Points of grilled meat

When preparing an outdoor barbecue there is a main character, and that is the meat. To succeed, you have to know how to control the roast points of the meat , something that requires a lot of practice.


    What are the grilling points for grilled meat?

    We are going to talk to you about the different types of points that there are for the meat, as well as the temperature that it must have to be at that point. Take note!


    Also known as extra rare, English, blue or bleu (and by the broilers as meat of back and forth), the temperature of the meat is 45 degrees Celsius and 115 degrees F.

    This meat has the exterior of a brown crust tone , which is formed when the meat comes into contact with the heat. Instead, the flesh inside is red and bloody . It is soft and juicy. It is usually achieved with a couple of minutes each side.


    It should not be confused with the previous one. It is what is commonly known as little done or rare. The cut temperature is at 48-55 degrees Celsius and 120-125 degrees F.

    The coffee crust is also present in this meat, only the interior is a pinkish hue with a bright red juicy center . The meat feels soft to the touch. More or less it will take about 4-5 minutes on each side.

    Semi made

    Known as "medium rare" is a point of the meat very typical in Latin countries. In this case, the temperature of the meat is 54-57 degrees Celsius, and 130-135 degrees F.

    It keeps the coffee crust, only that the center is of an intense pink tone , with the flesh in a more coffee tone. Touching it with your fingers feels like some resistance , because the flesh is soft and elastic. It is usually obtained with the meat to the fire by around 8 minutes.

    To the point

    As a general rule, it is the people's favorite. Being meat at 60-63 degrees Celsius and 140-145 degrees F , it stands out for a firm and elastic touch.

    In this case, the coffee crust has a very golden tone, and is more striking. In contrast, the center has a very light pink tone . It is also known as a medium term or medium. It may take about 9 minutes to be ready.

    Well done

    For some, the last point on the scale, for others, is just one more. In this case, the meat reaches 70 degrees Celsius and 160 degrees F.

    The brown outer crust is more present throughout the surface of the meat, while inside the brown tone is quite light. To the touch, this flesh feels firm. The estimated time to be at this point is about 11 minutes.

    Very made

    This is the case of meat, for some, considered "burned". The meat is more than 70 degrees Celsius and more than 160 degrees F.

    The exterior of the flesh has a grayish brown tone, while the interior has a stronger brown tone inside . For this type of point, it is required to cook the meat for more than 12 minutes.

    Tricks to know the roast point of the meat

    While roasting the meat, those who do not have much experience would be better to use a kitchen thermometer to know what the interior temperature of the meat, until it reaches the indicated.

    However, expert chefs use other little tricks. For example, using the fingers of the hand. By joining two fingers and pressing the bottom of the palm , one can make up the idea of ​​how the flesh will be inside. Thus:

    • Thumb and index: You will notice that this area is very soft, what would be the undercooked meat.
    • Thumb and heart: It shows how the resistance in this pressure zone is somewhat stronger. This corresponds to the half-cooked meat.
    • Thumb and little finger: In this case much more resistance is felt in the palm of the hand, which is equivalent to the meat more made.

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