How to clean a very dirty grill

One of the most important parts to maintain of the barbecue is the grill. After all, it is the one that is exposed to fire, grease and other elements that deteriorate it over time.

Do not know how to maintain your grill properly? We'll explain everything step by step!


    A grill, how often should it be cleaned?

    The maintenance of the grill is important, so you should do a quick cleaning after each use, although this implies taking a little longer to sit at the table with the guests.

    Then, every three or four months, we must perform a general cleaning, to keep it in good condition. It is advisable not to neglect it, or the grill could rust and spoil.

    How to clean the grill of your barbecue

    Let's start with what would be the general cleaning of the grill. Generally, the instructions tell you the best way to clean it. If you threw them, write down these steps.

    Materials that you will need

    • Heat resistant gloves
    • Oil
    • Butter
    • Aluminum foil or newspaper

    Steps to follow

    1. When the grill is not so hot, apply a thin layer of butter on the grates and light the fire, as if you were cooking.
    2. Once you have the embers, apply a little oil with the butter, covering the entire surface with great care so as not to burn yourself. It is best to use gloves that resist heat.
    3. Turn off the fire and proceed to clean the grids with aluminum foil or using a steel bristle brush, or wire. This will help to remove the remains of food that may have been stuck.
    4. Look closely at your grill to remove all the remains of ash that may have remained stuck on the grill and put it on a table, with something under it to avoid staining it.
    5. With a cloth, or an old towel, dry the grill and cover with a tarp to keep it in good condition until you have to use it again.

    Any other way to clean it?

    What we will explain below only works when the grill is not too dirty. If you perform a good maintenance after each use, you can apply this to the grill of your barbecue:

    • Separate the grill from the barbecue and soak it in a bowl with very hot water, which has been almost boiling . This will cause grease and oil to come off the grids.
    • Put on some gloves that can withstand the heat and use a metal bristle brush to clean each area of ​​the grid very carefully.
    • After having removed everything, submerge the grid in another basin, this time of more temperate water, so that the traces of fat and oil are finished.
    • Finally, dry with a cloth and let dry outdoors for half an hour. You can dedicate that time to cleaning the barbecue.

    My grill is very dirty, how do I clean it?

    Is it possible that you have neglected the maintenance of the grill and now it is very dirty? In that case, you're going to have to do a thorough cleaning.

    What should you do?

    You can resort to the spray, or liquids, that are used to clean the oven. You just have to apply it on the grill and leave it at night. The next day, a cloth passes to remove the dirt.

    Next, give it a pass with a wire brush, to scrub the remains that may have remained glued to the grill.

    The grill is rusted, can I clean it to make it as good as new?

    If the grill has rust does not mean you have to throw it away. On the contrary, you can clean it to leave it as new, following these steps:

    1. First of all, remove the grease and rust from the grill. To do this, you will have to heat the grill so that the remaining fat is burned. Then let it cool.
    2. Being cold and more manageable, start cleaning using a brush with steel bristles to remove all traces of rust , carefully by the detachment of bristles. Better if the grill is disassembled and you work with it on a table.
    3. Having given a good pass with the brush, proceed to spray the grids with vinegar, this will make it easier to remove the rust using a damp cloth.
    4. Then apply a layer of baking soda on all the grids , leaving it exposed to heat. Then, let it cool and clean with another cloth.

    Other tricks to clean a grill

    There are many homemade tricks to clean a grill that is dirty. Some can serve you for general cleaning and others for when the grill is very dirty. You should point them out!

    Use onions

    The onion has many properties, and among other things, it also serves to clean a grill. Cut several onions in half and scrub them on the surface of the grill.

    The onion juice helps to remove the success and the remains of the food that could have been stuck. Then you just have to pass a brush and a wet cloth and you'll have your grill clean.

    Sodium bicarbonate

    This you only have to use it in case the grill is very dirty. You must spread the baking soda on the grill and place it in the sun.

    Leave the sun for several hours on the grill and the baking soda will help the rust and the remains of the food to come off the grill. When passing the time, with a rag clean well the grill. Do not submerge it in water. It is better to pass a grid to grid grid to clean it.

    Another option is to use a half potato, as if it were a sponge, to spread the baking soda through the barbecue.


    Do not worry, the grill is not going to spoil because you use a pumice stone to clean it. This little homemade trick you should apply, only if the grill is very dirty.

    After having passed the grill with soap and detergent, carefully pass the pumice stone through the grilles. Wash the grill again and give it another pass. So until it is very clean.

    How to keep the grill in good condition?

    It is important that the grill is in good condition if you want the food to taste good. Therefore, it is recommended that you follow our advice:

    • Use salt or not? It is a difficult issue. Salt, when burned, releases water, and this causes the food cooked on a barbecue to sweat. With this, the fat remains stuck on the grill. You can use salt to give good flavor to the food, as long as you then go to clean the grill and the embers immediately. Because otherwise, it will cost you a lot to clean the grill.
    • Instead of resorting to liquid fuel, use other methods to light your barbecue . These also affect the state of your barbecue.
    • Try to cook food with indirect fire . This way the food will not stay so close to the grids of the grill and you will not have so many problems to clean it.
    • Lubricate the grill with a little oil or butter before using it . This will prevent the ingredients from sticking to the grill, and subsequent cleaning will be easier.
    • Take advantage when the grill is still hot to make a quick clean, especially of the remains of rust or food. It is something that you should not delay , although you have to take a little longer to sit down at the table to eat.
    • When you're not using the barbecue, it would be best if you put the barbecue or your grill under a tarp. Thus, it will be well protected from environmental changes and will not be oxidized by moisture.

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