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Volcanic stones for gas barbecue

The  volcanic lava rocks  for gas barbecues are one of the best selling accessories and useful grills . These lava stones are perfect to preserve the great temperatures that are generated in the gas burner, making more efficient use of fuel and avoiding waste of energy.

It may be the first time you read about volcanic roasting stones, but it’s nothing new. The use of this type of stones is as old as the first  homo sapiens  who already knew very well what they were doing at the time.

The volcanic stones for barbecue are an  excellent material that absorbs, maintains and reflects the heat . A very useful features to optimize the operation of a gas barbecue.

In addition, there is a wide range of volcanic stone barbecues specially designed for this function on the market. We are sure that it will be very easy to find a good online offer of this type of grills.

What are volcanic lava barbecue stones?

The lava stones for barbecues are responsible for  absorbing the heat of gas burners and distributing it evenly through the grill  and food.

As its name suggests, volcanic lava stones are a set of stones  that form after the cooling of lava  on the surface of the earth or magma, if the cooling occurs at depth.

The use of lava stones for gas barbecues is very frequent because it gives these grills some of the characteristics of their “colleagues”, the coal barbecues.

The great advantage of volcanic stones for cooking in gas barbecues is the  smoking  they create. The fat from the meat or fish that is on the grill drips on the lava stones, which are at very high temperatures.

When the fat touches the rocks it evaporates thanks to the heat and the smoke that will give that barbecue flavor to the food is generated . Taking into account that the absence of smoked flavor of meat is one of the disadvantages of gas grills, buying some simple stones for barbecue the problem is solved.

The volcanic stones for roasting meat are porous materials with small holes that make them an excellent product to contain the heat and distribute it evenly throughout your grill. With these stones, the heat will arrive where the flames could never do it.

How does a gas barbecue and volcanic stone work?

Using lava stones in your gas grill is really simple . You only need a bag of volcanic stones and a metal surface the size of your barbecue, where you will place your stones. This tray can be included in your grill, if you are going to buy a volcanic stone barbecue or you will have to buy it separately if you already have a gas barbecue without this extra.

We explain how to make a volcanic stone barbecue step by step:

  1. Place the surface  or metal tray for volcanic stones on the gas barbecue. This tray will be on the gas burners and under the grill of the food.
  2. Arrange homogeneously the lava stones  on the surface of the tray. You need to leave a small space between the stones so they can “breathe”, but be sure to cover the burners to protect them from liquids and grease.
  3. Turn on the gas burners and wait about 15 minutes before you start cooking. At that time the lava stones will have been very hot, so be very careful when opening the barbecue lid!

In general, we could say that  using volcanic rock on your grill works just like any gas barbecues , with the added detail of the stones.

Once finished the barbecue, you can choose to pick up the volcanic stones or leave them on the tray until the next meal. If you decide to leave them in the tray,  remember to flip them every 2 or 3 uses.

Advantages of using volcanic stones in your BBQ

You will already be imagining the multiple benefits of buying lava stones for your gas barbecues.

  • Speed : gas barbecues heat up very quickly and reach high temperatures in a matter of minutes.
  • Efficiency : the stones retain the heat for longer and distribute it evenly to the food on the grill.
  • Smoked flavor  of roast : the main drawback of gas grills is their lack of smoke, unlike coal barbecues. With a bag of lava stones you will solve this problem in a simple way and your roasts will get a smoked flavor of 10.
  • Cleaning : with gas barbecues you will not sweat ashes, as with coal. A great relief!
  • Do not scorch the food : as the heat that affects the food is not produced by a direct flame, you will not be scorched by the meat again, nor will you be disgusted.
  • Durability : when you buy a sack of volcanic bbq stones you know that at least it will last a year, if not more!
  • Healthy : we all know of the potential health damage to burnt foods. With the lava stones for barbecues the food will never burn, avoiding possible carcinogenic problems. In addition, it is not convenient to expose yourself too much to the smoke of the barbecue, and being faster than coal, you will spend less time next to the smoke.
  • Price : buying volcanic stones for gas barbecues is cheap. This is a very economical solution to get that humane touch of your gas grill.

Gas barbecue with volcanic stone

The volcanic stone barbecues are a  type of grills specially designed for the use of lava stones . Usually, this type of barbecues are gas but there are also electric stone barbecues.

Gas-fired volcanic stone barbecues are the same as gas grills, with their butane gas burners as the main fuel, but with the added bonus of being prepared to hold lava rocks.

Many buyers think that this type of barbecues is the best , since even the rapidity of the volcanic gas barbecues with the smoked flavor of the coal barbecues.

If you wonder  how a gas and volcanic rock barbecue works , it is very simple, it works just like any other gas grill and  we explain it to you  here .

Basically, they work like a ceramic hob at home. Turn on the barbecue by pressing the red button (see image) and then turn on the gas burners with the handles, being able to regulate its temperature. The barbecue stones are arranged in a tray over the burners, and … that’s it! Easy, huh? 

The best volcanic gas barbecues

There is a wide range of volcanic gas barbecues on the market . In many online stores you can find great offers and discounts if you are looking for a little. Buying a cheap volcanic stone barbecue is possible.

We recommend you read our opinion on these two gas grills:

  • Campingaz Expert Plus : the most popular barbecue at a very affordable price
  • Weber 1131004 : a portable barbecue that you can find gas or coal
  • Weber Spirit Original E-210 : a good sized American gas barbecue

The stone barbecues with the best opinions are from the  brands Campigaz, Bentley, Tepro and Sochez.  Next, we leave you a selection of the best selling gas stone grills.  The best lava stone barbecues :

How long are the lava stones?

