How to clean a rusty barbecue

How to clean a rusty barbecue

If you do not clean and take care of your barbecue, over time it will end up rusting. And that, will it mean you'll have to throw it away? No, it is not necessary. We show you how to clean a rusty barbecue and make arrangements to make it look like new. Are you interested in knowing some tricks?


    How dangerous is rust in barbecues?

    When roasting meat, being exposed to moisture or rain ... many things can cause the appearance of rust on the surface of the barbecue. Something that is not pleasant and that can be dangerous. So stay tuned and you will know how to restore your rusty barbecue.

    The rust of your barbecue can be dangerous to your health if it is ingested in large quantities. For a bit, there is no danger. But if it is very rusty, when cooking, this rust ends up in your food, and can cause damage to the intestinal tract, for example. So it is highly recommended to do a thorough cleaning every so often to remove rust from your barbecue.

    Materials to restore your rusty barbecue

    Next we show you the materials that you will need to clean the grill of your rusty barbecue.

    Step by step to clean your rusty barbecue

    It's time to start working on cleaning the barbecue. The first thing is to clear all the parts you can. With an electric screwdriver you should have it disassembled in a couple of minutes.

    1. The chrome parts, the wheels and those parts that are plastic (and that you have not been able to disassemble), cover them with adhesive tape . As you will apply the anticaloric spray later, these parts may be affected. That's why it's important that you cover them well with this tape (like when you paint a room and cover the plugs and switches).
    2. To protect yourself put on the mask (because you can release enough rust in the environment and breathe it) and on the floor a canvas to work . Using the sandpaper for metal sandpaper the entire surface of the barbecue, both the inside and the outside.
    3. The metal brush you will use for the grill, until you see that it remains without a trace of rust. In the absorbent cloth rag put some of the solvent and start to clean the barbecue and grill , removing the rest of the sanding. Remember to use gloves for this, since the solvent is a very toxic product.
    4. Having given a good cleaning to the barbecue, it is time to give two layers of anti-heat paint. In this case, you will do it outdoors and without removing the mask, because this paint is very toxic. After having given the second layer, wait about 20-30 minutes until it is dry.
    5. Over time and with the paint very dry, remove the adhesive tape and you can proceed to assemble your barbecue again. You will see that it has been completely new.

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    Homemade tricks to clean rusty barbecues

    Finally, we want to share other tricks and alternatives to remove that rust to your barbecue so ugly , take a look at these homemade methods:

    White vinegar

    Vinegar is widely used in different household tricks as a cleaning product. And to deal with rust is great, because by reacting with it it dissolves and makes it easy to handle . To use it, soak a piece of cloth in this vinegar, scrub it through the barbecue and let it act for 24 hours.

    The next day, proceed to remove the remains of rust with a metal brush or with the cleaning tool with which you work best.

    Lima and salt

    This is not as effective as white vinegar, but it can be useful when there is not so much rust on the barbecue. In this case, this trick serves to remove the rust from the barbecue grids .

    Cover the grates with salt and squeeze lime on top. Let it act and then wash the grill. You will see how it is much easier to remove the rust.


    Not only is it a powerful ingredient in home remedies, it can also be used to clean barbeque grills. It is used in many homemade tricks for cleaning metals .

    Cut a piece of onion, or several slices, and place them on the grill . Leave it on for three or four hours and you can remove the oxide more easily. Unfortunately, it only works when there is little amount of rust.

    Sodium bicarbonate

    Another fantastic weapon that is often used for many homemade tricks. In this case, a paste must be made to work.

    To do this you have to mix it with water to form a paste , forming a thick mixture that you will rub through the metal. Using a toothbrush, scrape the surface.

    This trick is great for polishing the metal without damaging it. But it will not do you much good if the barbecue is too rusty.

    Oxalic acid

    Something that you should use only if the barbecue is in very bad condition and taking precautions, such as the use of gloves, glasses and protective clothing.

    Wash the grill with detergent and then dry it. Mix 25 ml. of this acid with 250 ml. of warm water. Soak the grill in this mixture for 20 minutes. After the time, you take it out, you wash it well to remove the remains and the dried. You can also use it with other pieces of barbecue that are made of metal.


    Instead of using oxalic acid directly and running the risk of being poisoned, why not take advantage of the one with the potato? It is used to remove mold, but it also serves to work with oxidized metals.

    To do this, peel the potato, strip and rub through the affected areas . You will see how it helps to eliminate rust from the barbecue. Its effect can be enhanced by combining it with a little sodium bicarbonate or vinegar.


    This little trick will only serve you when the amount of rust is not too high. Cut a large piece into several small ones, about three square centimeters, which you submerge in water.

    Rub the areas affected by the rust with this paper, and change it when you see it dries. Little by little the object will recover its brightness.

    How can you prevent the appearance of rust on the barbecue?

    It is almost impossible to prevent the rust from appearing on your barbecue. However, you can delay its appearance by following some guidelines:

    It is clear that the best way to slow down the appearance of rust on your barbecue is to clean it after each use. You do not have to do a thorough cleaning every time , but one every two or three times.

    The basic cleaning should consist of eliminating the remains of grease, removing the embers and any other food that may have remained on the bottom of the barbecue.

    Occasionally, the appearance of rust on the barbecue will be due to environmental reasons, such as humidity or rain. That is why it is recommended that after each use you leave the barbecue in a covered place, and with a canvas or plastic that prevents moisture from penetrating . In this way, the barbecue will last you longer.

    Gas barbecues can be more complicated to clean and maintain than wood or coal, as they have more steel parts and are not as easy to dismantle. But they are also cleaner and take longer to break down. So you should value this model if you do not want to worry about rust.

    After each use, and having done a basic cleaning, sprinkle a little oil with a spray bottle and using a cloth. The oil helps metals do not oxidize, even if you have not used it for a while . It will be good for your barbecue.

    Other tips to restore a rusty barbecue

    Little remains to be said for cleaning your barbecue when it is rusted. The most important thing is that you are careful with products that are toxic and that you do it outdoors at all times.

    A mask and good gloves are important, preventing your skin and respiratory tract from coming in contact with the product . And also let her rest for a long time, especially if you use heat painting.

    After having cleaned it, do not use it immediately. Let a day or two pass at least. This will ensure that all traces of "toxic" product has evaporated and there is no risk for you and your family.

    We would recommend that you avoid the use of toxic products and apply some of the homemade tricks to clean rusty barbecues that we have mentioned. But these are only going to serve you in case the barbecue has very little rust . The best thing is that you apply them every so often, and this way you will avoid that it may appear, or at least slow it down.

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