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The OneConcept Beef Butler is one of the big stars of the season - this grill is no ordinary barbecue, it's a smoker barbecue at a spectacular price!


     the barbecue revolution of this season

    OneConcept Beefbutler - Smoker, Holzkohlegrill, Gartengrill, Smokerhaube, Räuchern, Grillen direkt und indirekt, 3 verchromte Grillroste, Abnehmbarer Kohlebehälter, Trolley-Räder, graphitgrau
    • VARIABEL GRILLEN: Der Beefbutler von oneConcept ist ein Holzkohlegrill in Smoker-Bauweise der ihrem Grillgut auf Wunsch eine rauchige Note verleiht. Auf drei Stufen können Sie den Beefbutler sowohl zum direkten als auch indirekten Grillen verwenden.
    • SMOKEN ODER RÄUCHERN: Der Smoker eignet sich bei geschlossener Klappe optimal für amerikanische Grillklassiker wie Spare Ribs, Pulled Pork oder Beef Brisket. Die 4 Lüftungsöffnungen können je nach Belieben einzeln geöffnet oder geschlossen werden.
    • GROSSE ABLAGEN: Zur Ablage von Grillfleisch und Grillbesteck verfügt der Grill über zwei großzügige Holzablagen. Die große frontseitige Ablage ist je nach Bedarf klappbar, damit findet der Beefbutler von oneConcept auch in der Gartenlaube Platz.

    This grill and smoker stand out for their tremendous value for money, for their robustness and their multitude of auxiliary details that will delight the chef of the house.

    Do you want a slow cooked meat that melts on your palate? Do you want an intense smoked flavor worthy of the best American BBQ Grill? My friend, you are looking at the smoker barbecue of your dreams.

    DO NOT KNOW WHAT TYPE OF BARBECUE YOU NEED? we recommend you to read our guide on how to buy barbecues. We teach you everything you need to know before buying your next grill.

    OneConcept GQ5: Detailed Analysis

    The OneConcept BeefButler smoker barbecue has a lot to offer. Therefore, we give you our opinion in detail of this grill in the following sections.

    Technical Characteristics Of The OneConcept Beef Butler

    Take note of the measurements of the OneConcept smoker to start making room for it in your garden.

    • Overall dimensions: 100 x 95 x 55 cm (W x H x L)
    • Weight: 20 kg
    • Fuel: charcoal and wood
    • 2 in 1 function: barbecue and smoker
    • Suitable for 8-10 guests
    • 3 direct grilling grills 70 x 38 cm (LxWxH)
    • 1 Temperature holding grill 67 x 20 cm (LxW)
    • 1 Large folding front side table with large surface area
    • 1 Side auxiliary table
    • Lower grill that serves as a storage tray
    • 2 wheels to convert it into a portable barbecue
    • 4 side vents on the body and lid
    • 2 useful handles for easy transport
    • 1 container to collect the ash
    • In this video you can see all the components we have mentioned in this last list. It is in Italian but it is very easy to put subtitles.

    2 In 1 Barbecue: Charcoal and Firewood

    This smoker barbecue can be used with both charcoal and wood. Undoubtedly, one of its great advantages is the possibility of smoking food. Meat experts know perfectly well the importance of smoking in roasts.

    Smoking foods will make them juicier. For example, the meat will be browned and crispy on the outside but with a super juicy inside, all seasoned with the smoked flavor.

    You can also use this charcoal barbecue as an oven thanks to its lid, you can make roasts as you would in an oven and even pizzas and paninis. When you close the lid of a barbecue, it becomes a capsule where the temperature is evenly distributed.

    Smoke Your Roasts At The OneConcept

    This is one of the most important features of this barbecue model and one of the reasons why it is the star of the season. Smoking is the king of roasting meats and fish, and with this barbecue you are going to nickel it.

    If you look at the photos of this barbecue, do you see that on the sides it has metal grills? Specifically there are 4 openings, 2 in the lid and 2 in the barrel of the barbecue and serve to circulate the air inside the OneConcept and allow the smoking of the food.

    In order to make a smoker you need to buy some wood chips like these. The preferred woods for smoking are those that give great aromas, such as citrus or cedar. Don't overdo it with the wood, you don't want to kill the flavor of the food.

    Of course, you must be patient. Smoking is a ritual and will take a few hours. If you are having a family meal, give yourself plenty of time or your stomachs will start to rumble.

    • How to smoke meat or fish on your barbecue:
    • Cover about 1/3 of the bottom of the barbecue with charcoal (or charcoal briquettes) until they ignite.
    • Once lit, stack them on the side of the barbecue. Take a disposable aluminum tray. Pour two or three cups of water inside.
    • Wait 30-45 minutes. During this time the temperature of the coals will drop and the temperature of the water will rise.
    • Moisten the wood chips and place them on the coals.
    • Place the meat or fish on the grill, over the tray of water, and close the lid.
    • Periodically add coals to maintain temperature, approximately every hour.
    • OneConcept Beef Butler Grill Size
    • The Oneconcept BeefButler smoker barbecue is a medium to large sized grill, both in overall dimensions and cooking surface.

