Ecological Pellet Barbecues Or BBQ

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Roasting has never been so easy, healthy and economical
Pellet barbecue or organic BBQ , once you taste the rich taste of the food cooked in them, you will not want to eat foods cooked in another way. These Bbq are more than a kitchen utensil, they are designed for something more than grilling, you can also smoke and bake. The use of wood pellets enhances the flavor of food naturally. Authentic wood, authentic flavor. They are also very easy to use, clean and maintain.

"Barbecues are left with friends and family. Enjoying good food and good times. If you are a lover of the world of barbecues and the environment, this is your ideal barbecue. "

    Modern Pellets Barbecue

    The Pellets Grill Bbq is made with a modern grill with energy efficient, economical and easy to use. These barbecues get the most out of the pellet, with only 50 cents you can grill for more than 2 hours, maximizing the savings. Therefore, we can say that they are cheap barbecues, compared with the rest of barbecues. They are 100% healthy, due to the low CO2 emission. With the Pellets Grill barbecues you can roast the food taking care of your health, avoiding the carcinogenic compounds typical of charcoal grills.

    In addition, they have installed a channel in which grease is collected from the grill. The surfaces of stainless steel and anti-stick iron grid are designed to facilitate cleaning and prevent food from burning.

    How does Pellets barbecue work?

    The pellet Bbq use a system similar to that of pellet stoves, since they have a deposit where the pellet is added, although this is smaller than in the stoves, since the time of use is less, between three or four Average hours.

    From the tank, it passes to the crucible or burner by means of an endless motor, in charge of collecting the pellet. It consists of another motor or vacuum cleaner, which removes the small smoke that occurs at the beginning, when the Bbq is lit. The smoke is directed to the side tube of the Bbq and from there to the outside.

    Advantages of Pellets Bbq

    Just place the food on the grill, introduce the pellet of the flavor you want in the tank, light your Bbq, set the desired temperature and it will stay constant, so you can invest your time in what really matters: your relatives, friends and guests.

    They are safer and more reliable since they do not use any dangerous energy like gas. Due to its totally stainless steel construction the Pellet Grill Bbq resist corrosion and high temperatures.

    The best Pellets Bbq in the market

     Pellets Bbq Features

    The anti-stick iron grid is thick enough for the food to be perfect, and the absence of charcoal makes the food can be cooked without smoke, avoiding the unpleasant odor that permeates the clothes. Easy to clean due to stainless steel and anti-stick grille.

    In addition, it has the advantage of an automatic ignition, unlike the conventional wood or charcoal barbecues. With the pellet Bbq in just a few minutes after switching on, the griddle is ready to roast the food.
    Also, we must not forget that, unlike embers, avoid the typical carcinogenic compounds, since it integrates a channel in which the fat of the grill is collected. And with respect to the ecological world, another advantage to take into account, combustion residues are perfect for fertilizing plants.

    Thanks to the speed with which it turns on, you can start roasting in minutes and cook with a range of up to two hours. The deposit with a capacity of 2 kg means an investment of only 50 cents.

    Portable pellet Bbq

    Another important advantage of pellet Bbq is that they are an ideal business product such as: restaurants or bars, which do not have pre-installed smoke output. In addition to being portable, we can place them anywhere, even in view of the customer, with the option to choose their own point of cooking food.

    With an attractive, modern design, with clean lines and at the same time ecological.

    Pellets Bbq for Interior

    Indoor Bbq or mini grill barbecues for indoor use. Those that are prepared to use them indoors, have a smaller size compared to those intended for the outdoors. With regard to size, there are different sizes to choose from. You will have all the flavor of a good barbecue without leaving home, inside your own kitchen.

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