The 7 Best Charcoal Barbecues Guide to buy

barbecue is the perfect excuse to gather a group of people around it.

Nothing better than an afternoon with family or friends enjoying a meal made by the host in a great charcoal barbecue .

In the market there are a lot of options, the list is really long, and to make a decision that fits our needs, we will give you a series of tips to make the process of buying your barbecue easier .


    Buy a charcoal barbecue

    Some of the main aspects that you should bear in mind before buying a charcoal barbecue are the following.

    The size:

    Not so much about the barbecue, but rather the size of the place where you will place it, be it your garden or your terrace, you need to know how much space you have so that you can define what is the maximum that your barbecue will occupy when it is installed.

    For how many people do you want to cook:

    This is also related to the size, because you may have a lot of space in your garden, for example, and then you opt for larger barbecue.

    The point is that you should seriously think about this, because the larger it is, the more complicated it will be to clean it, you will need more coal and in the long run it will result in a completely unnecessary expense.

    The rest of the aspects can vary, and they are more than everything to your tastes. Here we present the best-selling model of coal barbecues:

    1. Landmann Piccolin o barbecue:

    This is the best-selling and best-valued model, it is a portable turquoise barbecue , for its size (34 cm) and practicality can be used in different places.

    The lid and the stove are made of vitrified steel, which increases its strength, prevents corrosion and extends its durability, the package includes cooking tongs, the grill and legs are made of chromed steel while the valve serves to regulate the temperature is integrated directly to the lid.

    The importance of this valve lies in the fact that it provides the correct air flow to achieve the best results when preparing the different recipes . The staples are covered with rubber so that the closure and transport of the barbecue are more practical and, of course, safe. It is ideal to be used by four people.

    According to the opinions of the users the device they receive is precisely the one that is promoted, it draws the attention of the buyers the fact that it usually costs to cook some meats before the possibility of lowering the grill, but this can be solved by putting a little more of coal.

    Landmann Piccolino - Portable barbecue, 34 cm, turquoise

    Landmann Piccolino - Portable barbecue, 34 cm, turquoise

    • Cap and stove in vitrified steel, resistant to corrosion and allows greater durability
    • Grill and legs in chromed steel

    Last updated on 2018-09-02

    The 7 best charcoal barbecues

    Here's a list of seven of the best-selling and best-selling charcoal barbecues:

    The model is the typical portable barbecue , black and tubular, and long legs to be used without the need to upload it somewhere. It is made of painted steel to support the coal, its exact dimensions are 53 x 107 x 102 cm , the heating grid, on the other hand, has dimensions of 60 x 12 cm.

    The lid has integrated a thermometer that allows to control the cooking temperature more accurately. The chrome grill has dimensions of 66 x 36 cm in height, which can be adjusted according to what is going to be cooked, has a tray to collect the ashes and a folding table for comfort.

    It has a warranty of 1 year, specifically for the blade and the screw of the handle, it serves up to ten people, the lid is lacquered and the handles come with ergonomic design, it is removable.

    According to the comments of the users, it can also be used with firewood, and the paint holds the heat of the cooking quite well. With regard to their opinion of the product, in general, they are all fully satisfied and justify their price by size and functionality.


    Landmann Vista Charcoal Cast Iron BBQ Grill

    • Barbecue in painted steel for use with charcoal
    • Dimensions: 53 x 107 x 102 cm

    Last updated on 2018-09-01

    2. Ultra-cool Denver Barbecue

    What is most striking about this model is that it has two combustion chambers that can be used at the same time , so that different preparations can be made without mixing their flavors within the same grill.

    It is totally black, has a large handle and two large wheels that facilitate transport, measures 119 x 66 x 135 cm. It has a thermometer on the cover that improves the control of the temperature and the combustion chamber has a side door that serves to clean it, comes with regulator of air intake.

    The grills are divided to be adapted according to the use that will be given, so it can be cooked at several speeds at once, in both chambers it is possible to cook roast and smoke directly or indirectly.

    The model is made to smoke food, as they explain in the description, however, it can be used in a traditional way, and also as an oven, for pizzas, for example, for charcoal and firewood.

    According to the users the grill has two heights, and recommend supplementing the appliance with a stone when it is used to bake pizzas or breads to prevent them from becoming black due to the smoke and to better control the cooking time, they also assure that it is quite resistant .

    Ultra-dense Barbecue and Denver Charcoal Smoker, Charcoal Barbecue with 2 Cameras ...

    • The grill is divided into 2 combustion chambers to ensure simultaneous use
    • A thermometer located on the lid provides optimal control of cooking food

    Last updated on 2018-09-02

    3. Barbecue Grill Chef 0566

    This is another of the most sold models in the network, it is a barbecue grill brand Grill of 6 kilograms in weight and dimensions of 44.5 x 84 x 87 cm, the fire pit is made of vitrified steel while the Grill is made of chromed steel.

