How to light a barbecue without smoke

Cooking barbecue may be one of the best experiences in the world. But there are those who do not like that the smoke of the food they cook is hitting them in the face at all times. So we show you some alternatives and tips to know how to light a barbecue without smoke.


    Lighting a smoke-free barbecue

    Do you want to learn how to light a barbecue without smoke? Well, it turns out to be very simple, but first you have to keep some things in mind:

    1. Choose coal well

    First of all, choose the type of coal you are going to use well. Depending on what type of coal you choose, some add more or less smoke than others. In the market there is a type of charcoal that releases no smoke, although the best is the use of coconut . Equal cash, and with which you will not worry about unnecessary smoke.

    2. Use an electric gun

    No lighters, matches or any other type of tool. The only thing you should use is an electric pistol designed for this type of product.

    You must heat the coal with this gun, about 10 minutes , and you will see how it slowly warms up. When it is very hot, you should stop giving it directly and allow the rest of the charcoal to ignite.

    3. Wait for the coal to turn gray

    You should not cook until all the coal you have on your barbecue has a grayish tone. It is as if it had a layer that makes it change color.

    This can take about 20-30 minutes . But as soon as you have the embers you can start cooking all your elements calmly.

    Why not buy a smoke-free barbecue directly?

    If there is something for which technology stands out, it is because of the great leaps that it gives in a short time. Since there are many people who like to barbecue at home, and that can be annoying to neighbors, there are what are known as smokeless barbecues.

    Smokeless charcoal barbecues

    Although it is not entirely impossible to get a smoke-free barbecue with charcoal, you can find what are known as "smokeless charcoal barbecues" in stores. What are these types of barbecues?

    These prevent the grease that can release food from coming into contact with charcoal or embers, which forms the black smoke so characteristic of some barbecues. On the other hand, they have an electric ignition system , thus eliminating the smoke generated when the coal is ignited and until the embers are ready. A type of barbecue that can be used both outside and inside the house.

    Electric barbecues

    Another option would be a type of barbecue that is very common in stores: electric barbecues. These are far away traditional barbecues , but they mean more savings.

    To start, you save on charcoal, although its downside is that you need a source of energy. On the other hand, it is that the fat does not come into contact with the hot surface, since water is added to the bucket and this prevents it.

    I have a barbecue without smoke, how do I turn it on?

    Is it possible that you have opted directly for a smoke-free barbecue? In that case, turning it on is quite simple. First check that you have the energy (batteries or battery) ready to work, or you could be surprised that it stops when you start cooking.

    The steps you must follow are:

    1. Insert the charcoal in the special charcoal basket of the barbecue, placing the lid that closes it at the top (this is sealed from the rest of the pieces).
    2. These barbecues have an inside bowl that you must place. It is a protector that serves to collect the fat that may fall while you are cooking, thus avoiding the generation of smoke. Also place the tray where the gel lighter will go.
    3. Do you have everything placed? Then pour the gel lighter into the tray and wait until it turns on, activating the fan . Next, turn on the gel lighter . You have to be very careful here, as it turns on very fast and can be dangerous.
    4. When it is lit, place the basket of coal with its lid over the flame, having to wait about 4-5 minutes for the charcoal to turn red. While you can go placing the grid to cook.

    And you would already have the barbecue without smoke. You just need to start cooking and enjoy the experience.

    Is the smoke from barbecues harmful?

    If you do a little research, you will see that there is a great debate on this subject. Many people ask: is cooking barbecue food bad because the smoke gives them directly? Is it not very similar to steam cooking?

    The answer is simple: it is not harmful. as long as you know how to cook on the barbecue in the right way . For example, when meat is cooked, and a little salt is added for flavor, it becomes water that ends up in the embers, and it is bad for the food in question.

    The fact that a food is cooked with its fat is not good either. Very fatty meats, or cooked with a very high fire, causes it to end up in the embers, and with it the smoke is formed from this. When it reaches the food, it is impregnated with carbon dioxide and other substances that are toxic . The same happens if the fire is very strong, which can be very bad for health.

    This does not mean that you can not enjoy a good barbecue. You just have to know how to control the embers, the temperature and get the most out of it. Although, if you can make a barbecue without smoke, it would be better.

    What are the advantages of cooking on a smokeless barbecue?

    Although the experience is not the same, it is true that cooking in a smoke-free barbecue has some advantages with respect to traditional barbecues:

    It's healthier

    Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. But in the meantime, you may end up eating food that is undercooked, carbonized or very greasy. And that's not good for your health.

    When cooking directly with a smoke-free barbecue, you will not worry about this part. The grease that the food releases while they are cooked does not touch the embers at any time, so it is healthier.

    It allows you to practice

    Cooking well on a barbecue, whether charcoal or firewood, requires your practice. Know what is the exact point of the temperature of the fire, how to place the embers or take advantage of each space of the grill.

    All this you can learn to do with the help of your smokeless barbecue. Little by little you will be acquiring practice, and you will be able to consider trying other types of barbecues.

    They are cleaner

    This is an advantage that nobody will be able to deny you. Barbecues that do not use smoke to heat food are much cleaner than traditional barbecues.

    The food does not stick so much to the grill, the fat falls into a separate compartment and the embers have their own sealed space . Once you have finished cleaning you only have to disassemble it and clean it with a special product. In a short time you will have it so gleaming that it will look new.

    You can use them anywhere

    Another great advantage of these barbecues is that you can use them anywhere . For example, barbecue on a balcony or terrace always ends up being a problem.

    Now, with the technology of lighting a barbecue without smoke, you can cook in it without breaking any municipal law or going to bother the neighbors . Not only that, but you can also use it inside the house.

    Does it have any disadvantage to make a barbecue without smoke?

    Perhaps the biggest problem is that you lose the charm of cooking in a good barbecue. Today, this type of barbecues does not allow the use of firewood and the taste and texture do not remain exactly the same as traditional barbecues.

    Its second disadvantage, which for some is an advantage, is that it works with electric power. Some models work with batteries or internal battery , while others have an external power source. These require a plug or generator to make them work.

    A small problem when you want to take them to a campsite. Even so, they have the peculiarity that they are small, easy to assemble and disassemble , besides they are not at all complicated to use. Perfect for people who are the first time they face a barbecue.

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