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How to light a gas barbecue?

Using one of these grills is really easy. In an intuitive way you will realize how to light your gas barbecue, as it is very similar to using a ceramic hob.

Here are the steps to use your gas barbecue:

  • Open the key  of the butane cylinder to allow the gas to escape.

  • Press the power  button of  the barbecue and turn the thermostats until it  indicates a  medium-high temperature .

  • Close the lid  of the barbecue to make it hot even faster.

  • Take your  metal brush , if you have it, and take advantage of the hot grill to clean it. It is much easier to do when it is hot, since the impurities easily fall apart.

  • Take some kitchen paper or a cloth, cover it with  oil  and pass it through the barbecue grill.

  • Put the meat, and cook!

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