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Napoleon Barbecues


Napoleon Berbecues is the largest manufacturer of gas barbecues in Canada, started in 1976. Luxury barbecues are the highest range of the market with patented technology. They have a lifetime guarantee.

Descripción of Napoleon Barbecues

Anywhere, anytime, the life of a grill enthusiast is not always a stationary one. Many like to go camping or visit the countryside for a holiday. On a boat, RV, or even in a condo where outdoor space can be limited, these portable grills provide for those on the go.

Characteristics of Napoleon Barbecues

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  • Large 225 sq. in efficient cooking grid
  • Durable porcelainized cast iron cooking grid
  • 10,500 BTU circular stainless steel burner for even cooking
  • Sets up in 10 seconds and uses standard portable propane cylinders
  • Cast iron grid
  • Ergonomic handle for one hand portability
  • PIEZO™ push button ignition
  • Easy to clean, removable grease tray
  • Folding legs for compact storage
  • Uses standard portable propane cylinders or operates with optional hose to connect to a larger propane tank
  • Perfect for boating, camping, RVing, tailgating or condo living

The brand of Barbacoas Napoleon is the  largest manufacturer of Gas Barbecues in Canada(competes with the brand Broil King) and is the second brand of barbecues in general worldwide.It is a brand that above all prioritizes  innovation , the use of  technology  and  research  combining  design ,  quality  and  versatility .

Despite being pioneers with gas barbecues, all their models  can also be used as charcoal barbecues . Simply add an accessory designed specifically for this and that provides the same brand.The  grills of  Napoleon gas barbecues are designed with an S- shape  . You know why?
Because in this way, when cooking, smaller or narrower foods do not fall through the gap between the rod and the grill rod.

Napoleon Barbecues Prices: Comparative Table

The Napoleon Barbecues maintains considerable prices which does not take away the merit of being one of the best Barbecues, the following Table shows you the prices of the most relevant products of the market

Napoleon Grills PRO22K

Napoleon PRO22K-LEG Holzkohlegrill
  • Grillfläche mit 57cm Durchmesser
  • Klappbarer Grillrost aus Gusseisen mit 3 Höheneinstellungen
  • Robuster Deckel und Kessel aus Platinum-Porzellan (extra dick)
  • Finding porcelain.
  • With steel ring.
  • Ergonomic hinge and heat resistant sleeve.
  • 2 legs and 2 large wheels.
  • Steel charcoal grate
  • 365 in total cooking area
  • Cast iron hinged cooking gridsurface of 57 cm.
  • Folding iron grid with heights.
  • Cover and exterior of extra-thick plati

Napoleon Grills PRO22K

Napoleon PRO285N-BK Portable Natural Gas Grill, Black

  • 2 burner portable grill with up to 12,000 BTUs
  • Total cooking area: 285 sq. In
  • Dual stainless steel burners for direct and indirect grilling
  • Porcelainized cast iron wave cooking grids for consistent, even heat
  • Long lasting weather guard high top cast aluminum lid


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