Traeger Pro The Pellet Barbecue

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Introducing Traeger Pro Pellet Barbecue. The Best Pellet Barbecue, cooking and smoking has never been so easy and safe as now with the new Traeger pellet barbecues.

When you meet the Traeger Pro pellet barbecue you will not want another barbecue in your garden. Traeger smokes, bakes, roasts, makes grills and cooks bread, all automatically and unattended.

Long life is of the barbecues guaranteed by the  high quality  with which Traegermanufactures  , providing its models a robustness, stability, design and presence of high gamma. However, what characterizes this prestigious brand is the excellent performance they have achieved thanks to their long experience in the sector, making possible what we were all waiting for, a  totally independent barbecue .

Traeger Pro The best Pellet Barbecue of 2018

Just place your food on the grill, introduce the pellet of the flavor you want in the tank, light the barbecue and set the desired temperature. Traeger will take care of the rest  constantly , performing 60 precise temperature readings per minute through its two included probes and maintaining the set temperature at all times, so you can invest your time in what really matters: your family, friends and guests


    Why choose Traeger Pro?

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    -  Taste : Wood enhances the flavor of food naturally. Real wood, real flavor.

    -  Versatility : Grill, smoker, grill, oven and breads. Quick cooking at full power or slowly , depending on your needs.

    -  Ease : You do not need to pay attention, configure it and forget it thanks to its digital automatic control system.

    -  Consistency : Traeger monitors for you . Perfect results on all occasions.

    Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet-Grill
    • Grillen, Räuchern, Backen, Braten, Schmoren, BBQ Grillfläche von 5.700 cm², Arc D² WiFIRE Controller, Temperaturfühler, 9,1 kg Pelletkammer Kapazität. "Sägebock"-Untergestell, Gewicht: 68,0 kg.

    Main characteristics

    Super strong and solid construction with durable steel lid enameled in blue. It works automatically.

    Cooking power: 20,000 BTU's . Smoke between 70 to 230 ° C for a perfect seal. Natural air flow for convection cooking.

    Effective cleaning system : all grease is collected on the side in a metal bucket. Enameled Steel grills for easy cleaning.

    • Top heating grill: 55.88 x 17.78 cm. - Cooking surface: 55.88 x 48.26 cm.
    •  Hoppercapacity : 8.2 kg . - Comfortable access to the Hopper during cooking.
    • Super strong chassis "Saw Horse".
    •  Dimensions: Length: 104 x Depth: 68.6 x Height: 124.5 cm.
    •  Weight: 47 kg.
    • 2 "All-Terrain" Corrugated Wheels to move the Barbecue smoothly and without noiseon any type of surface.
    • Very robust side handle to lift the BBQ and move it comfortably. - High quality durable vitrified steel construction .
    • 60 Temperature readings per minute. - Self- ignition system for easy and safe use . - 2 temperature probes. - Precise temperature control.
    • Versatility: with Traeger you can cook on the grill, roast, smoke, bake, make bread, and more. - Feeds with 100% Natural Pellet . - It has an extremely low consumption.

    How does it work?

    Place the 100% Natural Pellet in the hopper. Put Smoke mode to light the flame, then just like in your oven, turn the knob to the desired temperature.

    The auger will take the pellet to the burner basket, the higher the temperature, the faster the pellet will be transported. The resistors create the flame, the fan feeds it to create the perfect convection of smoke in the food.

    It avoids the direct contact of the flame with the food and at the same time it gathers all the dripping of fat (cover with aluminum foil to facilitate the later cleaning).

    * The burner resistances work the first four minutes of being lit to burn the pellet of the basket.

    * The pellet consumption is minimum: 900 gr / h in high temperature, 450 gr / h in medium temperature and 200 gr / h in Smoked mode

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    Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet-Grill
    • Grillen, Räuchern, Backen, Braten, Schmoren, BBQ Grillfläche von 5.700 cm², Arc D² WiFIRE Controller, Temperaturfühler, 9,1 kg Pelletkammer Kapazität. "Sägebock"-Untergestell, Gewicht: 68,0 kg.

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