How to light a wood barbecue

Lighting a wood-burning barbecue if you do not have much idea of ​​how to do it can be a bit tricky. But the reality is that it is much simpler than you can imagine.

Following the steps that we will give you below to know how to light a wood barbecue you will have it ready in a few minutes and you will be able to remain as a true expert in front of your friends and family.


    What Do You Need To Fire A Wood-Burning Barbecue?

    The objects that you will need to start up your wood barbecue are going to be:


    It is the main element. You need firewood that is well dried . The type of firewood will depend on the taste you want to give to the food. In the shopping centers you can get firewood simply for embers, but there are different types of firewood to get a different flavor. You can combine both so your food tastes better.


    Not only with the firewood you are going to get your firewood barbecue garment. You will need something more to get the fire to increase, and for that, nothing comes better than a few branches, without leaves. As with firewood, these have to be very dry.


    As with coal, newspaper can be used to light a wood barbecue. With three or four leaves you will have more than enough to get the embers.


    A good lighter to start getting the first flames. This can be a lighter for barbecues or any other.

    How can you light your wood-fired barbecue?

    Are you ready to learn how to light the wood barbecue? You will see that it is much simpler than it seems. First of all separate the wood , discarding the pieces that are wet. And now, to light the barbecue:

    1. Build a pyramid with firewood.

    The first task to do is to arrange the wood in the form of a pyramid , or as if it were a hut. In the center put the smallest pieces of wood, because these will be the ones that will light first. In this space you can put branches or newspaper.

    Remember to leave space in the center so that the air circulates correctly . The fire needs oxygen, and if you close the airways, it will turn off shortly after lighting. Other elements that you can add to the center are citrus peels like orange, lemon or pineapple peels . This way you will get the taste of your food unmatched.

    2.Light the fire

    Now that the firewood is well accommodated, you have to light the flame . You can use a simple match on the smallest pieces of wood or a special lighter for bonfires. When you see it starts to burn, let it burn and wait a little.

    3. Stowing firewood to make the fire grow

    The fire will spread little by little , then it will be time to begin to remove the wood, especially if there is a large fire that has not yet ignited. In case you see that there is little firewood, you can add more, but only when the fire is very strong.

    4.It's time to cook

    Having already your wood burning barbecue, it was time to cook. To do this, lower the grill and place your food to start enjoying a good meal prepared on your barbecue.

    Remember that you can have several temperatures in the barbecue distributing the embers with a metal bar. For example, for meats it is better that the fire of the coals of firewood gives them indirectly.

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    Other small tricks to light a wood barbecue

    Does that trick seem too slow to have the fire ready? Well, here are other little tricks you can use.

    Combine firewood with charcoal

    This is the simplest thing to do: combine wood with charcoal. Right in the center of the pyramid of the firewood you can add a little coal , mix it with some balls of newspaper and turn it on.

    However, remember that the calorific value of both products is different, which will force you to be more aware of the food. However, in a short time you will have the embers ready to start cooking.

    Newspaper balls

    If you simply want to use newspaper to get the embers, you will have to do the following: Make some paper balls, not too tight , that you will put in the center of the firewood.

    Remember to leave space for the air to circulate properly and the fire can receive the necessary oxygen. These balls of paper you bathe them with a little olive oil and you set them on fire. You will have to wait a bit, but adding a little more dry branches as the spark grows, you will get everything to burn before.

    Another way to place firewood

    Maybe placing it in a pyramidal shape is a bit annoying because the barbecue is not too big? Well, there is another way to do it.

    First make small balls with paper, which can be newspaper or absorbent paper, to your liking. These balls put them in the base where the embers of your barbecue will be . Then, on these put the finest pieces of wood and around it stacks a few thicker pieces.

    Light the mixture and see adding wood as you see that the fire is growing. It is somewhat slower than the other processes, but if you are one of the people who do not mind waiting, it will be well worth it.

    Is it faster using fuel and pills?

    Do not doubt that, if you want to get how much earlier the embers, it is best to resort to liquid fuel and ignition pads.

    Now, you should know that this, although it saves you a lot of work, causes the food to have a charred flavor , which is very bad for your health and for the food you are going to prepare. Better dispense with these two elements.

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    Is not it better to use another type of paper than newspaper?

    Even to this day there is still the belief that the newspaper shop is harmful to health, especially because of the smoke generated when it is burned. However, all this has changed over the years.

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    The store used in newspapers today does not contain those toxic agents 50 years ago. If you need something to light a good fire in a barbecue, there is no doubt that turning to newspaper is the best option.

    Is wood better than coal to light a barbecue?

    Some people will tell you that firewood is better, others than coal. Both are equally good for getting a good meal. The only difference is in how the texture of the meat and the preparation time will be.


    On the other hand, remember that not all wood barbecues are compatible with coal and vice versa. So, if you are going to mix both elements to get the flames, first of all, find out if the barbecue is compatible with this system.

    Other tips for lighting a wood barbecue

    Now that you know the different ways of how you can make a wood barbecue, here are some final tips to enjoy this experience even more:

    • Remember that the barbecue should always be on a smooth surface, with no vegetation nearby. The best thing is a dirt floor or that this has tiles . The embers of the firewood do not jump the same as those of the coal, but during the movement of these some could fall to earth. So be very careful.
    • It is not unhealthy to breathe the smoke from the wood barbecues, but it is nice that the smell sticks to the curtains of the house. So close the windows tightly or try to cook as far away from them as possible. In a well open area so that the smoke does not penetrate inside.
    • The air is very important to get a good flare with the firewood. But you should avoid areas with strong air currents. The fire only needs oxygen in the area of ​​the embers . Any current of air could make the sparks go out at the beginning, and you would have to start over again.
    • With the charcoal barbecues there is a little trick of putting the charcoal on the grill and lighting it there. With firewood it is not recommended , especially if you do not want to spend several hours later removing remains of charred wood from the grill. Use the area dedicated to it.
    • Do not be in a hurry for the fire to start . If you add too much wood at once, you will drown the fire . As you see that this goes up, it will be the signal for you to add a little more firewood. But in its fair amount without happening.
    • Go experimenting with different types of wood every time you use the barbecue. Each one gives a unique and original touch to the dishes. On the other hand, the use of husks of some foods is good to get good flavor . Be very careful with the salt, which should be thrown away almost at the end of the process, since when it comes into contact with the fire it sprays water and spoils the dish.

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