How to cook Barbecue chicken

Exactly, how do you want to taste chicken meat? Although the idea of ​​eating barbecue chicken sounds tempting, how about preparing a barbecue chicken? You can enjoy a different way of savoring its rich meat.


    Recipe chicken on barbecue

    Ingredients for 6 people:

    • 1 whole chicken
    • Sage (or tarragon)
    • Olive oil
    • Salt
    • Ground pepper

    Preparation of barbecued chicken (110 minutes)

    1. Before starting to work the meat, you will have to have your barbecue ready. Preheating it will be the first thing you should do. In the case of having a gas barbecue, only light the part of the burners, which will give you an indirect fire. On the other hand, if it is a coal barbecue, place the coal on one side of it , thus creating a zone of indirect heat.
    2. When the barbecue is heated, proceed to prepare the chicken. Rinse it with cold water and remove the viscera bag from the inside (you can ask the butcher to do so). Dry it well and smear it with olive oil , both inside and out.
    3. Then sprinkle salt and ground pepper to your liking . In order to have better flavor, the interior can be filled with sage, or a little tarragon . A few slices of lemon will also help make it more tasty. Never fill with bread crumbs, as this delays the cooking time.
    4. With the chicken already seasoned and the barbecue ready, the model of cooking has arrived. Oil the grill and place the chicken in the coldest area, with the breast facing up . Close the lid and now everything will be defined by your time control. In the case of using charcoal barbecue, remove the embers before placing the chicken.
    5. The cooking time is about 90 minutes , so you have to be careful to avoid burning the meat. After 40 minutes, turn the chicken around using tweezers . Do not use a barbecue fork, because the holes you make to the meat will cause more heat in the internal part and this will be dry.
    6. After another 40 minutes you will have to measure the temperature of the chicken , and you will know at what point of cooking it is. Using a kitchen thermometer, click on the breast area. If the temperature is 74º C, then you can remove it and let it rest for about 10 minutes . Otherwise, leave it on the barbecue until it reaches that temperature.
    7. If you want to give it a good flavor, the chicken can be bathed in a barbecue sauce , in case you have not cooked it with any filling. And as a side dish, roasted or fried potatoes will be perfect.

    other ways to prepare chicken to the BBQ

    The previous one is the way in which the barbecue chicken is usually cooked in Europe. But what if there was another, more striking way to do it? In Mexico they use a different technique to cook the barbecue chicken.

    In a deep hole, covered with natural stone to support the heat more, all the ingredients and a large amount of chicken are added. Then, this is covered by all the spices so that with the concentration of the smoke the barbecue chicken absorbs the spices. Some people cover it with dirt, after putting a wooden plank or lid, to keep the heat. Other people, on the other hand, put in the big pot on top of the barbecue grids.

    BBQ Tips:

    Whenever you can, try to cook fresh chicken better than frozen
    Before placing the chicken on the grill, it is preferable to paint it with oil so that the moisture of the meat is kept until the chicken is cooked.
    Place some garlic cloves between the skin of the chicken and the meat to highlight the flavor
    If you are carrying out the homemade dressing option, paint the chicken once again with the same dressing while it is cooking on the grill

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