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Thanks to iGrill technology, Weber barbecues are positioned as the ultimate shout in combination of practicality and functionality. The perfect element to have an excuse to have a barbecue. Check out this  selection of Weber barbecues on offer to know their characteristics  .


    best carbon weber barbecues

    Weber, the barbecue easy to transport

    In 1952 it was when the first weber barbecue was born, that it had the shape of a ball with a lid (of the first to incorporate this element), that the meat has a different tenderness.

    Since then, the barbecues of this brand have always been one step ahead in terms of technology. They have managed to create a  dynamic design, perfect for use in any space and easy to transport  , they are models that can be assembled and disassembled easily. In addition, it weighs very little.

    An intelligent barbecue, at the best price

    The best option when buying a Weber barbecue on offer is to opt for one of its smart models. The brand's latest line of barbecues has a  Pulse line, which can be connected to the smartphone  . Through this, you can know how much time is left for the meat to be ready, or if the fire is ready to put the ingredients for cooking.

    All this is achieved with the help of the innovative  iGrill technology  . Having to monitor the barbecue at all times came to an end thanks to this cutting-edge technology.

    Weber barbecues of all kinds at an unbeatable price

    Coal, electricity or gas ... Weber works with all kinds of energy with its barbecues. And it offers authentic options for cheap Weber barbecues. As, for example, with its portable models.

    These can be easily moved by their small size. A Weber barbecue is a barbecue for life, because its  stainless steel structure  , combined with the best technology, will allow you to enjoy a good barbecue at any time of the year.

    Opinions on Weber Barbecues

    The opinions of the Weber barbecues are always positive, being the Weber Pulse 1000 one of the most reviewed. Barbecues that let you know, thanks to  digital technology  , the time of preparation of each ingredient or the amount of charcoal necessary to not burn the meat.

    In addition, its oval shape, along with  two handles to transport it  , even when it is on, makes it ideal. Added to a structure made to be safe and prevent it from burning, regardless of the temperature of the barbecue.

    What are the best Weber barbecues?

    If you are a lover of good grilled meat or you like to be the perfect host in your family gatherings or with friends, whether to roast meats, vegetables or to enjoy a good meal in the open air, barbecues are an indispensable accessory In your home.

    And there is nothing like enjoying a good barbecue on the grill, especially the charcoal that we discussed in this article, during a cool summer night. If you are thinking of buying one of these barbecues and you need to know what to look for before deciding on one, then we leave you with some advice on what to keep in mind so that your purchase is a success in every way.

    The Best Weber Grill


    As a first aspect and as one of the main ones, before buying your new barbecue, think that the size of it will be what you really need. In the market there is a wide variety of barbecues of different sizes depending on the number of guests you are going to have at your table. It is always advisable that you opt, if the price is not too expensive, for models somewhat larger than the use you plan to give so that, in the event that more guests come home, you do not have to spend the whole afternoon roasting on the barbecue .

    Another important aspect is the form. Within the existing comparison of barbecues, you will find mostly round and rectangular models. If your needs are not very high and you also want to cook normal meats and vegetables in their use in barbecues, surely with a round you will have enough. On the other hand, if you are passionate about roasts and want to use large or elongated pieces of meat, it is more advisable that you choose rectangular models so that you can place them on your grill without difficulty.

    And as a last point to consider, but not least, think about what type of barbecue you need. The charcoal will provide smoked characteristic grills, electric will be easy to maintain and use and save in the long run and gas are also a good choice for when you want to put on your terrace, for example. In addition, these should be simple to maintain and have materials that are strong enough to withstand the heat without damaging them.

    Also, look for their grills are easy to clean after each use so that, after enjoying your barbecue do not have to tire yourself rubbing them. It is also interesting that you decide on models that include everything necessary for their use, whether they are different grids, lid, the tool to fan the coal or the tongs to turn the piece of meat during your roast.

    Here we present three  barbecue models of  the Weber brand, specialist in barbecues for many years, for all tastes, among which you will find the perfect barbecue for you.

    This is the best Weber barbecue on offer

    Leaving a Weber barbecue for sale would be a shame, especially when you can get it with such an important discount. This is the model best valued in 2018 by the buyers! Get yours and you'll receive it in just  24 hours with free shipping  !

    TOP No. 1
    Weber Classic Kettle Holzkohlegrill, 57 cm, Schwarz (1341504)
    • 2 Duroplastgriffe aus glasfaserverstärktem Nylon mit verlängerten Griffstegen
    • Deckelgriff mit Hitzeschutz
    • Porzellanemaillierter Deckel und Kessel
    TOP No. 2
    Weber 50010079 Gasgrill Q1000, schwarz, Campinggrill, Grillen auf kleinen Balkonen
    • Deckel und Gehäuse aus stabilem Aluguss, 2-geteilter, porzellanemaillierter Guss-Grillrost mit integrierter Aromaschiene, glasfaserverstärkter Nylonrahmen, herausnehmbare Fettauffangschale, stufenlos regelbares Brennerventil, Piezo-Zündung
    • Brennstoffart: Flüssigpropangas (Gaskartusche separat erhätlich)
    • Haltekorb für Gaskartusche. Umrüstbar auf Gasflasche (Umrüst-Set separat erhältlich)
    Weber Compact Kettle Holzkohlegrill, 47 cm, Schwarz (1221004)
    • Bruch und wetterfeste Räder
    • Material: Porzellanemailliert
    • Packung Weight: 9.41 kg
    Weber Spirit E-210 Classic Gasgrill, 2 Brenner, Schwarz (46010079)
    • Crossover Zündsystem
    • emaillierter Deckel mit Deckelthermometer, Warmhalterost
    • 2-geteilter Grillrost aus emailliertem Stahl, 2 Edelstahlbrenner
    TOP No. 5
    Weber Spirit E-320 Classic Gasgrill, 3 Brenner + Seitenbrenner, Schwarz (46415079)
    • Crossover Zündsystem: Zuschalten des zweiten und dritten Brenners ohne weiteres Zünden
    • Emaillierter Deckel mit Deckelthermometer: zur optimalen Temperaturkontrolle
    • Warmhalterost: vergrößert die nutzbare Fläche des Grills

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