cleaning after each use and then a general cleaning twice a year.
    • Wait until the good day to clean the barbecue. It is better to do it in the open air , since you may have to use a product that is toxic.
    • Although using simple things such as degreasing is not necessary, it would be advisable to wear gloves or a mask, to avoid inhaling any toxic product.
    • Do not try to make mixtures of products that you do not master. It is better to use simple products to clean your barbecue instead of trying strange mixtures, no matter how effective they are.
    • When you finish removing the ash, it is not necessary to throw it away . You can take advantage of it, for example, for garden plants or to use it in the future to turn off the barbecue. In coal barbecues, nothing works better to extinguish them than ash.

    How to keep your barbecue cleaner?

    Even if you do not like the idea, from time to time you'll have to clean your barbecue well. Now, you can get it to stay cleaner:

    • Use only the amount of coal needed. Sometimes better to miss a bit and add it later (which makes it easier to clean) instead of having much ash to remove.
    • In many places you will recommend that to turn the embers pour water. Error. It is better to use a little more carbon, to drown out the little flame that remains. It is at that moment when you must add the water. Otherwise, you would cause a huge curtain of hot smoke, which could burn you or jump some embers to the ground.
    • The grill is the part of the barbecue that gets dirty most of all the barbecue. This is mainly due to the fat in the food. To avoid that there is so much fat, do not use salt when cooking , because this releases water and causes it to melt with the fat of food.
    • When you are not using your barbecue, to keep it in good condition, store it in its box or under a tarp that prevents moisture from penetrating . Barbecues that are made of stainless steel oxidize easily.
    • If you see traces of rust on your barbecue, start working quickly cleaning that rusty area. Rust in large quantities can be very dangerous for a human being. Also, you do not want to have to buy another barbecue because you can not repair it, right? It is better to act how much earlier.

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