    The Oneconcept is great for gardens and terraces where, in addition to doing its job as a barbecue, it serves as a decorative element thanks to its good presence and barrel design in matte black.

    As for the size of the barbecue grill, with a size of 70x38cm, you can make barbecues for about 8 to 10 people. With these dimensions, you could make at the same time about 10 hamburgers, 20 kebabs or 6 good chops.

    With the size of the Oneconcept BeefButler you can have a party for all your friends without anyone having to wait for a second batch of food.

    In addition, this barbecue smoker has a heat-holding rack, a super useful auxiliary detail in any barbecue. This tray, which is attached to the lid, is used to store the food so that it does not lose temperature while you finish cooking the rest.

    Price Of The OneConcept, A Mid-Range Barbecue
    The OneConcept is a mid-range barbecue with an economical price. We can't say it's a cheap charcoal barbecue like the Grillchef, but it does have an adjusted price for all the features it offers.

    This smoker barbecue has varied last year 2021 in a price range of between €100 and €200. This price varies depending on the time of year. Usually, you can find the best deals of the year in the fall or winter.

    For us, buying this barbecue is always a success. If you find it at 120 €, it is a great bargain that you should not miss! And if it is at 180€, you will have been less lucky, but it is the right price for this product and it is still very economical.

    Storage, Cleanliness and Portability: A Portable Barbecue

    The OneConcept barbecue is very practical. As we've already told you, this smoker has a lot of quality details that make it a very worthwhile purchase.

    For starters, the barbecue has two side tables made of three wooden slats. The main tray is located at the front and is the same width as the grill. It is very practical to support the food or utensils you are going to use, and even cut vegetables or season the carte.

    This main grill is foldable and you can fold it down when you are not using the barbecue. The other side table is on the side, and is smaller. We like it to support the basics: salt, pepper and oil. In addition, this barbecue has two large wheels and handles that make it very easy to transport the OneConcept from one place to another in the garden or on the terrace. Despite its large size, these wheels make it an all-terrain portable barbecue and we love it!

    The last detail of this grill that we love is the ash tray in the lower part of the grill. The ashes are the most annoying part to clean in a barbecue, and this container makes this task much easier.

    oneConcept Woklette Raclette Grill

    oneConcept Butterfly - Elektrogrill, Multifunktionsgrill, Tischgrill, 2 Grillflächen, separat nutzbar, Wahlschalter, 1200W, Thermostat, 60-240 °C, Timer, Fettauffangbehälter, silber
    • MULTIFUNKTIONS-GRILL: Dank des oneConcept Butterfly Multifunktions-Tischgrills stehen nun das ganze Jahr leckere Grillgerichte auf dem Speiseplan. Limonenforelle mit Salbei, Rinderburger auf Mangold-Chili-Bett oder italienscher Gemüsespieß mit Rosmarin.
    • VERTIKAL ODER HORIZONTAL: 1200 Watt Leistung erwärmen die Heizelemente der separat nutzbaren Grillflächen auf bis zu 240 °C. Dabei kann der Butterfly sowohl vertikal als auch horizontal genutzt werden. Mit einem Schlag verdoppelt sich die Grillfläche.
    • TIMER-GESTEUERT: Der oneConcept Butterfly Tischgrill macht jeden zum Grillprofi. Einfach das Grillgut in den Grillkorb legen, gewünschte Temperatur und Garzeit einstellen und die Flügel des Butterfly schließen. So entstehen perfekte Grillergebnisse.

    Specifications and technical characteristics of the product

    This portable charcoal barbecue can be used both outdoors and indoors, as its bowl has been specially designed so that it does not generate smoke. To facilitate its use anywhere, this barbecue incorporates a nylon bag for transport.

    Its consumption of charcoal is reduced, with 250 gr. of coal there is enough for a use of 40 to 100 minutes.

    Its innovative fire system allows the appliance to reach the barbecue temperature in a time of 3 to 4 minutes.

    The Cool-Touch surface guarantees a safer use, since the outer part does not heat up and can be touched even when the barbecue is in use.

    This barbecue has dimensions of 38 x 24 x 38 cm. and its weight is 4.4 kilos.


    Consumers who have tried this smokeless portable barbecue stand out from it that it is useful and very practical and that with its bag you can easily transport it from one place to another.

    Another of the highlights is the safety offered by the fact that the outside of the barbecue does not heat up.


    Some users state that the cooking surface is not excessive, so you have to be aware to remove some foods and put others.

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