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The perfect barbecue is achieved with the perfect bbq tools


Of many types, the purpose is the same, although  its shape depends on the food you want to handle on the grill . They can be flat and wide, with small holes, and that would be specially destined to raise the whole fish without destroying it.

If you are looking for  something simpler and that has a general use , you can this variety of spatulas for BBQ.

Special Tweezers to Flip

The experts in the matter say that  in the barbecue you can not turn the food over with a fork , because it pricks them and makes them lose part of their juices. So it would be good if you did with tweezers or tongs similar to the following list.

Barbecue grills

One of the  most important utensils and on which depends largely on the success of grilling .

According to what you want to prepare you will have to choose a grill or another one that you need more.

There are them for meat, fish, vegetables, and even for roasting artichokes. Below we show you a list of featured grills in the Amazon store.

Barbeque and shovel for embers

Both to  fan the fire when necessary , and to remove the embers and ash, are essential when we want to raise the temperature of our barbecue.

Lighter For barbecue and Fireplace

No more using the pills to light the coal of your barbecue, now if you want to be professional choose one of the following options in coal lighters for barbecue and with which you will have total control of the fire, since it is the easiest and safest way to light your barbecue. It is also very comfortable because it has an integrated handle to have it always at hand when you need it

Marker of Meats to Fire (iron to mark Steak)

Can you imagine that  the churrasco carries your personal stamp in the style of the Far West ? Well now it is possible with this set of letters marked by fire. Now You can show off in front of your friends.

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