Things to buy to make a barbecue: barbecue accessories

Thinking of organizing a barbecue with friends? Then you're going to have to prepare a good shopping list! How much amount of meat to buy? What drink? What will you need to do it?


    Although, as a general rule, it is usually said that it is better for you to be lacking, you have to be very careful with the amount of meat that is bought to prepare a barbecue. You must take into account the attendees, if children or adults are coming.

    As a general rule, the amount varies according to each person. More or less, the amount of meat you should buy for each person's age is:

    • For each man: 500 grams of meat
    • For each woman: 350 grams of meat
    • For each child: 200 grams of meat

    If the person who is present is older, you may eat a little less, so you could reduce the amount of meat.

    What meat to buy for a barbecue?

    When preparing a barbecue there is freedom when choosing the meat to buy. You can buy some ribs, steaks or resort to the most typical of barbecues: hamburgers .

    Remember that if you opt for hamburgers you will need bread for hamburgers and that you will have to cook it on your grill. This way, the sensation when chewing is juicier and more perfect.

    Appetizer for a barbecue

    It is typical in barbecues, especially if it is at lunchtime, that there is something that serves as an entree or garnish for food.

    How to accompany your barbecue to make it really real really perfect

    Generally, these foods are chistorra, sausages, black pudding and sausages . They can be found in supermarkets in packs for 6 or 8 people. A good appetizer that can be accompanied with some bowls with salads, potatoes, plates with cheese and ham boards , as well as some bowls with mussels and other classic entrees.

    Drink for a barbecue

    Is there anything more refreshing than having a good barbecue that accompanied by a beer for adults and water for children ? In this aspect there is not much to think about. Although the fresh water also feels very good.

    What if you barbecue at night?

    Although the amount of meat recommended per person is still the same, a lot of grilled food is not a good idea. He thinks that Americans usually dine between six and eight in the afternoon, while in Spain it is close to eight and nine in the evening.

    So they usually do heavier barbecues because it gives them time to do the digestion before bedtime. It is better to reduce the number of appetizers, unless you are going to do it very soon.

    The fuel: buy coal or firewood?

    If you have a charcoal barbecue, or firewood, it is clear that you will need the main element to start up your barbecue. There are many types of coal and firewood.

    Each one will give a different flavor to the dish. For charcoal barbecue, it is better to use charcoal, as it is cheap and leaves a good flavor in food. In the case of wood, oak and oak are the most used . But there are flavored firewoods that help to give a special touch to the food.

    Some utensils to prepare food

    Any barbecue cook worth his salt needs a series of utensils to work the food. Without them, your barbecue may end up being a disaster.

    Gloves and apron

    The security when cooking with barbecue comes first. So you should buy gloves that can withstand the heat and an apron that protects you , just like when you're in the kitchen.


    To rotate the food, do not do it with a fork as you can do when cooking in a pan. Buy some special tongs for barbecues , that the iron can withstand the temperature.

    Thermometer fork

    To control the roast point of the meat, it will be good to have a good thermometer fork at home . Just by clicking a little you can know what the temperature of the meat is and whether it is ready.


    Do you plan to make some skewers for the guests? Then you will have to buy some skewers! Try it stainless steel.

    Silicone brush

    Do you plan to spread the meat with a sauce before putting it to roast? Because if that is the case, a silicone brushwill do you good .

    Adjustable grill

    If your barbecue has too many spaces between the holes in the grate, it is good to have an adjustable grill. Thus, small foods will not fall in the area of ​​embers , which is a price when cleaning.

    Ball Poker

    To control the embers well you will have to have a good poker. It will help you to rekindle the embers and bring the greatest amount of temperature to one point or another .

    Wood plank

    If you have to cut any food, we recommend a wooden board. A firm surface on which to work and cut them without problems.

    What else can you need for a barbecue?

    You have the meat and you have the utensils, what can you miss? Well, our recommendation would be something to flavor the meat. For example, a good sauce to cook some food with barbecue sauce.

    BBQ Accessories Set Vector. Sauce, Mustard, Fork, Coal, Glove, Steak, Kebab, Sausages. Isolated Cartoon Illustration

    You can add a little salt to the food, as long as it's not too much. As well as using a little oil, so that the meat becomes a bit more. The butter can come in handy to lubricate the grates so that the food does not stick, but also to give it flavor.

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