Prepare a gourmet Barbecue

BBQ and salad.

With sunny weekends in the US, plans begin to appear that involve embers, cold drinks and good company. If we prepare it well, whether on a terrace in the middle of the metropolis, in a house in the countryside or in the places indicated for outdoor fire, the barbecue always gathers around the attendees to the event. A fire always dazzles, and if there are good products on the grill, is there a better plan for days off?


    The Fire

    We begin at the beginning: fire. We must bear in mind that  cooking with fire requires a longer time  than the electric or gas stove. The ideal would be to use  natural wood or branches  (branches of the vines) but charcoal, easier to get in the city, is also a good idea. If we stay with this last option, we will have to wait until it is covered with a layer of white ash that will indicate that we can start cooking the meat. At this point, we may have waited up to 45 minutes.

    In a good grill  the flame does not take place , because it burns the pieces before cooking them. If it appears, it will be good to have a water sprayer to turn it off. If not,  moving the embers will cause the fire to be mitigated . As instruments, it is necessary to have an iron cane that will help us move the embers and tongs to turn the food

    The Ingredients

    We are used to meat barbecues. If we want to continue with the tradition, it is best that we choose those  cuts with the highest amount of fat  so that the result is as juicy as possible. Ribs and pork belly -presa, secret or sirloin if we choose to use Iberian pork-,  chops of lamb  or entraña, empty and roast of strip -the favorite ones of the Argentine grilling masters- if we work the bovine, they are some of our proposals.

    A good  beef steak well sealed in advance  and then finished with indirect fire is a good choice for the exquisite. Attention: the experts assure that you will not have to give it more than two laps! If we also accompany it with  fried potatoes and piquillo peppers confit (in a pan with oil and sugar), the dish will be round. At its height you can find a good rabbit, which must be  painted oil  throughout the process, or a chicken opened in  crapaudine , with a cut in the belly and extended limbs ( crapaud  is toad in French),

    Beef steak.

    Wings and chicken thighs or grilled  marinated skewers  will be a good appetizer; also the typical products of the slaughter. Chorizos, morcillas, bacon or sausages will be made faster, so it is best to start with these ingredients.

    Vegetables on the grill or wrapped in aluminum foil as a papillote – as we can also cook fish or spicy cheese chunks – and corn cobs will serve as a tasty accompaniment. We can also buy a fish cage to roast a hake, a turbot or a monkfish tail. Always adjusting the cooking times a lot.

    Grilled fish is a good and healthy option.
    Grilled fish is a good and healthy option.

    The Sauces

    Everyone will know what sauce they enjoy most with barbecues. In addition to ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise, we can try a  tartar  (chives, capers, pickles and parsley with mayonnaise) to accompany some potatoes that we have roasted in the coals. Also the  mojos : green (garlic, cilantro, cumin, vinegar, oil and salt) and red (garlic, chilli, cumin, paprika, vinegar, oil and salt) accompany any cut of meat. 

    Same as the  Argentine chimichurri  (red pepper, red wine, onion, garlic, bay leaf, paprika, pepper, oregano, vinegar, oil and salt) and the  Catalan romesco  (ñora, tomato, fried bread, onion, garlic, chilli, laurel, parsley, pepper, vinegar, oil, almond and salt). Latin American recipes like Mexican pico de gallo (tomato, onion, garlic, lemon, salt, pepper and chili) or the  Venezuelan guasacaca  (avocado, tomato, onion, red pepper, oil, vinegar and salt) will make good crumbs with the meats and the butter mixture with garlic and parsley it will be a simple, but tasty dressing.

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