How to make a perfect barbecue

Hacer una barbacoa puede parecer una tarea sencilla, pero si ya ha hecho alguna, sabrá que para la mayoría de la gente no es tan fácil de creer. Lograr un resultado perfecto suele ser una mezcla de habilidad, destreza y seguir un buen método. Hoy te vamos a explicar cómo hacer una barbacoa y convertirte en un profesional. 

It is important to prior preparation and have the proper accessories s to carry out a perfect barbecue.

Choose the type of barbecue you choose is essential to take into account the following aspects to ensure that all the food you choose to cook will remain at your point. Follow our advice and surprise your guests!

Do you know what steps you should follow to make a barbecue? Have you done barbecues but you never get perfection?

What will you find in this article?


    Tips to get a perfect barbecue:

    1.  How many people are going to come to eat? Before starting to prepare anything, the essential thing is to know approximately how many people are going to cook. It is not the same to prepare a barbecue for 5 people than for 10.
    2. We take this opportunity to tell you that when making the purchase of the ingredients that are going to be cooked on the grill, try to do it with a head and if possible with a full stomach . 
    3. Most times we get too excited buying food (we always think it's better than missing) and then almost never finish eating everything we've bought.
    4. Once you know for how many people you must prepare the barbecue and have all the ingredients purchased, the first thing to do before starting to prepare anything is to make sure that the grill is in perfect condition . 
      Did you clean it well when you finished using it the last time? Despite having cleaned it, have you not used it for a long time? If so, you should clean it again now before anything else .  Heat the grill without cooking anything in it for about 10 minutes and in this way you will eliminate the grease and odors that may have been impregnated in it. Use a metal brush to remove traces of grease and / or burned oil.
    5.  If you already have the barbecue ready, it is time to turn it on . Again, this step is not always an easy task so if you are going to use a charcoal barbecue, in this video we show you how to light a barbecue step by step .
    6.  The control l tem perature cooking is basic . Either by embers because you are using a charcoal barbecue, or with a flame or because you are doing it with a gas, it is very important that you know at all times what heat intensity needs the food you are cooking if you do not want to finish with the first batch of food burned or too raw. The use of a thermometer fork  will help you control the temperature.
    7.  Use the time to prepare and cook the embers to make the famous appetizer that we all like so much. Some chips, olives, cheese, crakers ... could be the perfect appetizer! 

      Do not abuse too much of this pica-pica because we often eat too much with these appetizers and then .. when it's time to start with meat, vegetables or fish ... no one is hungry!

    8.  The cooking time of each food is different, so do not forget to take this aspect into account when deciding what you are going to cook first and what you are going to leave for the end. 

      The 85% of barbecues that are usually done are meat barbecues so we will try to guide you with the order you should follow to cook all the pieces of meat that you have bought perfectly:

    Once you finish cooking all the food do not forget to make sure that the barbecue is well turned off , whatever its source of heat. 

    Keeping your barbecue grill clean is a very important aspect to get good results when cooking. In this video we show you how to clean the grill of your barbecue so you can learn how to do it step by step.

    Fish barbecue? Follow these tips:

    Las barbacoas de pescado no suelen ser las barbacoas más habituales pero es cierto que cada día están más de moda.
    Cocinar pescado es completamente diferente a cocinar carne pero si sigues nuestros 4 sencillos consejos no tendrás ningún problema y podrás disfrutar de las barbacoas de pescado cuando quieras:

    Whether you cook it with an iron or you grill it , it must be well greased to prevent the fish or shellfish that you are cooking from sticking to you.

    Once you put it on the fire, do not move it and turn it continuously . Put it on one side and when it's done, turn it around and do it on the other side. The fish is much more delicate than meat and moving it is very easy for it to break.

    The ideal is to cook the piece of fish or whole seafood . In the case of fish, its scales will protect it from fire and cause it to cook but not burn. In the case of seafood with shell, it will also act as a protector and help cook better inside.

    Some examples of fish that you can make to the barbecue and that will also be very good are: s ardinas, sea bass, sea bream or any type of seafood such as octopus, lobster or some good prawns.

    Myths for meat and fish

    • It is very important that you do not cook the ingredients just when you have just taken them out of the refrigerator. Ideally, the food is at room temperature before cooking, do not forget it!
    • Try not to get too dizzy with food . Do not turn the ingredients over until they are well cooked on the side. Not by changing them sideways they will cook better.
    • Contrary to what many people think, the salt must be added at the end , when the food is practically cooked. If it is done before, the meat especially, will be more dry because the salt will make it release the juices before.
       If you want to add a touch of pepper to the ingredients you are going to cook, do it a few minutes before serving the food when it is cooked. If you put the pepper before, you run the risk that it will burn and alter the taste of what you are cooking.
    • Do not eat food as soon as you take it out of the fire. Let them rest for 5 minutes (inside a saucepan so they do not lose temperature) so they are much juicier inside.

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