How to light a barbecue with pineapples

There are some techniques that have been used for centuries to light a good fire. One of them is the use of pineapples, which are very common to use when going about a barbecue. Do you want to know how to light a barbecue with pineapples? Here we will tell you how you can get perfect embers with them, read on!


    Why are pineapples good for lighting barbecues?

    In many tutorials, explanations or videos you will see that many people light the fire of a barbecue using pineapples. They are also used to light the chimneys.

    The reason for its use is because the pineapples have natural resin, which helps them to light more quickly . In addition, since its surface is larger than those of small branches, it allows to generate an intense and rapid fire. On the other hand, the fact that they have a hard and fibrous composition helps them to last longer and consume slowly. This allows you to enjoy the embers more time.

    For both wood and coal

    Another of the great advantages of pineapples, is that they can be used for any type of material. Whether you're going to make a wood or charcoal barbecue, you can use the pineapples as a source of fuel to fuel the fire .

    It is important to remember that, although you can use it, liquid fuels or sparkplugs severely damage the taste of the dishes you prepare. Therefore, it is better to wait until the fire is generated instead of playing with the flavor of the food.

    Light a charcoal barbecue with pineapples

    Do you want to use pineapples to light a charcoal barbecue? Well, here we will explain step by step how to get it.

    1. Choose the coal you are going to use well

    It's the first thing you should think about. What kind of coal do you want to use? You will know that charcoal is one of the most consumed, especially because it is very easy to light.

    But you have other options, such as oak charcoal (which is as used as vegetable), scorpionfish or coconut husks . The latter has less aroma than the previous two, but a very good calorific value. Added to the fact that they generate less smoke.

    2. It's time to light the coal

    Once the coal has been chosen, the time has come to light the barbecue fire with pineapples. To do this, place newspaper, balls not too tight , with a few pineapples (two or three). Turn everything on together.

    The moment you see that a flame is being generated, the coal gradually incorporates the coal, so that the flame is not buried by the pile of rocks that you are going to lay on it.

    3. Let the fire breathe to produce less smoke

    You do not like anything that generates so much smoke while you cook, right? For that you have to let the fire have enough oxygen . Getting it is easy, you can leave spaces where you do not put a lot of coal. Thus the fire will have a route to enjoy oxygen and get a better flame.

    4. When to put the meat on the grill?

    The moment you see that the fire has already been turned on, you will have to wait for half an hour, if you have put an average load, or an hour in the case of a full load .

    To enjoy a good barbecue meat, do not put it on the grill until the embers are well done. How do you know this ? The flames must have been extinguished and the coal must have a very thin film of white ash .

    A little trick to know if the embers are ready or not, is to perform the test of 7 seconds. This consists of placing the open hand, about 10 cm from the grill. If you hold for 7 seconds without feeling that you burn, is that the embers are ready . In case of needing a stronger fire, for fish or thinner cuts of meat, the test time will be from 4 to 5 seconds.

    Light a wood barbecue with pineapple

    Do you prefer to enjoy your barbecue using firewood? Of course, you can also use pineapples to light a wood barbecue. Look, these are the steps to follow:

    1. Prepare everything on the barbecue

    Well, here everything depends on whether you have a brick barbecue or a small one. If it is a work, you will have to put several logs forming a pyramid , leaving spaces so that the fire can then enjoy the maximum possible oxygen. Try that the thickness of the firewood is not too wide and that the pieces are very dry.

    Right in the center you will have to put the pineapples (about five or six), along with several thick balls, about 5 - 8 cm in diameter , of newspaper. Turn on the fire and wait for it to grow, before starting to use the bar to remove the embers.

    But what happens if what you have is a small barbecue? In this case, first light the newspaper with the pineapples, using some dry twig or some of the pieces of firewood, but whichever is smaller. Then go adding the wood, as you see that the fire begins to grow.

    If this is very deep, you can do the trick of the pyramid, but with very small pieces of firewood, since being a smaller space could quickly drown the fire.

    2. Combine pineapples with different types of wood

    The pineapple is not only a good instrument to win a good fire, it also helps to give a little more taste to the food.

    As you well know, there are many types of wood that are used to make firewood for barbecues. If you want to succeed among all your guests, your best option will be to try or combine different elements. This will make your food taste very good.

    3. Do not drown the fire

    At the moment you need to add more firewood, do it slowly, or you could end up drowning the fire while the embers are forming.

    Knowing if the fire of your wood barbecue is ready is very simple, because you can perform the same test of the second sevens. Although the moment you see that there is little wood left between the embers, it will be your signal to start cooking.

    Use other peels or skins along with the pineapple to light a barbecue?

    Many people who cook barbecue do not know, but just as you can use pineapples to get a barbecue to have good fire, you can use other to get flavor. Orange, lemon, coconut ... all those foods that are used to give a good flavor to the food cooked between pans and pots, can also be moved to a barbecue. How to get it?

    You will have to put the shell of the ingredient in question along with the pineapples at the time of lighting the barbecue . In this way, the flavor of the shell will melt with the smoke that comes out of the barbecue, and by placing the ingredients on the grill and closing the lid they will be flooded with that incredible flavor.

    Latest tips for lighting barbecues with pineapples

    At first, you may not be able to light a barbecue fire with pineapples. But calm, because here you have some final advice:

    • As with wood, pineapples should be well dried. You can either use some that you pick up or buy them in sack . Some are sold that are very special to light barbecues, so you should take a look. Especially since they are quite cheap.
    • The amount of pineapples that you are going to barbecue will determine, in large part, the power of the fire. It is a good food for the flames , so how many more pineapples you put in the barbecue, the stronger the fire will be. Keep this very present when it comes to cooking, because for certain foods you will need more or less pineapples.
    • The place where you place the barbecue will be very important to get a good fire. Avoid that the area has many drafts and that it is well ventilated . That the ground under the barbecue is firm, without vegetation, in order to avoid a possible fire.
    • When you are cooking on a barbecue with a lid, it is best to keep it closed at all times. In this way, especially when you are going to use some additive to flavor it, the meat will be better.
    • What do you want to distribute the fire? The trick is quite simple, you just have to remove the embers. The point where there are more embers will be the hottest one. To get an indirect fire, remove the embers at the sides, put the food to cook in the center, and ready.
    • Be very careful with the salt and other spices that you are going to add to the food. These have to be added when the ingredient is almost done, since some spices, such as salt, contain a lot of water. When they heat, they release the water and spoil the preparation of what you are cooking. Be very careful with this.

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