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How to clean  volcanic stones barbeque?

Las piedras de lava pueden ensuciarse mucho, ya que reciben todos los jugos y grasas que caen de la parrilla. Y, ¿por qué no sabes cómo se limpian estas piedras? No, no hay agua ni cepillos. ¡Póngalos a la parrilla!

To clean volcanic stones you have to:

  1. Turn them over , making the face full of fat face down.
  2. Take aluminum foil and cover the stone tray . Thus, the heat will be trapped and reach all corners of its surface.
  3. Light the barbecue at high temperature for about 30 minutes . You’ll see that smoke will start coming out of the barbecue. Do not worry, it’s because of the remains of fat in the stones.
  4. Let the barbecue cool down . If after 30 minutes, the barbecue ceased to expel smoke, you’re finished. However, if it continued to emit smoke, repeat the process again when the barbecue cools.

We recommend leaving a space of between 3 and 5cm between the burner and the tray of stones and a slightly greater distance, between 7 and 10cm, between the stones and the grill where the roast will be done.

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