    It is rectangular in design and has three colors, red wine, black and some details in natural wood color, the rear legs have integrated wheels for easy transport making it one of the best portable barbecues .

    It has a side table to make the cooking process easier, and a lower tray to collect the ashes. In addition, it has a wind protector and the possibility of adjusting the height of the grill to bring it closer or away from the coal. It is ideal for six people.

    With regard to the opinions of users, we must be careful with the instructions for use, because they only come in Polish, for the rest of the functions of the device everything complies with the indications, although they recommend not to use it too frequently, or least be a little careful about it.

    Undoubtedly one of its greatest advantages is its price.

    Grill Chef 0566 - Barbecue with wheels (54.33 cm)

    • Stove in vitrified steel
    • Chromed steel grill

    Last updated on 2018-09-01

    4. Landmann Grilchef 0630 table barbecue:

    This model Landmann barbecue has the peculiarity that its size is reduced because it is made to be used on a table , its height is 35 cm and the grill, the grid to locate the charcoal and the stove are made of cast iron. The height of the grill is adjustable, to adapt it to the heat levels that each preparation needs.

    It has ideal handles to hold it and transport it. The color of this barbecue model is totally black, it is ideal for charcoal of vegetable origin, it does not have a lid.

    According to the comments of the users it is best to use it only with charcoal, avoid firewood, and despite the appearance of the photograph is not as heavy as it seems, they also recommend putting it in a fairly stable place because it only has three legs.

    Like the previous model, a very cheap coal barbecue results .

    Last updated on 2018-09-02

    5. Barbecue Tempro Detroit

    It is completely black, rectangular shape without lid, is divided into two parts, each has a grill and can be placed in two different heights, and being independent of each other, it makes it easy to cook several things at once, they measure 37 x 39 cm and come with handles.

    The material of this barbecue is steel and has a fire tray made of sealed steel, with handles, the lower area has two ideal wheels to improve mobility, because its total weight, the materials it is made of is 14 kilograms, the painting resists a temperature of up to 600 degrees Celsius.

    Users say that you can put the two grills at the same height if desired, also serves for firewood, in addition to coal, also specify that the division is only in the grills, as the area to put the coal It is the same for both parties.

    Tepro Detroit Barbecue Grill Black Charcoal - Barbecue (Grill, Charcoal, Barrel, ...

    • 2 chrome cooking chirriness every 37 x 39 cm with handles
    • Lacquered steel fire tray with handle

    Last updated on 2018-09-01

    6. Lotusgrill Lotusgrill Standard Charcoal Barbecue With Fan Grill - Orange

    his innovative design comes in several colors and does not cause smoke, although it uses charcoal of vegetable origin , this in turn minimizes the amount of coal spent during the time of use, has an on / off switch that serves as a regulator of the temperature.

    It takes approximately three minutes to ignite and when no smoke is produced it can also be used indoors. The walls of the barbecue are not heated, can be washed in the dishwasher and its size, suitable for four people, and lightness is portable, bring a bag to pack when it comes from home.

    Lotusgrill Lotusgrill Standard Charcoal Barbecue With Fan Grill - Orange

    • Fan operated charcoal grill
    • Grill ready in 3 minutes - smoke-free, healthy and safe, bellows effect
    • Grill grid and inner bowl are made of stainless steel and can be cleaned in a dish-washer

    Last updated on 2018-09-02

    According to the opinions of the users, the taste of the food is the same as that obtained when they are cooked in traditional barbecues, they recommend not to put firewood, and that one must be very careful because despite its size it can cook quite fast, and heat It is concentrated in the center of the grid and decreases as it approaches the edges.

    It is one of the best selling models and has a very good rating.

    7. Tepro Key West

    One of the most traditional models , with lid and circular shape on top, also has four elongated legs that give a fairly comfortable height to cook in it without climbing on anything, the legs also bring two wheels to facilitate the movement of the barbecue.

    The grill area is 41.5 cm, the grill is chrome and also measures 41.5 cm, has two handles, has a maximum coal capacity of 1.5 kilograms.

    According to the opinions of the users, the barbecue is very easy to assemble, move and use. It also comes at a great price.

    • Grill Area: O over 41.5 cm
    • 1 chrome grille OR 41.5 cm with 2 handles

    Last updated on 2018-09-02


    Conclusions about buying a charcoal barbecue

    As you can see, the options are quite varied , not only in the form but also in the price.

    In this article we have made a selection of the best coal barbecues taking into account the different audiences and needs. (Here you can read which are the best sellers ) If your budget is not a problem and you have a lot of safe space that the Landmann barbacaoa 31421 or the Ultranatura Denver can be a very successful choice.

    Therefore, we recommend that you first define your budget and the utility that you will give it. Then do not skimp on comparing models and reading reviews so you can find the best charcoal barbecue.

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