The Newest in Grill for your Barbecue in the Patio of your House

Both the smoker and the kamado are among the new styles that gain more popularity every day for the preparation of exquisite grills in the patio of the house

Nowadays, lovers of cooking grilled foods like to experiment with new styles of grills, ingredients and recipes to prepare their bbq

The warm days of spring have been strengthened and this means that it was time to dust off or change the grill, to start enjoying family barbecues.

Char-Broil's recent data on consumer habits indicates that 89% of grill lovers love to cook outdoors and become all experts in cooking grilled foods.

They also reveal that today, as never before, grills users like to prepare their food by experimenting with new recipes and ingredients and, looking for new resources and innovative equipment that will help them become the best chef in the use of the grill. and the preparation of the best barbecue.


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    And if you're one of them, who wants to surprise you, we can tell you that this year the great novelty in the barbecue is in two styles that have become very popular with the barbecue.

    The smoker is one of these. Until recently it was only for cooks expert in the art of BBQ in the smoked style; but today, the fans of the barbecue are increasingly looking for smokers as an alternative to the basic or traditional grill.  In fact, Char-Broil's recent statistics indicate that 78% of consumers want to have "a superior experience of smoked-style food cooking" on their barbecue.

    Before this, the manufacturers of the grills have been able to please their consumers with the creation of smokers at affordable prices, with a technology that facilitates both their use and the process of smoked cooking of food.

    Within this category is the char-broil digital deluxe smoker, for example, which offers a long duration of smoke that brings the smoked flavor that both like and ample capacity for an abundant preparation of food.

    The Kamado is another of the new and popular roasters this year.

    This roaster -based on the concept of the clay clay vessel (in the shape of an egg) used as a stove in Japan for more than 4,000 years- has taken in recent years great popularity among fans of the grills due to its versatility: not only can you cook the food on the coals but also smoke and bake them. That is to say, that in a single grill there is a grill, smoker and oven.

    The food prepared in the Kamado style grills does not lose its humidity./Courtesy

    Char-Broil's figures indicate that 54% of grill lovers want a versatile grill that allows them to smoke or grill their food. And it is because of this desire that today Kamado-style grills come with an efficient approach and high technology: with the use of little coal, which lasts for a long time on, the food is cooked quickly over a low heat without losing its juice .

    This is due to the modern and innovative double-walled steel construction of Kamado grills, which heats up quickly, sealing heat and moisture.

    Your safety is another factor that has made it increasingly popular among families. When working completely closed there is no possibility of sparks or flames that cause burns or fires.

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