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It all started 30 years ago in the British city of Kent and now the Outback gas barbecues are sold on all 5 continents.
When you buy a barbecue Outback you are buying the result of 30 years of experience in the barbecue industry, the latest technology, the brightest designs and the best after-sales service.

Nowadays, lighting the barbecue is a lifestyle option enjoyed by millions of people in the world, because eating and having fun is the number one activity in summer: two out of every three households have a barbecue.

Since its formation as a family business in 1979, the Outback BBQ brand is synonymous with quality, total commitment to customers, providing a wide range of British-style avant-garde barbecues, spare parts and accessories that lead the way in quality and value.

Outback responds to the latest trends and market developments quickly and efficiently:

Simply see The wide range of Outback Barbecues and see how the carbon and gas BBQ stand out from the competition.

The Outback factory has been approved by ISO9001 since 1995 and has received safety certificates from testing authorities around the world.

In 2013 Outback once again took the place of honor when Which? awarded 'Best Buy' accolades to three of the Outback Barbecues out of a total of 20 tested in their survey of gas and coal barbecue throughout the industry.

The Outback Spectrum 3 Burner - and in particular the 2013 'Select' version - and the Outback Omega 200 Charcoal model were again recommended for Which? membership.

Today Outback has no less than 23 different charcoal and gas barbecue models to help tempt the taste buds of outdoor diners, as well as a new range of kitchen accessories and tools, and the latest selection of portable camping stoves and camping chairs.


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    Outback Omega 200 Gasgrill mit Bezug
    • Für Outdoor-Grill für 4 Personen geeignet
    • Doppelte Kontrolle Brenner
    • Voll einstellbare Noppen auf dem vorderen Bedienfeld
    Outback Gasgrill Spirit
    • Lavastein im Lieferumfang enthalten
    • Wegklappbares Warmhalterost
    • Tablett Küchenhelfer

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