The eight best places to eat barbecue in the United States

When it comes to barbecues, everyone has their personal style. The different regions have their own way of preparing them and they all boast of being the best. In addition, preparing a barbecue is not only to put a couple of ribs on the grill. This means taking your time to cook different cuts of meat at low temperature with the help of firewood or charcoal. Thousands of competitions take place across the nation to see who gets the best steak trophy. As we do not have a specific answer, we have decided to show you the eight states that offer the most exquisite barbecues in the United States. Grab your knife and fork, sit back in your chair and read on ... Bon appetit!


    8. Florida

    Believe it or not, Floridians boast of preparing one of the best barbecues in the country. In fact, three local restaurants appear in the list of the best grills in the United States of TripAdvisor. Along the length and breadth of the state you can taste from ribs to pork sandwiches. As if this were not enough, the tropical climate is perfect for being outdoors all year. For those who thought that Florida left a lot to be desired in culinary terms, I recommend that you think twice.

    7. South Carolina

    There is no place where they can make better sauces than in South Carolina, and nobody dares to argue with their citizens about barbecues. Cities like Columbia, Charleston and Greenville are full of restaurants serving their specialties. For the locals, the most important thing about the barbecue is the sauce and there is nothing better than those that have a bit of mustard among their ingredients. In fact, this state has designed its own map of barbecues, which allows visitors to find the best grills with greater ease. The cradle of the barbecue knows how to do things.

    6. New York

    Southerners may not agree with me, but the truth is that New Yorkers have discovered the true art of barbecue and are in a position to compete with the best. The owners of the restaurants have invested in firewood grills of first quality and in highly trained cooks, in order to elaborate the best pieces of pork, the best ribs and the best roast chicken with apple. In the Big Apple you will find at least 10 places to taste gourmet barbecues. Prepare to try the most innovative menus, yes, in New York style.

    5. Georgia

    According to TripAdvisor, Georgia ranks number one on the list of best barbecue restaurants in the United States. Its eclectic mix of ingredients and styles inspired by the south of the country result in a sublime culinary experience. Whether baked or grilled, here you can enjoy the best pieces of meat cooked over low heat. Be sure to try Brunswick stew, a classic that incorporates several pieces of smoked meat and combines them with beans, tomatoes and corn, among others.

    4. North Carolina

    To get an idea, the city of Lexington, in North Carolina, has self-proclaimed the capital of the barbecue of the world. The funny thing is that the styles vary a lot from east to west. In the east, the sauces are usually prepared with vinegar while in the west, the condiments, in general, contain a lot of tomato. Like its southern neighbors, North Carolina has its own barbeque tour, which will take you through 25 different grills to test your palate.

    3. Missouri

    If there is a place to go to eat good barbecues is Missouri, in Kansas City, as these subjects have spent their lives perfecting the technique of cooking meat over low heat. Kansas has more than 100 grills and organizes thousands of world-renowned culinary competitions. Each place prepares its own specialty and believe me I could spend my life trying the different varieties. The good thing about this state is that it incorporates a great variety of meats to its barbecues, not only limited to pork cuts. To see the best chefs in action, I recommend that you participate in the American Royal World Series of Barbecue, one of the most important barbecue competitions in the world.

    2. Tennessee

    The best barbecue in Tennessee is in Memphis. There is no discussion. Dried pork ribs are the specialty of the house. As for the sauces, in this state they prefer those of vinegar with a touch of tomato and spicy condiments. The ribs are not the only good thing here, all the pork cuts are exquisite. Beef only appears once a year, in the World Kosher Barbecue Championship competition. The grills on the outskirts of the city stand out for having wood-fired ovens and it takes up to 20 hours to cook the meat before serving it.

    1. Texas

    I think we all agree that Texas serves the best barbecues in the country. As in North Carolina, styles vary by region. In the center, the favorites are the chest, the sausages and the pork ribs, which are served with salt and pepper and cooked with charcoal; although many southerners consider that this is not an authentic barbecue. To the east, the customs are the same as in the south of the country and they arrived here thanks to the slaves of the cotton farms in the 1800s. The preferred cuts are the shoulder, the sausages, the chest and the pork ribs. Austin, Houston, Dallas; they all have something good and delicious to offer.

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