How to clean my gas barbecue

Did you prefer to buy a gas barbecue before a coal or wood fire? It may have its advantages, but it will not exempt you from having to clean it, so be aware that we are going to tell you some tricks and tips to learn how to clean your gas barbecue perfectly.

The steps to follow are very easy. Now, it all depends if you are going to do a simple cleaning or a more general cleaning.


    Should it be cleaned very often?

    The truth is that no. The gas barbecues are much cleaner than the other models on the market. In fact, exhaustive cleaning should only be done twice a year .

    On the other hand, a general cleaning is recommended after each use. In this way the pieces do not rust or spoil. It also depends a lot on how many times a year you use it.

    What do you need to clean a gas barbecue?

    Whether it is for a simple or general cleaning, it is recommended that you have these objects at hand:

    • Gloves (it is optional but recommended)
    • Warm water, with a little soap
    • A sponge
    • A brush for grills (metal brush)
    • Product to clean glass
    • Product for cleaning stainless steel
    • Kitchen paper
    • A scourer
    • A plush cloth
    • Vegetable oil in a spray

    General cleaning of the gas barbecue

    The first thing we will explain is how to do a general cleaning, which would be after each use. It's something simple and quick to do. You just have to follow a few simple steps.

    The first thing will be to burn excess food and fat that may have been stuck on the barbecue. To do this, light the barbecue on a high heat and keep it that way for 15 minutes . This will burn food waste. After the quarter of an hour, turn off the grill.

    Proceed to clean the grills on the grill, when it is warm. Turn off the gas supply and disconnect it. Using a metal brush remove all traces of grease or food , as well as any trace of ash that may remain.

    In case of rests that resist, remove the grill and dip it in a bucket of soapy water, scrubbing a sponge. Another solution is to let it soak with very hot water, so that the remains soften.

    Well clean the grill, you have to take care of the outside area of ​​this. It is best to use soapy water, scrubbing with a sponge. It's like you're scrubbing your dishes. Thoroughly clean the entire area and then dry with a dry cloth.

    With this you will have finished with the general cleaning of your barbecue. If you are not going to use the grill in a while, we recommend that you have it covered, to prevent it from spoiling.

    A more thorough cleaning, what to do?

    The heaviest moment has come: having to do a more thorough barbecue cleaning. This type of cleaning can be done twice a year without problems.

    Start by checking the feeding tubes

    Before you start cleaning, you should check the condition of the feeding tubes. Check if you have any visible damage or any defect, and so you can change the pieces before putting to use the barbecue again.

    How will you know that the pieces are in good condition? Well, the tube is not bent (this prevents the gas from flowing correctly). Check also how is the connection to the gas tank , to prevent gas leaks in the future.

    It is also possible that there may be some "opening" that is not visible to the naked eye. To check that there is no leak, you will use a mixture of water and soap . Beat a little soapy water until you get a frothy mixture.

    Using a brush, apply the mixture in the feed tubes. Turn on the gas and apply some more of this mixture again. If you see bubbles forming in the tubes, there is a gas leak and you must change the piece.

    Previous preparations

    Having already checked the condition of the feeding tubes, we will start making preparations before cleaning.

    Turn off the gas and remove the bottle, so that the cleaning is more comfortable. You should try the power button , in order to verify that it does not generate any spark. Checked that everything is correct, reconnect the tank and put the barbecue in motion.

    Start by cleaning the grill

    First of all, clean the grill. To do this, you will start up your barbecue and heat it for about 20 minutes . Same as when you do an express cleaning.

    Already well hot, turn off and wait for about 10-15 minutes until the grill is warm. While you wait, you can disconnect the fuel and leave the bottle aside. Like it or not, it's an extra weight that makes it harder to move the barbecue.

    Being warm, you submerge it in a mixture of soapy water and using a sponge you scrub well, to remove any trace of dirt. You can also do it without water , using a metal brush. But with water, especially if it is hot, it is easier to remove any trace of greasy food or charcoal.

    Follow with the protectors

    After having the grid ready, it is time to clean the burner protectors of the grill. To do this, use a sponge soaked with soap and water . It will help you clean the dirt quickly.

    In case the piece has a lot of rust, or you notice that it has holes, you should change it for a new piece. If it's just rust, you can try to repair it. But if it already has damage, it's time for you to make the change.

    To clean the Venturi tubes

    What are Venturi tubes? These are the tubes that come out of the burners, which are connected to the control valves on the grill.  It is responsible for the air mixing with the gas and helps to modify the intensity of the flame.

    For cleaning, you will have to remove the burners and venturi tubes. Place the head of a hose on one end of the tube and use the water to remove any debris inside it.

    Sometimes, many insects get into these tubes , and can even nest inside. Especially during the autumn or late summer. That is why it is important to check them frequently.

    It's the turn of the cooking box

    You are almost finished. You must clean the cooking box, for which you will have to remove the grids and use a stainless steel kitchen brush. Make sure you clean any remaining grease or debris that may have been left inside the grill .

    Everything you clean is deposited in the lower collection tray, which you can remove and discard. It is possible that some remains remain stuck, so you should use a sharp spatula or a scouring pad.

    After this, it would be advisable to wash the lower tray, with very hot water or using soapy water. Once it is dry, you can put it back in its place.

    Finish cleaning the outdoor barbecue area

    Although it may not be very affected by grease when you cook, your barbecue is exposed to weather changes. Therefore, it is recommended that you also clean it using a product for stainless steel.

    At the end of the day, you do not want that because of the rain, the humidity or being very neglected, it is going to rust and you have to buy a new one, right?

    More tips for cleaning your gas barbecue

    Although it may seem obvious, before you start cleaning a gas barbecue you should read the manufacturer's instructions well. Apart from indicating how to wash it, it will also indicate the products that you should use and the specific requirements to comply with each piece in order not to damage it.

    • If you do not want to have many problems when cleaning your gas barbecue, you should use specific products for gas barbecues . Some are used for the grilles, others for the barriers of the grills or even for the pipes.
    • You can use some homemade trick to clean it, such as lemon or onion for the grill. They come very well when there is a lot of grease and you do not have grease removers on hand. In addition to being much more hygienic and healthy.
    • Do you want it to not cost you so much to clean your gas barbecue after each use? In that case you should cook the food using vegetable oil . This oil is not only that it is healthier for cooking, but also prevents food from adhering to the grids.
    • Remember that you do not have to be cleaning the barbecue every day. You should do a more thorough cleaning after 5 or six uses. At most, it delays this work up to 10 uses . Otherwise, its useful life will be reduced considerably.
    • Although we recommend heating the grill to make it easier to remove the grease that is stuck, remember to wait until it is warm. In winter it will take less, so keep an eye on the weather. If it cools down a lot, you'll have to warm it up again so you do not have problems removing the fat.
    • Do not make the mistake of using oven cleaner with these barbecues. You will only spoil the structure.

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