A sack of  volcanic stones  can last between 1 and 2 years , depending on whether you make light or intensive use of your barbecue. This great durability makes them a very economical element of your barbecue, compared to other types of alternatives available.

The price of a sack of lava stones is very cheap . In general, you can find packages of 3kg between 10 and 15 €.

Lava stone for barbecue

You will know that you have to buy new volcanic stones when they are easily broken when they have a greasy odor that is not removed when cleaning them. If you want to last longer, remember to close the lid when you do not use the barbecue to minimize the humidity in your environment.

Never put the stones in water , or in any other liquid, if you do not want them to crack and break.

Alternatives to lava stones for barbecues

If using volcanic stones on your gas grill does not convince you, there are other alternatives at your disposal. In particular, you can opt for volcanic stone plates and ceramic plates for barbecues. The choice is yours.

Volcanic stone grill plate

An alternative very similar to lava stones are the  volcanic stone plates for barbecues . Its composition is identical to that of the stones, its only  difference is the format .

The use of these volcanic plates is the same as that of the stones. The advantage of volcanic plates is that they are more comfortable, being a single compact element that moves more easily. The price of volcanic stones compared to that of the plates is very similar. There are stones from 10 to 20 €.

Ceramic plates for barbecue

Another alternative is the use of  ceramic plates  for barbecues. Ceramic performs the same function as lava stones : absorb, maintain and project heat. When put on the gas burners, it will heat up at high temperatures and when the fat of the roasted foods falls on it, they will evaporate and create the desired smoke.

Briquettes of ceramics

It is a mixture between the volcanic stones and the ceramic plate . The  ceramic briquettes  are a very common lava stones for alternative gas barbecues.

The operation is the same as that of the stones and plates that have been previously mentioned. The ceramic briquettes have a high durability and are cleaned in the same way as lava stones.

Where to buy volcanic stone for barbecue?

Zielinsky Universal-Stein, grüner Stein, weißer Stein, Putzstein, Reinigungsstein - Haushaltsdose, 1er Pack (1 x 900 g)
  • unentbehrlich in der Küche - kraftvolle und natürliche Reinigung gegen Fett und Schmutz, 100% lebensmittelsichere Rezeptur gut geeignet für Kühlschränke, Arbeitsplatten, Mikrowellen, Küchenschränke und Schneidebretter
  • effektiv im Bad - enfernt optimal Kalk, Wasserflecken, Seifenreste, Schmutzablagerungen und Reste von Haarspray, Make-Up
  • biologische Sauberkeit im ganzen Haus - universeller Allzweck-Reiniger für leistungsstarke Haushaltsreinigung, intensive und mühelose Reinigung von fast allen abwischbaren Flächen, entfernt Fett, hartnäckige Verschmutzungen und Verkrustungen auf kraftvolle Weise und reinigt dabei schonend für Mensch, Tier und Umwelt
GRÄWE Burgerpresse mit 50 Blatt Backpapier, Hamburgerpresse Set aus Aluguss für leckere Hamburger, Patties, BBQ, Burger Presse mit Antihaftbeschichtung
  • Hamburger-Presse aus Aluguss, Antihaftbeschichtung, Griff aus Kunststoff, Außendurchmesser: 12 cm, Innendurchmesser: 11 cm, Gesamthöhe: 8,5 cm, Gewicht: 250 g, inklusive 25 Blatt Backpapier, Gebrauchsanleitung, 2 Rezepte
  • Der Hamburger Patty Maker ist vollständig antihaftbeschichtet, sodass sich die Rohlinge wie von selbst lösen. Der handliche Komfortgriff aus Kunststoff sorgt für eine angenehmere Druckverteilung beim Pressen
  • Mit der Hamburgerform können Sie schnell und einfach Hackfleisch in die richtige Form pressen und in der Pfanne oder auf dem Grill zubereiten. Hackfleisch abwiegen, in die Patty Presse drücken, fertig
Revlon Ölabsorbierender vulkanischer Gesichtsroller, Wiederverwendbares Gesichts-Hautpflegewerkzeug für Zuhause oder unterwegs, Mini-Massage
  • Wie Papiertüten, aber besser: Dieser Gesichtsroller ist aus echtem Vulkanstein, der überschüssiges Öl sofort aufsaugt. Es ist unser Geheimnis für frische, glanzfreie Haut zu jeder Zeit. Verwenden Sie es auf einem sauberen oder fertigen Gesicht, es hinterlässt kein Chaos auf Ihrem Make-up
  • MASSAGEN UND MATTIFIZIERT GESICHT: Das Rollen des Steinrollers über Ihre Haut fühlt sich himmlisch an, wie eine Mini-Gesichtsmassage. Vergessen Sie Ihren Jade-Roller und verwenden Sie unseren 2-in-1-mattierenden Gesichtsroller für fettige und zu Akne neigende Haut
  • Einfach zu bedienen: Rollen Sie den Gesichtsroller sanft über Ihre T-Zone oder überall dort, wo die Haut glänzt. Das war's all!

This section is the easiest of all, you can buy volcanic stone for gas barbecues in almost any mall, DIY store and online store. We are sure you will find lava stones in Lidl, Leroy Merlin, Bricomart , AKI and Carrefour . These large surfaces have all the barbecue products you need.

We, in particular, are very fan of buying in online stores . In particular, our favorite is Amazon, for its speed, guarantees and, above all, why you do not have to leave home!

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