How to light a barbecue without pills

Although it is true that lighting a barbecue using pills is faster, it is less advisable. Especially if you want to avoid spoiling the taste of the food you cook. Therefore, we will show you some alternatives and homemade tricks to know how to light a barbecue without using pills.


    Alternatives to light a barbecue without pills

    You have many other ways to light the barbecue without pills. Here we are going to tell you some small tricks to which you can resort.

    1. Light the charcoal on the grid

    This is a somewhat different trick to light the coal without pills. First of all, on the grid , in which later you will put the food to cook, place the coal . At the base of the barbecue, where you would put the charcoal, place some napkins of kitchen paper, soaked in olive oil.

    Turn on the napkins and you'll get a candle before you turn on the charcoal. When the charcoal has ignited, you have to pour it into the base of the barbecue , in its usual place. A very useful and fast method, but with the snag that can spoil the grill and require a more thorough cleaning. Still, better than using pills.

    This little trick we could say that it would also be possible to do it with wood. However, there is a problem, and it is that it catches much earlier than coal. So you would have to watch the wood a lot, because the embers would fall to the bottom of the barbecue and they would stay stuck in the grate because they burned a lot. Practice first with the charcoal before you think about doing it with another material to get a flame and thus have no problems.

    2. Light it with wood

    Nothing burns better and faster than wood. So, what if instead of lighting your barbecue with coal you use firewood? There are many types of firewood that are sold in stores, special for barbecues.

    These are very useful for cooking, as they provide a lot of flavor to the food you are going to prepare. They can be mixed with some kind of flavored charcoal, like charcoal. You have to be very careful with the embers, so they do not burn too fast.

    3. Use an eco-lighter

    There are many people who have real fire panic, although they like to cook on a barbecue. And for that, there are the eco-lighters, or electric lighters.

    These lighters are put together with the charcoal, or firewood, and in a few minutes they get the flames to grow. Then you just have to push it away and wait for the embers to form . It is not necessary to resort to any pill to light the barbecue flames.

    4. Combine charcoal with wood

    It is the oldest method that exists to start a barbecue without pills. Along with the coal you will have to put some wood, like twigs, that are not wet (very important).

    To turn it on before you can also add a little newspaper . Light up with your lighter and in a few minutes you will see how the first flames begin to appear on your barbecue.

    Homemade tricks to light a barbecue without using pads

    If there is something that people have shown, their imagination has no limit. Thus, dozens of tricks have been created that allow embers to be obtained without using pads in a barbecue. Do you want to know them?

    1. The trick of the volcano

    Another of the tricks most used by lovers of barbecues, and that allows to light a barbecue without the use of pills.

    It consists of putting charcoal around newspaper, dipped in oil or alcohol, and then covering it, but leaving a small gap . In this hole a small wick is placed, which is lit when the volcano already completely covers the paper, but leaving the wick exposed. You only have to wait about 20 minutes before the first embers are obtained.

    2. The pump trick

    Quiet, that nothing should be exploited to use this system. You have to make a ball with several pieces of newspaper, and then you make a hole with the help of a knife, but without going through it.

    Open the hole made a little with your fingers and introduce a good amount of alcohol, or vegetable oil. Place the "ball" on the base of the barbecue and cover it with charcoal, leaving the area of ​​the hole exposed.

    With another piece of newspaper, make a wick that you introduce through the hole and cover it with a little more carbon, or wood if that is what you are going to use. Light the wick and wait a few minutes, since very soon you will have the embers ready.

    3. The trick of the fireplace

    It may be one of the oldest tricks that exist. This consists of using a device, similar to a fireplace, to ignite the coal.

    It's like a boat, in which  embers are put in the bottom and then paper , which can be periodic, on top of it. It is set on fire by the lower area, in which there are holes and you just have to wait for the first embers to appear, to put it on the barbecue.

    4. Paper layers

    This is another trick that comes in handy, whether you're going to light your barbecue with charcoal or wood without using pads.

    Put some newspaper , or paper napkins, dipped in oil, and a layer of wood or coal on top of the barbecue. Then another layer of paper and another of wood. As if you were making a lasagna.

    In the upper part, finishing with a mixture of paper and the product that you are going to use to get embers, place some small wicks that are inserted by holes that connect with everything in the lower area. Light the wicks and wait until the first embers are formed.

    Why do not you have to use pills to light a barbecue?

    Of course it is not mandatory that you do not use pills to light the barbecue . Now, do you want to enjoy the maximum flavor that can be obtained by cooking food in one? In that case, dispenses with pills to light a barbecue.

    The main reason is because it spoils the flavor. The pills help the flames to ignite quickly, appearing before the embers to start cooking. Because of this, the food acquires a more "burned" taste than you may have using another more natural medium. Whether you use charcoal or firewood, not using pads when launching the barbecue is the best option.

    In fact, if you search the Internet you will see that, people who are used to cooking in barbecues, recommend that it is better to do without pills when lighting the barbecue.

    Is it better to use fuel?

    Many people decide to turn to liquid fuels instead of using pills. Well, it is true that a barbecue can be lit in less than a few minutes. But do you know how dangerous it is?

    The flames with liquid fuel grow rapidly, and for the person who cooks, especially if it is not used, it is really dangerous . In addition, the same happens with the pills. The flavor that it gives to the food is more burned than the one that would be obtained with lighting it only with coal or firewood.

    Other tips to enjoy your barbecue without pills

    Generally, people have pills by hand, because if the embers go extinct, with one they can get some more fire. But here are other tips to avoid resorting to that system:

    • Be always on hand dry wood . A few twigs will help you to keep the fire of your barbecue always ready to cook. Another option would be to use coal, but unfortunately it takes longer to ignite.
    • Instead of using combustible liquids to light your barbecue, turn to vegetable oil or alcohol. The first is more advisable, because it is healthier and because it helps the food get more flavor . The alcohol that will help you is to get a better flame, but you will have to watch more food, because the embers will burn stronger.
    • Remember that the barbecue has to be well located. This also affects the time it takes to light a barbecue. The floor on which the barbecue is must be a smooth surface, preferably of stone or brick . No vegetation around if some coal falls, something very normal if you are a novice.
    • To help the fire to grow, locate the barbecue in an area where there is not much wind or in a short time the fire will go out.
    • If you put the charcoal on the grill grate, remember that some embers will stay stuck, and this can then come to your food. When you pass the embers to their proper place you will have to make sure that there is not a single ember left on the grill.
    • To add salt to the food, you will have to wait for it to take a while and be almost at its point, or you will completely spoil the dish you are preparing. The reason? Salt, when heated, releases water that can put out your embers, and you will have to resort to more wood or more coal.

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